Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Fraudzilla's USA Invasion

If I somehow lapsed into a drug-induced stupor tomorrow, I'm sure my views on President Obama would alter considerably.  Years after he leaves Office, for instance, when surviving presidential papers see release publicly, we'd discover that Obama took actions to save the country and performed heroic maneuvers of which we had no concept during his two terms.  Then. . .

Yeah, but then I'd wake up and return to reality, wishing instead that the day would come, sometime after a gaggle of lowlife frauds among the Obama bunch retire on huge government pensions and write truth-distorting books and lie-lecture around the country, when cooler heads of refreshing integrity find a way to indict, fine and imprison these folks as appropriate for crimes against the nation.  When one takes an oath, but then deviates from established promises to a degree bordering upon or encompassing criminality, there is no other solution, no matter how much time elapses.

Funny, too, isn't it, how we're JUST getting around to charging named Chinese commie military members for hacking into corporate and U.S. government computers to steal secrets?  Why now?  Maybe because elections are coming up soon, and the Administration, like clockwork, wants to put on a happy face proclaiming we're on the job?  By the way, assuming (assuming?) the Chinese are guilty of said crimes, let's take the appropriate action and, hmm, say, demand they cut at least half our "debt" to them -- and later we can cut the other half based just upon the crappy  toxic "treats" they export which reportedly continue to poison our dogs and other pets.

As we still scratch our heads over ongoing mega-purchases by the Obama Admin of ammunition outlawed for international -- but apparently not domestic -- conflicts, why are federal agencies such as the Dept. of Education, Environmental Protection Agency, Bureau of Land Management and others being infused with their own SWAT teams?  Near as I can figure, the only agencies requiring such extra man/firepower -- and all those acquired military tanks -- are those charged with protecting national borders.  Yeah, as if. 

How is it that the Most Powerful Man In The World has allowed a PTSD-ridden ex-active duty U.S. Marine to languish in a Mexican prison after taking a wrong turn and ending up in Mexico?  This disgrace has gone on for some 55 days now, and the Marine has been chained, his life threatened (causing him to attempt an escape) and he faces years of prison time.  He did have his legally acquired firearms in his car when he mistakenly drove into Mexico through an area not known for suitable or abundant signage warnings.  Still --  seems all Mr. Obama needs to do is make a phone call to retrieve our Marine from a country all too willing to export its own prisoners across our own borders with our president's blessings.  Why hasn't he ended this?  Sorry, either they return the Marine at once, in good health, or a little drone action might be in order.  One must ask in such instances, how much of a friend is Mexico?  Sure, make me a diplomat. . .

The Southern border situation itself has worsened with a weekly influx of thousands of young people, mostly boys, now making their way through Mexico from Central and Southern American countries, determined to invade our country with "Dreamer" expectations of free education and amnesty.  Housed temporarily at U.S. Air Force bases, these people need to exit the USA quickly and firmly and the message returned with them must be keep out, otherwise the world's masses will continue to engulf and then rot the nation's beauty and resources, uninvited, from within without limitations.  This concept is an emergency, not rocket science.

Why are  "stars" of the Democrat Party throwing the issue of race into graduation ceremony speeches at high schools and colleges this month?  Race-baiting by re-invoking injustices of the fifties and sixties serves what purpose in the minds of young people now?  Graduation speeches used to be about the future and opportunity.  Obviously, with nothing to offer young minds but promises of high taxes, horrible debt and the new slavery, it was inevitable that Democrat speakers needed to fire up the way-back machine to blame the past for their own current policies. 

Maybe these folks should be forced to attend endless classes in sensitivity training, otherwise known as mind control indoctrination, concocted by the most evil people in the country.

Ringing hollow:   Obama proclaims his love for the military veterans, etc., blah, blah, blah.  Psst, hey America -- The worst qualities of VA medical care will be the best qualities of Obamacare.  You're getting a preview that money can't buy, right now.  Isn't it a knee-slapper that both Obama and the VA chief said they were "mad as hell" about the VA situation?  What, is there a script out there that these folks read from?  Mr. Prez knew of VA problems when he assumed Office, so let's not give him a pass on the VA "death panels" now.  He only learned about the VA trouble from news reports, he says?  Wow, every time there's a problem this liar and/or total incompetent claims he knew nothing until a news report passed his way. 

It so happens that I'm personally aware of VA corruption, a story that I won't explore here because it wouldn't be appropriate for me to take advantage of this personal issue in a blog -- but I will say that it wasn't uncommon in the past for VA directors, the people at the very top of a VA medical center, to be brought up on federal charges, and sometimes they exited their huge medical facilities in handcuffs.  ABC News did an excellent report on VA corruption many years ago, frightening to say the least.  Ultimately, the VA medical system may be scrapped in exchange for something better and more efficient, but that depends upon whether veterans' groups wish to loosen their grip on an antiquated entity intended originally to support WW II and Korean vets who returned in huge numbers.

Congratulations Republican primary voters for your stupidity in choosing the standbys instead of Tea Party members with integrity.  Truth is, every senator and congressman of any political party should get out of the way after a maximum of two terms and give fresh brain matter a chance to solve national problems.  Voters have only served to give Washington an endlessly contaminated cocktail party of deals and dealers out for their own interests.  Nice work, fools.

Obama meets with TV meteorologists about climate change:  Oh, that's a comfort.  You know what?  My local TV meteorologists, starting in February, promised every few days that the bitter cold spell was ending at last, and then temperatures would plummet again and again, each time as bad or worse than the last.  Now, Mr. President, just what do you and the TV weather celebrity dolts have to say to say to one another about the future, when they can't even get the local forecasts down within reason despite all the fancy special video effects? 

And now there exists new satellite data indicating that "global warning" hasn't occurred for the last 18 years?  The science is most definitely not settled, as political morons and the United Nations continue to insist in order to control us all, and the "consensus" of international scientists is not there -- unless one means a consensus of dunces.  Yes, the climate changes, for better or worse, and I'm kinda thinking it will persist in doing so even after our bodies are as dead as a goodly proportion of our brains apparently seem already.