Saturday, March 27, 2010

The Corpseman Creeps

A love letter to anybody, to nobody, to squirrels in the trees:

Breaking, on occasion, from the stupor imposed upon us, some glance at the calendar on the wall, wondering why the President hasn't told us the truth about UFOs yet. After all, time is wasting and the times they are a-hoping and a-changing.

President Obama? Sorry, but I'm through with this national fantasy. Only days ago, it was my extreme displeasure to hear him, during a speech, refer to some military members -- and I was one once -- as corpsemen. Corpsemen! Um, one would think the U.S. Commander-in-Chief should know the word is pronounced kormen. Or maybe the day he was supposed to learn that word was a day otherwise occupied, if we can believe some reports (?), by instructing his minions to ship a bust of Winston Churchill -- a gift from the Brits -- back to England. Dunno, guess it cluttered up the White House like dust bunnies. Sometimes, I'm not sure that Mr. Obama or some of the people propping up his Internet Administration care much about old war heroes. Or newer. Or corpsemen. Here or there.

Frankly, I'm just one more member of the little people watching political termites at work. The Democrats and the Republicans, well, in their current form they can go to hell. The Dems are screwing with us and the Repubs are busy infiltrating and blending with "Tea Party" meetings, tarnishing original intentions of relative purity.

So now we have this health care monstrosity, drooled over by one political party and utterly reviled by the other. What a victory for the country. Not so fast, says the corpseman.

Perhaps far better to have reeled in lawyers under meaningful tort reform and -- more important -- to have kept things simple. Should the government make you purchase health insurance, and punish you if you don't? Can the government force you to buy laces for your sandals, and should somebody dial 911 if you're seen in public without laces?

If powerful agenda-ridden unions, pampered pharmaceutical companies and other lobbyists by the score hadn't become so entwined in this pathetically complicated mess long ago, weaving poisonous tentacles of rewards and benefits galore throughout Congress, health care for the masses could be much different than the turkey just hatched. Instead of producing an ever-changing 2,000 page-plus how-to manual of health care hell, why not just sit down with reps from thousands of insurance companies throughout the country and encourage -- strongly -- that interstate competition and free market principles be given a chance? It's commonly done with life insurance policies, but remains an inexplicable no-no for health insurance. I may be as economically aware as a garden slug, but even a creature whose primary export is non-political slime would see the advantages and probability that health care and insurance prices would collapse faster than functioning human brains eaten by hungry zombies. That is, if hungry brain-eating zombies actually existed, and if functioning human brains actually existed. Anymore.

Yes, and let's rejoice as another upcoming attraction becomes a cure for illegal immigration, while the President and his we-don't-get-it Congress prepare to make un-criminals of criminals, to make the invader a victim whom by law will be protected and showered with gifts -- including the health care just awarded to and paid for by the regular 'ol U.S. citizenry. Once one is legitimate in society, one becomes entitled to all the goodies, of course. Guess who pays and pays? The new slave class. Innovation? Intellect? Who cares? Inch by inch, the corpseman creeps and sees.

However, the supreme kicker in all of this is the tax reform phantom. Remember all the big political talk of simplifying the tax code, effectively ridding society of tax forms, complicated calculations, accountants and the IRS? Ah yes, it seems like only yesterday when. . .

Well, how can that ever happen now? With multiple strokes of several pens, the President signed not only a health care "reform" bill, but a tax-me-more-and-tax-me-with-complexity bill. You think we'll ever shed the broken tax system by adding more taxes and more calculations and thousands of new IRS agents? And is it really smart to tax the living daylights out of the wealthy, who will now have second thoughts about creating new jobs, when instead they can just retreat and find new ways to keep their riches untainted by further government interference?

Then there's the boo-hoo factor. Members of Congress are crying over anonymous threats, hate mail and vitriolic phone messages (reprehensible, of course, but some folks know of no other ways to communicate utter exasperation, especially when they perceive that leaders don't listen to their own constituencies ), while the rest of us have to endure accounts of questionable union tactics, lobbyist input and, ultimately, legislation that a majority of the American people screamed they did not desire. Health care reform, yes, definitely needed, made as simple as possible -- but this septic bureaucratic concoction? Even a corpseman recognizes legislation which, logically, should be dead in the water.

One major big deal/no deal issue on the part of Congress and the religiously faithful regarding health reform appears to be abortion, a woman's right to choose and whether the taxpayers should or should not pay for abortions. Okay, so next time the IRS prints tax forms, include a box where folks can add an "X" in a special box if they want a dollar deducted from their refunds to go toward abortion and birth control funding administered by a private concern. Presumably, those who don't "X" the box shall then continue their voyage toward salvation and eternal paradise uninterrupted. Everybody happy now?

November elections (What fun! What futility!) seem far away right now, but some memories last forever. The legislative horse poop just dumped on us by the President and Congress must not be forgotten. Oh -- and by the way, if you're still waiting for truthful UFO "disclosure" from this bunch on Pennsylvania Avenue? I wouldn't be standing out there in the cold behind the fence, waiting for crumbs, were I you.

Yours Truly,
A Former Military Medical "Corpseman"

SPECIAL NOTE: I expect to be sans computer until the middle of April or so. In the meantime, as always, please follow the links displayed in the margin to learn the latest about UFOs and other enigmatic matters. Yeah, unfortunately, you CAN live without me. . .