Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Sean David Morton: Making Toast of Coast-to-Coast?

We are known by the company we keep.

Wouldn't you love to be a fly on the wall at Coast-to-Coast AM staff meetings these days -- you know, the overnight radio folks who made "psychic" Sean David Morton a frequent guest, star and literally a part of the Coast family ever since the early days of Art Bell's nightly hosting? You can read all about the latest troubling financial allegations involving SDM via current news sources, so I won't elaborate on them here.

The Web site, UFO Watchdog (see link) posted Morton prominently in its "Hall of Shame" section (must see) years ago, but words of caution never diverted Coast from incorporating this gentleman into the show on numerous occasions. After all, the listeners love him, the hosts apparently love him, and the producers -- well, I suspect the producers may have become lax over the years, finding it necessary to frequently invite as guests almost anything that snorts, squeaks, grunts or spits, so long as doing so keeps the audience listening and purchasing sponsors' products. But mixing the spice and the sensational with an increasingly anemic format may not bode well for the future, despite the truly useful or entertaining interviews conducted on the show occasionally.

The barrel bottom's contents ultimately grow lean and sparks of longevity fizzle, however, particularly when it's common knowledge that a fair number of (UFO) researchers with legitimate things to say simply won't go near the microphone on radio's overnight yawn show.

Sorry folks, but except for its global broadcast abilities, Coast wasn't the first to do this brand of program, and numerous others dating back to the fifties did it as well or better, and more intimately. Refreshingly, alleged scam artists and others of questionable repute were generally treated, not as members of the family, but as curiosities. All I know is, next time a comet shows up, I'll be tuning in to Coast-to-Coast AM to find out how many UFOs accompany it, so I can relay this valuable information to my local cult leaders. They need it to prepare for the bitter end, you know -- like last time.