Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Watering the Taliban

My relationship with the documentation of UFO events ended a long time ago, and I've done my best to scan interesting documents still in my possession (so many other things went to now-defunct organizations), as you'll discover by reading from the very initiation of this blog in 2007. For the moment, there's nothing to add about UFOs, except I've always wondered what would happen if some official government agency admitted to visitations by something extraordinarily intelligent and beyond our understanding. No, I don't think widespread panic would ensue -- but I do expect that the primary "victims" of such revelations would be those of higher (highest) education, suddenly faced with the harsh realization that their efforts have been instantly eclipsed by the much higher knowledge, and consequently cherished professions and credentials are relegated to the evolutionary trash bin. Simply put, the garbage man would be far more valuable to society and content in his work than the theoretical physicist. In fact, theoretical physicists would probably clamor for garbage removal jobs just to survive. Whether they could properly pick up refuse remains to be seen, as they would doubtless spend hours in contemplation over the potential of garbage atoms or something.

So, on to other things today, such as. . .

An observation: Whenever I'm incredibly bored and tune in to watch the Golden Globes or Oscar presentations or some such televised glitter, I'm always dumbfounded at virtually no mention by celebrities of our military personnel serving around the world. I know this sounds trite, but are most Hollywood folk so self-centered or enamored with their own publicity that they can't simply say thanks to our brave young people? I don't know if it involves fear of irritating their peers ("You'll never work in this town again!") or if they just, strangely, hate all the enlisted opportunities America has bestowed upon them. I'm sure there are numerous celebrities who support military charities lavishly, but I just wonder about all the rest who, it would seem, don't care.

Thousands of young men, taken from their families forever, sacrificed their lives and dreams to protect and make it possible for the Hollywood bunch to express themselves safely whilst gaining extraordinary wealth and influence. I hope I'm just missing something here. I can't imagine that a community's politics would silence things that really deserve to be said and deny expressions of appreciation crying out to be stated by those wielding the enormous power of camera and microphone. I'm talking about producers and directors, too, not just the obvious actors. I don't know, maybe some just become too busy and cozy attending White House Halloween parties and dressing like fantasy characters and the like to be bothered.

Now, speaking of Hollywood. . .

In the motion picture, "Oklahoma Crude," there was a tense scene where the character portrayed by George C. Scott walks up to Jack Palance's evil character and, without saying a word, urinates on him. I don't remember the exact words that actor Scott mutters as he finishes, but it's something to the effect that businessmen do this to one another all the time.

I guess, in a way, four U.S. Marines urinating on the bodies of dead Taliban in Afghanistan did nothing more than conduct and extend the business of war.

Frankly, considering what the Taliban have done to our young military people, I couldn't care less if those Marines were joined by all members of the Armed Services in this pissing contest. Urinating on deceased head and limb choppers who possess the morals of insects hardly seems worth a yawn. Besides, urine is generally a sterile fluid, perhaps suitable for cleansing radical Islamic souls before they meet up with obligatory afterlife virgins.

In this instance, official Washington can go to hell. Oh yeah, sure, Hillary Clinton and Leon Panetta are shocked, the Marine higher-ups are outraged, and all the biggies want to tar and feather these boys. But, hey, YOU folks in D.C. are conducting a war, w-a-r, and war is never pretty. Maybe these Marines had a real anger problem with those particular Taliban members. Maybe they were tired of their friends getting blown up by IED devices and lost it, who knows? Maybe multiple deployments and inferior equipment set them on this course. Maybe they were tipped off that upon return to the U.S. they'll have no jobs, no money, few opportunities and damned little respect.

Official Washington, the urine belongs on you. I'm outraged when officials make examples of exhausted, abused military personnel, when they should make examples of themselves. Swine. Bastards. Just who exactly deserves criminal charges, punishment and prison time? Hmm? Who profits from our wars as young people are sent to do battle, yet burdened by so many political constraints and whims that their lives are put in jeopardy?

Taliban scum, born killers, their remains watered down, marinating in the hot sun like the predatory criminal weeds they were, nothing more or less.

Maybe these externally hydrated dead are the true "corpse men" referenced by President Obama?

I wonder if a few desks in Congress and White House offices would benefit from a little military urination deployment? Perhaps D.C. brains, safely secured in Pentagon offices, who plot and plan the lives and dangers for military members every day without ever having been in a combat situation themselves should come out of their crevices and support these men.

The video was "deplorable." Inconsistent with American values, says secretary H. Clinton. Wrong! I consistently value American military urine if it can serve a useful purpose on the battlefield. But then, I'm no secretary of state, required to gush over United Nations thugs and the Afghanistan criminal ruling class.

The mainstream media? Don't get me started. Why aren't they showing photos of maimed U.S. military bodies, instead of evoking tears and sympathy for dead killer-torturer roaches?

Republican phonies. Democrat phonies. Phony media. Same old excreted political hairballs, distinguishable only by varying close-ups on TV.

Want to create jobs in America? Let's have a crash program to build water, beer and bottling plants, and load up military transport planes with tons of beverages for our troops in the Middle East so they can pee on dead radicalized vermin 24/7.

The major chill wind that blows these days is the one whispering through the trees, suggesting that our current president will probably be re-elected this year. Okay, great, well, how about if every time he travels the globe and continues to apologize to some world leader for something he thinks the United States needs to be sorry for -- how about if each time he does that the military actively orders large numbers of American military personnel to bestow showers of gold on other dead enemies? Yes, every time. Gonna get pretty darned wet out there with all those apologies and submissive gestures to worldly thugs. Each time the Prez apologizes, we Americans get a urine bath anyway.

What a joke, holding service personnel responsible for the consequences of wars they didn't start. Beginning with Iraq maneuvers and continuing in Afghanistan today, thousands and thousands of U.S. military members have been killed and injured, and the concern that contact with depleted uranium may spiral into military illnesses so widespread that even the VA system will deny debilitating conditions and fatalities far surpasses this little incident.

We already have too many military people homeless or rotting in federal and state prisons, no thanks to a grateful nation infected with factions within who are no better than the enemy without.

The urination issue is "sensitive." What will the world think? Get over it. Much of the world already hates us or harbors intense jealousies toward our way of life. World War II, Korea and other good deeds have been forgotten, with history poised to be rewritten with lies and deletions.

And now we have Homeland Security monitoring journalists' Web sites and maybe even Little Nothing Bloggy People like me. Perfect. China, Russia, Iran, Venezuela and the usual suspects prepare to destroy the U.S. someday, and my idiot offend-nobody government worries incessantly about public political perceptions and four Marines taking a leak on well-deserved targets.

The day I believe the current Administration truly honors and respects all branches of the military over concerns for anybody BUT the military will be a rare day indeed. Urination. Obama nation. Damnation. We are all effectively urine-drenched and politically soaked to the skin, but four weary Marines, experiencing a moment that perhaps only young warriors pushed beyond the limit can comprehend, had nothing to do with it.