Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Cryin' Frauds, Lyin' Frauds and it Ain't Over Until the Fat Lady's King?

 After a mirror obviously broke somewhere in the U.S. and brought us, to date, seven years of bad luck -- really, really bad luck -- in the indictable persona of President Barack Obama, we suddenly get tears.  Plenty of tears.  We didn't get presidential tears after the Fort Hood murders and we never get presidential tears when cops are shot down in cold blood by the best examples of ignorant human street trash.  Apparently, crying only occurs when Obama, perhaps having absorbed acting lessons effectively from his association with leftist actors and directors, attacks the Second Amendment.  We suggest those were tears of joy, not tears of sorrow, because he was all dolled up and ready to shoot yet another Executive Order into the heart of American rights.  This time, it's guns, and next time -- well, with another year to go. . . . . .

Conservative news sources are abuzz with a report that FBI investigators have discovered so much evidence against Hillary Clinton that Bureau and even DOJ personnel are ready to "revolt" if Loretta Lynch's Dept. of Justice doesn't take appropriate action.  The fear, of course, is whether she will adhere to political considerations (that is, keep the Democrats happy) or actually do her job.  So far, because we seem to have running the DOJ little more than Eric Holder as a woman, all suspicious eyes are watching Lynch closely.

Mexican drug king "El Chapo" may  be extradited to the United States, but we may ask, why bother with all the paperwork? Just drop him a few miles from our border, point him north and tell him to start walking.  He'll be here in no time at all, along with all the others just looking - for - a - better - life.  Like a magnet, our border will deliver "E.C." here in no time flat.  Sean Penn's role?  Um, I don't know -- but don't be surprised if Obama awards the Presidential Medal of Freedom to both the Chavez of Venezuela-lovin' Penn and  The Rolling Stone  for. . .because of their. . .due to. . .well, the White House  characteristically thinks of something to cover up questionable odors.

Is this what we've come down to?   You can't even challenge 'em with the brains needed to accomplish crossword puzzles anymore.  NOW, the ADULT weak of ability need only order coloring books with images of cats already printed on each page, and they can while away vacant time by coloring drawings of cats in seemingly endless patterns.  What used to be couched as paint-by-number activities for children has now taken so-called adults by storm, and we, frankly, fear, rather then embrace, this phenomenon.  Duh.  Then again, maybe coloring paper cats in his cell will give El Chapo something to keep him occupationally occupied until his next prison break.

The State of the Union speech   should be interesting this evening, but only because the prez says he's going to do something different.  Seems he plans to focus on the country's future, rather than spending incredibly boring minutes on all his failures -- which, to be honest, pretty much account for his whole term in office to date.  Oh, I know his fans would profess otherwise, but just look at his supporters. . .the ones who stubbornly remain at his side, that is.  No surprise there.