Friday, December 10, 2010

Season's Geekings

Why say anything if I've little to say? Weather here in the Northeastern U.S. is everything I've never wanted, and for now I'm retreating from blog entries. I wish you all a merry Christmas if you celebrate it, and a great 2011, which you'll have to endure even if you aren't looking forward to its arrival. Will we experience government UFO "disclosure" in the U.S. during 2011? Will Elvis return? Does Judge Crater's mummified corpse administer a star chamber?

And to you Wikileaks geeks -- now that we know more about you -- may you all burn in Cyberhell for possibly compromising the lives of Americans (particularly military members) and America's friends around the globe. Many of you seem much too young and hopelessly idealistic about the world. Anarchy (your failed project here in the states?) might seem fun and sexy for a few days, but eventually all the wrong people usually move in to enslave the very folks who open chaotic portals. You pathetic milksops who lounge behind computer anonymity might dislike or even hate the United States, but this nation remains the world's best hope for hope itself. What you fools HAVE accomplished, to my regret, is to encourage calls for more government control of the Internet -- something that nobody should ever desire.

If you Wikileaks enthusiasts were bold enough to try your antics on, say, the Russians, it probably wouldn't be long before you gutless little weasels would find your cups of gruel, insect food, fecal derivatives or whatever you eat seasoned with just a dash of polonium -- which, like yourselves, is tasteless, yet disastrously effective. Start looking over your shoulders, hacking twits, because surely there are people out there working day and night to meet you under appropriately nasty circumstances one fine day, no matter how far and how deep your reach extends. And your youthful stupidity probably won't save you in a world which seems to be more angry, more hysterical and more paranoid than ever. Or maybe it's just me.