Friday, March 2, 2012

Andrew Breitbart (1969-2012)

"This is not your mother's Democrat Party."
-- A. Breitbart

The (former) Congressman Anthony Weiner scandal of lies about photos. The ACORN taxpayer ripoff. Brought to public attention by Breitbart.

Imagine 12 barking Andrew Breitbarts putting all that energy into getting the U.S. government to open up about UFO information, pilot films, official photos and the like. Trouble is, there was too much government corruption to wade through on the way to any such destination. Love him (generally conservatives) or hate him (generally liberals), the guy was a human mongoose who successfully brought government darkness into the cleansing light of public scrutiny during his brief time on earth. Breitbart leaves behind a wife, four children and our hope that hardcore investigative journalism will again flourish from coast to coast one day, perhaps when young jour-NO school grads, management and investors appreciate that TV's endlessly brain-dead and safe feature segments spewing fluff usually don't fit the definition of news stories.