Thursday, April 12, 2018

When Collusion Becomes Hullabillusion

During March of 1966 the U.S. was swimming in UFO reports, particularly in parts of Michigan.  So intense were press reports that LIFE Magazine's April 1rst issue -- which obviously could have played up the "April Fools" aspect -- chose instead to offer extensive coverage of the events with an exhibit of alleged color photos of UFOs.

A key witness among UFO observers was farmer Frank Mannor, who, with his son, claimed to have encountered a strange object in a marshy area.  Anxious to be believed by a curious but often skeptical media, Mannor emphasized that their sighting was real, not a "hullabillusion," a perfect non-word which informally went down in UFO history to accentuate a grand delusion or elusive illusion (well, that's my take on it, and I'm sure better descriptions abound).

The word, "hullabillusion" has resurfaced in my mind some 52 years later as I watch the Washington, D.C. circus of policy blood-letting among both Donald Trump and opposition personnel.  Me, I'm an Independent voter with conservative views, but I also entertain a divergent side which no conservative would touch with insulated gloves.  So, it's sometimes deceptively easy for me to "take sides" on issues.  Nevertheless, I'm just a mortal human with no superpower abilities.

We hope that talk of all-out war with nukes is just talk among the world's Elite, but should it come and military man and woman power becomes essential, we wonder how that would work out, now that we know a significant portion of military-age youth in the U.S. couldn't be military material under the best of circumstances due to the deplorable physical, mental and drugged-out conditions under which they dwell.

Meanwhile, now that our relationship with Russia could hardly be worse WITHOUT nukes involved, we suspect that all the talk of "collusion" which has given both Democrats and other Trump-hating folk a really nice ride appears dead in the water -- or should be.

"Stormy Daniels," election violations and a daily cavalcade of subjects -- orchestrated, we suspect, particularly by Elitists who successfully hide their own baggage -- just chomping at the bit to take Donald Trump down will continue, and maybe impeachment and a ceremonial kick-out will happen.

From my tiny point of observation, it seems that the more Trump accomplishes his agenda, the more that darker forces come out of the woodwork to destroy the man chosen as President, taking the extra step of "officially" messing with lawyer-client privilege (Update:  Apparently, the attorney-client aspect may not apply in this murky situation, as a criminal investigation with a focus on lawyer Cohen himself has surfaced as the reason for Cohen's visit from the FBI) and eventually, we believe, pursuing Trump's family members, all in the darkest tradition of destroying people politically.

Where were these negative, inquisitive bastards of media and government lurking while Barack Obama, Eric Holder, Hillary Clinton and a cacophony of others screwed big-time with us?  This country has developed into more opposing layers of a who's-who justice system than colors on a gay rainbow flag.

Trump and Russian collusion?  Hey, if that doesn't work out, try and try again with something else until you win the brass ring.  Give a thousand monkeys a thousand typewriters and eventually they'll type out a novel where some extremely offensive people reach their goal of ridding the country of a President named Trump so they can. . . make America restrained again.

Mark Zuckerberg endures and testifies before old congressional farts:   First of all, how is it that he met with a few of them before he even testified?  That raises an eyebrow for me.  Second, if this Facebook controversy ends with MORE government oversight and control of the Internet, the enemies of free speech will have progressed another inch.  Bad news for the rest of us.

Now Bank of America has declined to loan money to gun companies which produce "military style" weapons.  That makes two out of the big five.  I think it's just about time to remind giant banking institutions that the taxpayers bailed them out in grand fashion, and if they really wish to take the moral high ground, maybe they should start with a look in the mirror.