Tuesday, May 17, 2011

APRO and the Meier Book

In September of 1979 Jim Lorenzen, international director of the Aerial Phenomena Research Organization (APRO) dispatched a letter to the general APRO membership announcing the publication of a new book entitled UFO Contact From the Pleiades, published by Genesis III Productions, Ltd. This would be a handsome volume, the first in a series of books featuring UFO photos from the Billy Meier collection, and APRO had "just concluded exclusive arrangements" with Genesis III to bring the book to membership attention. The publisher's brochure regarding the book was enclosed with each letter.

While admitting the book was "sure to be controversial," this was not one of APRO's finer moments, because accompanying and preliminary praise about the book's potential just seemed out of character for APRO's generally cautious attitude.

However, two months later Jim Lorenzen issued yet another mailing to members (shown here), this time the copy of a letter he sent off to Genesis III Productions, denouncing an inference within the book that he endorsed the contents. Lorenzen clearly indicated that he was mislead about the subject, and offered evidence which went far to cloud the Meier story.

In the years since, "Meier-ers" have continued to support Billy Meier, while a wealth of evidence appears to indicate things far removed from truth. Having purchased an initial copy of UFO Contact From the Pleiades myself, I reserve the right to say categorically that I believe the Meier photos are fakes and that his story is nonsense.

I paid a bunch for that book, and someday when I find somebody really gullible, rich and willing to part with tons of cash for this (low) numbered "collector's edition," I shamelessly intend to take 'em for every dollar I can get. There's one born every minute, you know.