Thursday, July 7, 2011

Absence Makes the Fond Grow Harder

Readers, I'm taking a little time off this summer. I could say I'm doing so because I've nothing to say right now -- which is true -- but instead I'll lie and claim dire responsibilities or a sudden need to eat grass or something. Actually (love that word, it's almost as annoying now as "you know. . ."), there IS one thing that could return me to the blog in a hurry, and I fear it's a real possibility: That ABC-TV's lame summer series, "Primetime Nightline: Beyond Belief" might not resist tackling the UFO subject. Then, OF COURSE, I would be forced to write something horrible about it because, characteristically, commercial television's UFO "documentaries" suck. We all know the formula by now. They start out by mystifying us with interesting sightings, then lapse into Debunker Land so that everything we find enigmatic about UFOs is suddenly and conveniently explained away by dubious experts touting unlikely theories via the unscientific method. So PLEEZZZZZZE, ABC, concentrate on hyena ghosts or the face of Jesus appearing on sticks of chewing gum, but leave UFOs alone. No more UFO docu-moronics until you clean up your act.

Have a nice summer and be sure to come back, because I have so many exciting things to show you (okay, that's not. . .actually. . .true, but you never know. . .you know).

(Model in Photo: Not me, thank God)