Sunday, March 20, 2011

Tsunami Mommy, Robert's Rambles and Other Atrocities

(World War II photos from undetermined government and public news sources: The 1941 U.S. Joint Resolution declaring that a state of war exists between the U.S. and Japan; Stripped of their uniforms, Japanese prisoners are escorted to a carrier by U.S. Armed Forces personnel; A prisoner of war held by the Japanese who died while trying to get a drink of water; An American serviceman identified as Tay Dodds of Canton, Ohio, carries to a waiting stretcher a Japanese woman whose fractured leg had been set and dressed by U.S. Navy doctors.)

Earthquakes. . .tsunami chasers. . .Haiti. . .New Zealand. . .the Japan of 70 years ago compared to its current status. . . Godzilla, Gorgo and other monsters are deemed blameless for the latest tragedy. . .nuclear plant radiation added to a world already on fire. . .our Japanese friends who rejoiced in buying up extensive U.S. parcels and industries during better times. . .voices of dead American WW II military men echo the nearly forgotten words, "Remember Pearl Harbor". . . and please don't forget us. . .but let bygones be bygones, say some. . .as public schools in the U.S. continue to downplay the significance of that historic event. . .and, of course, Japanese terror was our fault, too, children are taught. . .so, is the mother of all tsunamis yet to come?. . .Libyan rebels battle with -- with armaments from where?. . .expensive and high-tech stuff paid for and sent by whom, even before the worthless United Nations entered the scene?. . .as the U.S. slips into yet another armed conflict to help people who will probably hate us later just as much as they hate us now, despite our efforts and expense. . .and just how do we in the U.S. continue footing the bill in futile attempts to save a world of ingrates while our growing deficit anchors domestic needs to immobility?. . .just look at Hillary, she appears to have had it up to here. . .by the way, for the record, pit bulls don't wear lipstick. . .UFOs and nukes must be addressed. . .but, nuclear plants in the United States. . .as we build them in the future, I suggest mounting them upon giant missiles. . .and if we experience a major earthquake or other nation-crippling disaster, have them set on "automatic" to launch the entire nuclear fuel source into the atmosphere, headed with an explosive charge toward the capital cities of our sworn enemies. . .why let a perfectly good nuclear crisis go to waste, to paraphrase an escapee from the current administration?. . .and public unions continue a rampage of sorts as union leaders presumably do everything but have sexual relations during frequent visits to The White House. . .workers of the world unite, oh yes, what a lovely spring day that will be. . .until the bloom falls from the rose. . .while the masses care about little more than sporting events, as wool clipped from their own sheep persona is pulled over eyes twice and thrice blissfully betrayed. . .and drugs yet flow over bodies and borders to anesthetize minds ill-equipped to either teach or learn. . .common sense being dead in the water. . .children of influence. . .children of opportunity. . .but mostly children born of toxicity and poverty. . .but things can only get better. . .until the next disaster. . .magnified via overpopulation and crazies. . .and one day we will learn the hard way that the future is not ours, simply because it never was ours. . .whilst something equally as beautiful and horrible as our species creeps in to replace us as pretenders to the universal throne. . . and brief moments shall tick away on a sidereal clock face, deceptively ornamented with Mickey Mouse-like hands of radium. . .yet, we party on, incapable of understanding that a covert purpose of crying is to absorb, conquer and destroy laughter. . .and the tears always win. Always.