Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Room for One More UFO?

(As I prepare to post this, I must note the passing of the great Budd Hopkins, UFO abduction investigator of exception. I don't believe I was ever in contact with him, but certainly knew him from his books and articles. Yes, there was controversy surrounding him, but what hands-on person who dares to present established society with things its members may not wish to know hasn't been confronted with controversy? Leslie Kean wrote a brief but appropriate tribute to Budd, and this may be read by clicking on the link to Budd Hopkins' Intruders Foundation in the margin.)

As many of you know, I write a separate blog (see link in the margin) concerned specifically with the 1956 United Artists documentary motion picture, "U.F.O."

In 1970, Great Britain began producing a science fiction TV series, also entitled "UFO." In fact, in 1973, by then familiar with the series, as it was running on American television stations, I wrote a letter to TV Guide, published, in which I excoriated the series. Imagine my amazement 29 years later when intrepid Canadian journalist Mark Phillips tracked me down like hunters' prey to inquire about my opinion, which had mellowed somewhat over the years. His excellent article reminiscing about the TV series appeared in issue No. 154 of England's TV Zone magazine, and he included a few paragraphs regarding my now-vs.-then views on the series. Must be true, we can run but we can't hide, particularly when members of the press come calling.

However. . .

Next year, another aliens-among-us science fiction story entitled "UFO" hits the big screen. Yes, my eyes are already rolling around in my head as I contemplate the e-mails I'll receive from careless observers poised to believe my movie tribute site relates somehow to the anticipated 2012 release. After all, my film address is ufothemovie.blogspot.com.

I've already contemplated, for those among the confused who write and ask simply if the movie "UFO" is a true story, that perhaps I should merely respond, "yes" in all cases. That should send a few of them, unaware that I'm referencing only the 1956 documentary, running in terror for the hills.

(Robbie Graham of Silver Screen Saucers -- see link -- will undoubtedly offer further information on the upcoming motion picture as it becomes available.)

WE'LL FREE YA WITH SHARIA: When my President is happy, I guess I'm happy, too. Mr. Obama seems thrilled about the "Arab spring" unveiled every time a Middle Eastern country dominated by obvious thugs falls. I do find it a bid odd, however, that the "rebels" who facilitate the action (with our help, either overtly or covertly in many cases, I'm sure) jump right in there with a "new" constitution without fail. For Libya, it's apparently Sharia Law, and for Egypt and other states Sharia seems the choice of biological throwbacks intent upon maintaining brutal order, depriving women of education whilst keeping them covered and treated like farm animals, and all the other goodies that come with this extremist view of Islam. Where is the National Organization of Women on this issue? Where are the major news entities? Repeatedly, we're told what a great thing the "Arab spring" is, and every time the spring is sprung we witness more threats against the very existence of Israel. What happened to diplomacy? Diplomacy doesn't work very well with "new states" of cutthroat thugs who teach their young men to become more of the same.

As I write this, a news story reports that the United Nations is upset that the U.S. doesn't do more to prevent domestic violence against women. What are we supposed to do when a woman or man chooses a partner unwisely? The consequences are my fault? And how dare the United Nations blame this country when they don't give a rat's about violence against women in the Middle East? If one wishes to find a gaggle of thugs anywhere on this planet, one needn't look any further than a preponderance of vermin populating the United Nations any day of the week.

In the meantime, the President and Congress vacation as the world nukes itself and our country's drought of water, common sense and brains continues.