Monday, May 2, 2011

Fouling the Ocean with Demon Blood

As if the Japanese nuclear disaster wasn't enough, now we're told that Osama's carcass was dispatched honorably somewhere in Davy Jones' locker.

First of all, thank you big time to the U.S. military, the best and, unfortunately, too often most unappreciated military force in this screwed-up world.

Second, if you folks were instructed from higher-ups (WAY higher up, that is) to give this monster a proper burial at sea, whilst you stood aboard ship gnashing your teeth over providing pleasantries to the bastard, that alone seems the worst part of the operation.

This pathetic throwback from centuries past deserved nothing more than one of those beheading festivals he so cherished.

At the very least, how comforting it would be to find out that the person who administered the fatal head shot was a woman, with Osama hearing his last words (translated, of course) ever: "I got'cher burka right here, little man."

One more thug gone, so many more to take his place. . .