Thursday, December 2, 2010

Wikileaks Unplugged

Though the extent of any "damage" caused by the Wikileaks project remains up for debate, it is rather interesting to be reminded how governments perfectly content with spying on their own people tend to become rabidly exercised once spied back upon. It might even be argued that the Wikileaks drama subverts America's case against alleged U.S. government computer hacker Gary McKinnon to a microscopic affair.

No Wikileaks UFO surprises? Of course not, that stuff would be classified much higher up. Yet, if we've learned anything the past few days, it's (again) that guarded computer communication and cyber security remain giant variables.

So governments lie, we learn. Wow. But some things we just know, don't we, as if by instinct?

Still, outrageous and damning -- and hilarious, and by now perhaps dead in the waters of -- though Wikileaks revelations may be, we hoped that the OBVIOUSLY condemned people currently hiding out whilst casting forth the world's diplomatic manure would live long enough to give us diplomatic impressions of Russia (they just did, according to news reports referencing the "Russian Mafia," "Batman and Robin" and other delights), China and other disturbing entities whose ruthless leaders have long deserved nothing less than a naked unmasking to reveal their cockroach faces. And if said Wikileaks folk have uncovered sufficient information to portray a fair portion of United Nations members as the virtual thugs and rats they are, more power to 'em. Should all of this be accomplished, the United States will look pretty darned good by comparison. The truth hurts, doesn't it? I fear I would make a terrible diplomat in a world where the U.S. has a plethora of enemies pretending to be friends and friends who want us to cure international ills primarily at our expense, in terms of both lives and money.

FROM WIKILEAKS TO WINTER WEEKS: Despite some of my way-back lineage (e.g., Canadian, for starters), I'm not an immense fan of winter's cold, snow and ice here in the U.S., though I do appreciate wintertime's cleansing effects and the unlikely prospect of attacks by anacondas hiding in snowy treetops. That said, I may not be blogging much during the next 2-3 months. Depends upon wha'sup out there in the real world from Dec-Feb. But, as always, if I'm not here the links certainly are, and if you stay in touch with Billy Cox and all the others you'll be well-informed about UFOs and other things that go bright in the night.