Friday, May 4, 2012

Bits & Pieces for May 2012

For readers versatile in Spanish, UFO researcher Alan Brain now offers Web pages about UFOs, thus giving Hispanic readers yet another opportunity to learn about UFO history and current research in their native language.   English versions of his work are planned for the future.  Of particular interest to me is his interest in informing readers about the 1956 motion picture, "U.F.O."  Of course, I have a separate blog devoted solely to the movie (see link list), but now the world's Hispanic audience can tap into Alan's work to realize the historical importance of this United Artists documentary.  Check his movie page out at this site:

On that note, it's also worth mentioning that Frank Warren has posted the You-Tube link to the movie on his UFO CHRONICLES SITE (see link).

FROM TIME TO TIME we read of UFO book authors or higher-ups in academia or the media who throw out little comments deriding UFO "enthusiasts" or "fans" of the fifties and beyond.  While I absolutely understand how some from that period gave UFO research a very bad, if not downright crazy name -- and I profess no love for obviously bats**t bonkers contactees of the era -- nevertheless, these are the people who kept the UFO subject center-stage, while scientists by the ton who should have known better and assumed their role as, well, scientists ignored the subject en masse.  I suppose it could be argued that the wild-eyed bunch were exactly the reason why men and women of science shunned the phenomenon's existence or importance, but it's much more likely that scientific ignorance became bliss simply because there was no room for the concept of UFOs in scientifically educated minds.  It's kind of like what medical science has become today, unfortunately -- e.g., so many medical professionals bury themselves in computer screens and one-size-fits-all blood work values and ready-to-wear drug prescriptions during office visits that one logically expects that true anomalies could be easily missed (if not caused or encouraged!).

DINNER FOR THREE:  Who holds the power in the United States?  You? Me?  Not so much anymore, and there's no finer example than the White House correspondents dinner.  Who attends by invite only?  Selected members of the mainstream media, the political class and, of course, the entertainment industry.  No mere dinner, this.  Indeed not, for this is a glimpse of those who and that which coagulates to run our lives, and neither you nor I truly have the ultimate voice in casting our fate to the wind.  Honored representatives of contrived journalism, extreme government power, wild regulatory abilities and intellectual cattle prods for the masses come together at these affairs for purposes far beyond dinner and clowning around.  The coziness and camaraderie of these entities disturbs and nauseates.  There was once a certain distance maintained between and among opposing forces which, sadly, no longer stand or serve in opposition.  To paraphrase from the old song,  it's their party and you can cry if you want to.

DIGGIN' HIS WAY OUT OF CHINA:  This is like some bad Hollywood script, and the ease of communication shown in this case appears ever so unlikely.  Ya don't just get on the phone in China and call the U.S. Congress and other potential helpfuls. Sorry about the Chinese dude (there's nothing special about him in Chinese terms, other than plotting with contacts to make himself an international incident -- hey, join the club of dissidents everywhere) and his family, but the tragic fact is that the whole world would like to come to the United States -- and hordes often attempt to do so -- but some things are just impractical and the word "no" has to be used wisely instead of gaining global political points..  Meanwhile, the Chinese commies want the U.S. to apologize and they warn that we interfered with the country's internal affairs.  Of course, they are correct -- we are involved in their "internal affairs" because they damned well own us and our vast, growing debt.  The best way to divorce ourselves of China's "internal affairs" is to get a crash program going to once again manufacture our necessities so we won't have to purchase China's crap.  If we didn't learn anything following the poisoned pet food and inferior dry wall capers (not to mention China blowing up an orbiting satellite, putting the world's space program in space junk jeopardy), then maybe we deserve a continuing onslaught of Chinese thugs, brutality and certifiably criminal dishonesty -- and don't look to the Obama Administration's expertise (if that's the word, and it's not) for answers.  The Chinese dude?  Of course he'll be packing up and moving his family to the U.S. under whatever pretenses upon which governments agree.  And we, as always, will ultimately pay a hefty price for the misery of yet another international situation.