Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Off My Rocker

It can't always be about UFOs. It should be, but it's not. By now we're asking, hmm, didn't Leslie Kean write an outstanding book about something or another recently? One, two, three, impact. Just why is the road to hell paved with good intentions? Oh well, bon voyage, book of excellence, and rest in peace. Next?

You may have noticed, I've become nearly a raging lunatic about the direction of the country. The globalization thing isn't going quite the way we expected, and I don't trust the way my government currently wields power (who does?). I don't know about the Tea Party, but the Republicans and Democrats both smell as fragrant as that "corpse flower," whose rare and pungent odor of death periodically and mysteriously captivates people who fight and claw to experience and savor a smell akin to rotting flesh. Perfect.

So I'm listening to the radio, and some talk show host mentions scientists' findings that firefly populations appear to be diminishing, and that it seems to be related to gradual loss of habitat thanks to human encroachment. And then the moron says, what a shame the fireflies are going away because children should be able to witness their beauty. Of course, the extreme Right radio voice neglects to preface this by explaining that if we stopped producing so many kids in need of homes expanding into firefly territory, we wouldn't have to destroy firefly habitat. Who is going away forever first, fireflies or little brown bat colonies?

Then there's the guy holding Discovery Channel employees hostage last week. Or should I say Dead Guy? Anyway, the media makes much condemnation of his statement that human babies are "parasites." Well, sorry, but every teacher or professor I ever took a health or science course from told us that babies are indeed parasites whilst inside their mothers. Okay, so the rest of his beliefs were a tad, um, unusual, at least give him credit for a basic understanding of human behavior.

Meanwhile, serious theorists around the world ponder our great medical advances in keeping humans alive, and they fear a world where few die off as humans continue producing offspring faster than natural processes (that is, the Grim Reaper) can cope. But not to worry, if the Republicans regain power they'll probably do their best to kill off liberal stem cell research, as they recently did with the help of a sympathetic judge, that we planetary inhabitants might safely return to the benefits of fatal disease and genetic disorders. Goodbye morning-after pill and women's right to choose. Stock in chastity belts can only go up.

A while back, a reader or two took exception to my support of gays in the military, a longtime fact of life in many other countries. Though, even as a military veteran, I can't dissuade those who object based upon things they think they know which they don't know at all (God bless the ignorant, for they keep politics interesting), I do recall reading something years ago where somebody said, isn't it a miracle how God makes lots of little gay babies every day, all around the world? I guess everybody has a purpose among The Faithful, unless one happens to be a homosexual wishing to serve in the U.S. military.

Unfortunately, if/when the Right comes back big time, they'll also be accompanied by hardcore religious figures desirous of putting their own God into everybody's life (remember earlier this year, when some conservatives advised restraint of overzealous religious elements in the party?). Fortunately, though, Stephen Hawking, who just days ago warned us to leave the planet, asserts that God wasn't necessary at all for us to exist, so maybe we can quote his science and set these pompous vocal gas-bags hopelessly adrift. God would approve, I think.

I'm not sure which political party to call a friend when it comes down to the Internet. The Democrats seem rabidly intent upon gaining control of its charms, all in the name of The Public Good, yet the Republicans were all too happy to support former FCC chairman Michael Powell when he ruled more than some wished.

Now that 17 state attorneys-general have shouted down (what is a fascist?) Craig's List (only in Craig's List USA has this happened), which temporarily or forever closed down its personals section, we're even closer to serving the State. The truth is, if the U.S. weren't so populated with the common senseless, the plain stupid and a plethora of politicians looking to run on any agenda they can conjure, the nanny country wouldn't be trying to protect the clueless by blaming the messenger.

No (and I know you're curious), I haven't enlisted the aid of Craig's List, but I've read its entries and one has to border on idiocy not to know what's up. Frankly, for me, long before the Craig's List fiasco, the posting of "sex offender" lists tipped me off not only to hijacking of the Internet by political thugs, but the true arrival of the very future Orwell warned us about.

On a related note, new research confirms that extensive computer and Internet usage seem to affect mental abilities such as concentration and memory recall, so those of us who once marveled over and applauded five-year-olds who effortlessly performed computer functions which made no sense to most adults may have simply encouraged poisoning of minds and brains throughout the land. Result: A nation of eternal children, great at computer games, but sucking at daily life, expecting instant rewards, and patience be damned.

We're all steamed these days, whatever our focus. Maybe we can agree on the need to reduce government size. My vote? The Drug Enforcement Agency has to go, and in turn let's get the borders protected to the max. Programs such as D.A.R.E. plainly aren't working as youth remain curious and influenced by peers. We must question why so many low-level drug users end up in prisons and the answer is usually political. There must be other ways. And while we're ridding the country of overblown forces, say goodbye to the Department of Education and let the states communicate with one another about learning and the options available. Big Bro government in this case needs to go. In the meantime, there's nothing like remaining, um, hopelessly optimistic, just as we do in expectation of UFO facts via government disclosure.