Friday, June 24, 2011

Urgent! Warren AFB Personnel Latest to Go Insane!

Decades ago, when I was stationed at Sheppard AFB in Texas, a local radio station reported early one morning that on the previous evening law enforcement officials had phoned the base to inquire about multiple UFO reports called in by area residents. A base spokesman, according to the news reporter, tersely dismissed law enforcement inquiries: "Your job is to catch criminals," advised the gruff USAF representative, "ours is to watch the skies."


A few months ago, I parroted the claims of major news reports that on October 23, 2010 F. E. Warren AFB in Wyoming experienced a temporary ability to manage its nuclear missiles due to either a power failure or computer glitch.

According to UFO/nukes researcher Robert Hastings, however, UFO activity, as has seemingly been the case in so many other nuclear missile base instances, may have been involved. Over at Frank Warren's THE UFO CHRONICLES (see link), and at Hastings' Web site, the evidence is presented at length, and I urge readers to attend these Internet locations regularly.

Creeping into these latest accounts of UFOs possibly affecting nuclear missile sites is something even more disturbing: Reportedly, there remains a concerted Air Force/military/government effort to further crack down on military personnel and contractors who blab to either the press or to public agencies and individuals regarding UFO incidents they know about personally or through hearsay. Of course, we wish names were publicly available regarding the currently alleged UFO activity, but The U.S. Dept. of Threats and Warnings has always been rather successful at accomplishing its work, so no surprises crop up there.

But -- such a puzzlement. We all know UFOs represent no threat to national security. We know this because the national security folks have assured us of this Law of Nature's firm properties since at least the 1950s. Oh, and also remember that UFOs don't exist, they're just misrepresentations of natural objects.

So, obviously, those people at Warren AFB, Malmstrom AFB and the others must be seeing and experiencing visions of their own imaginations and interpretations. In fact, their observations and manifestations, as reported by Hastings and Robert Salas and others -- if we subscribe to the experts' Law of Nature regarding UFOs -- qualify them as seriously mentally ill, and since many of these observers have their hands firmly upon nuclear weaponry, they qualify as DANGEROUSLY deluded.

Which is it? Are these people crazy and under orders to suppress their experiences because they're seeing nothing, or have they observed things so incredible and beyond our intellectual grasp that the truth must be silenced and withheld from a press and public somehow undeserving to know the salient details?

Members of Congress, no matter their party affiliation, should be all over this outrage with the urgency of a potential nuclear incident. The implications hover far above merely troubling.

The U.S. government must either bring in a brigade of psychologists to bring these folks with their hands on our nukes back to reality, OR -- here's a novel thought -- tell us the truth.