Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Smiley Emoticons Take a Holiday

The actions of Washington's solidly Democrat, Bernie Sanders philosophically-inspired and clearly insane ballpark shooter seem so in keeping with garden-variety leftists who just can't bear to mutter the words, we lost the election.  Such things, dear reader, are the acting-out tantrums of extremely sore losers.  And it doesn't stop at the ball field with Rep. Scalise and other victims of. . . leftist-style social justice?

I'm no Harvard Law School graduate, just a mere human born with neither the ability nor education to manipulate and destroy lives or bamboozle national governments for profit.  Nevertheless, even my pea-sized brain finds the current Washington atmosphere disturbing in ways previously unanticipated.

For instance, how is it that a special prosecutor rises fully in bloom from an issue (Russia and Trump) which had no legs from the start, to now explore a growing list of other "potential" issues?  And with Mueller in charge of finger painting the artwork for an investigation looking to throw anything against a wall that might stick, where's the integrity when we find he's brought on board investigators known to have been solidly housed in the Democrat/Clinton camp?  Impartiality?  We could laugh, but this ain't funny -- especially when one entertains the notion that the D.C. establishment and a smattering of other Donald Trump-hating Republicans probably can't wait for something, anything to turn up, allowing them to proclaim gleefully, "I love the smell of impeachment in the morning!"

Where, pray tell, was everybody during the last eight years when Obama, Holder, Lynch and a fetid tool chest of others apparently assumed laws existed to be twisted to accommodate an America-transforming agenda from hell?

We particularly were not surprised by Democrat crocodile tears, predictably following the shootings, when top party members declared this was The Moment when people from both major political parties would and should come together, to work together with no further naughtiness to imperil decision-making in Congress.

Yeah, right.

Except what the left really meant, as usual, could be summed up as 95 percent legislative awards for the left and only five percent for the right, per "cooperation."

Nice try, though.

There's nothing else to know, except the non-stop effort to remove Trump from Office so Democrats and the politically-scattered Elite can reclaim what they believe is theirs will continue using whatever modality is handy.  This approach is really the only tool the opposition possesses, for they have no rational argument when provably tainted philosophy intersects with rational thought.

Numerous U.S. Navy members were killed when a giant Philippines cargo carrier T-boned a destroyer:  Whatever transpires from the current investigation, it's going to take a long time before I can believe that planned terrorism didn't have a hand in the tragedy.  This incident unfolded just too perfectly.  An accident?  In this case, what could possibly constitute an accident?  Beyond that, how did a super high-tech U.S. Navy ocean vessel find itself absurdly vulnerable?  Military heads will roll eventually, and this time it won't be ISIS doing the chopping.

North Korea's release of mysteriously comatose Otto Warmbier -- now deceased -- does nothing to enhance rational world opinion of this nut-job country.  What happened? Beatings beyond comprehension?  A cardiac event from hard labor?  Did NK soldiers throw him in an oxygen-starved box because he wasn't working fast enough?  All we may ever know is that NK hates the United States, and we may continue to wonder what hand, if any, China played in this horror story.  That Warmbier reportedly visited North Korea through a Chinese tourist company, the infamous poster removal incident aside, could conceivably have a bearing on this sad nightmare.  When the only avenging hero in sight is the terrifying prospect of war in some form, anything can happen.

Suicide by remote control in Massachusetts:  Michelle Carter is found guilty of manslaughter in the suicide of Conrad Roy.  Eh? To suggest that each of these young people was troubled is an understatement, but the ultimate decision to take one's life rests with the dearly departed.  Carter was not a hypnotist, nor a psychiatrist, nor a Svengali, just a teenager who said stupid teenager things to a troubled teenager apparently influenced by stupid teenager words of bad encouragement.  Yes, this is bullying in a form all its own.  Still, was she the ventriloquist and he the wooden dummy without a mind?  Was he coerced into becoming her voodoo doll, manipulated by pins stuck in appropriate places?  I see this only as a tragic event orchestrated by two young folk profoundly messed up in their own mutual way, and ultimately it didn't take much to light the match destined to blow everything to hell.  But manslaughter?  I don't see it.

Congratulations to the U.S. Supreme Court for deciding per eight members that a trademark may not be refused simply because some feel it offensive.  Therefore, the Asian rock band, "The Slant" (uh huh) will apparently be allowed its quest for a name pleasing to the, um. eye.