Friday, December 9, 2011

My 2011 Christmas Thoughts

No, I'm not poised to hose my readers down with "holiday" cheer and visions of happy times ahead, sprinkled with fairy dust. The thing is, Christmas is a great time to reflect upon all the **** perpetrated on us as we become more enslaved by and distanced from our government every day.

It would be redundant of me to spotlight corruption in Washington and an apparent majority in Congress (especially per a recent CBS-TV "Sixty Minutes" report) intent upon enriching themselves financially in "insider trading" ways that would put most common folk in prison.

Then we have the Obama Administration, promising to function with an openness rarely witnessed in Washington. Instead, we get secrecy, denials, possible cover-ups that may overshadow the Watergate conspiracy, and the American people are evidently looked upon as morons in need of looking after by government intellectuals whose experience includes nothing more dangerous or hands-on than ethereal concepts pumped into their heads during university classes taught by extreme leftists who don't give a damn about preserving the Constitution. Wow, listen to me. Am I nuts or what?

Sorry (not) to sound sooooooo typically (used to be) American, but my country is currently run by people who trouble me greatly. At first I thought it incompetence, but now I feel otherwise. There's something more. The clever actions of people behind the scenes who wish to change us inch by centimeter aren't so hidden anymore.

In its most simple form, it's a President who refers to military medics (such as myself, long ago) during a speech as "corpse men." Some Commander-in-Chief. In its (so far) most extreme form, it's the murky relationship between the Administration and gun-running in Mexico which resulted in at least one U. S. government agent and many other people losing their lives. Hmm. One wonders if there was a plan here ultimately intended to take away Americans' firearms.

And it's the "Occupy Wall Street" people -- aside from the sincere -- who wish only to destroy the country. Their presence is obvious. The communists, the socialists, the Marxists. They display their signs along with everybody else. And yes, the union-financed groups -- bought and paid for, people never allowed a voice as to what political parties or individuals benefit from the lofty union dues extracted like clockwork from their paychecks. The OWS throngs, whatever the original intent, have become top-heavy with thugs, creeps, hygienic nightmares and even death. Hmm, the OWS people were heavily encouraged by Mr. Obama, Mr. Biden, Ms. Pelosi and the usual suspects, as I recall. Frankly, for me, the existence of the destructive element in OWS is not nearly as puzzling as wondering when hepatitis will show up big time. To you OWS people around the country who protest with love and respect for your country, good for you, but take a good look at the human detritus amongst you. Your message has been usurped, and the results ain't pretty.

My government horror story of the week: The Department of Defense designates the Fort Hood massacre as "workplace violence." In keeping with the pussy-footing Obama Admin's wish never to offend anything associated with Islam, this is what we and the victims' families get. Instead of clearly warning us that this was jihad activity, we get this. Such pronouncements should enrage everybody, particularly this week, as more information surfaces indicating that radical Islam continues to invade our homeland military and, indeed, that homegrown Muslim terrorists stalk returning military members, intent upon killing our service members right here in the USA. One need not be an enthusiastic flag-waver to burn with outrage about this. I hope the 76 virgins to which dead Islamic murderers are entitled in their afterlife are female porcupines. They obviously MUST be some kind of animal -- what virgins would tolerate such human filth? Yes, the world is full of good, law-abiding Muslim practitioners who just want to live in peace, but they are saddled with that other side, and we need make no apologies for calling that side out.

I've no idea who or what will comprise the next Administration in the U.S., but I have a feeling that those wielding new UFO petitions intended for the White House might wish to sit on them for now. The current vacation-lovin' tenants and their staff of superior intellectuals, despite all those fancy speeches and other teleprompter-enhanced shindigs, will provide nothing of substance or assistance, except out of sheer election-eve desperation. They're much too busy writing backdoor regulations to negatively influence the freedom in our lives and assure that the meaning of Christmas doesn't overshadow the religion of hate and every other damned cult that invaded the U.S. since its earliest days.

I'm alarmed by all the politically correct jerks inhabiting the country, and while I make no special efforts to celebrate Christmas, I wish you idiot atheists up in Wisconsin and under other nameless rocks would let those who wish to celebrate it do so. It isn't a holiday tree, it's not a winter school holiday break and the stores aren't having season's greetings sales. It's Christmas, which references Jesus, the Three Wise Men and Bethlehem.

Good grief, if I'm on a rant like this today, I can't wait for New Year's resolutions. Or would that be revolutions?