Friday, November 19, 2010


The old couple had read about this sort of thing before, and they stood engulfed in terror as events began to unfold.

Yes, as years passed each had read about encounters with strange beings and situations, and now it was happening to them. The old woman shuddered as alien hands grasping peculiar instruments explored her body, inch by inch. "Why, oh why are you doing this to me?!" she screamed. "Who are you?!"

She thought instantly of Betty Hill, whose account of helplessly enduring a probe from head to toe was horrifying. And now it was her turn.

Her husband, a couple of years older than she but no less frightened, thought immediately of the two fishermen in Pascagoula, Mississippi who claimed to have been examined with a device that looked like a large eye. This time, there was no "eye," but he knew all too well that something incredible, technology he couldn't even imagine, was systematically examining him.

At last, the weird procedures having been completed, the two old people were reunited, and each hugged the other so tightly that no force in the universe would ever separate them again. However, their moment of presumed serenity was shaken as a human-like voice whispered in their ears: "Okay, you're all set. You folks can proceed to your flight," advised the TSA agent, rushing off to scan other airline passengers waiting impatiently in a long line.

Another old couple, stepping forward as security personnel beckoned them on, also remembered reading about this sort of thing before, and they, too, stood engulfed in terror as events began to unfold. One of them remembered reading about the Travis Walton case, when strange beings had descended upon him and. . .

(That's my politically correct Thanksgiving story for all of you intent upon commercial flights this season. In the meantime, the new movie, "Cool It" opens today, I believe, and it should help greatly to dispel all the nonsense the global warming crowd has frightened your children with (e.g., climate change is all our fault). Even one of the higher-ups in this mud puddle has allegedly (finally?) admitted the climate change thing is more about distribution of wealth than real science. Beware, folks, always beware . . . and don't let 'em mess with the Internet, as demons far worse than a "fairness doctrine" are about to rear their ugly heads in Congress, as well as internationally.)