Monday, April 19, 2010

NumbersUSA Battles Illegal Immigration

Amnesty? Yet again? Don't you just go to pieces when talk of UFO aliens disintegrates into tangible scream-fests about illegal aliens coming over the border?

The USA is learning a hard lesson, no thanks to government officials and feckless and/or wily religious organizations which encourage all the wrong people to enter this country. What happened to the days when grateful masses and intelligent and innovative folks like scientists and engineers were given priority for immigration status? What do we have an assortment of now?
Well, hmm, let's take inventory: Dirt bags, members of potentially murderous cults and the religion of fleas, clueless nitwits or agenda-ridden low-lifes whose only talents include churning out babies faster than rat herds on aphrodisiacs and -- not to forget -- an uncomfortable wave of immigrants with no apparent desire to speak English or to become assimilated into U.S. culture. Further, curiously, many seem intent upon re-establishing all the bad things about their native existence here in the states, while simultaneously eschewing American culture and hating us in their own special way. But, oh, boo-hoo, many come here "in search of a better life," and if they need to break our laws and cost U.S. taxpayers and social systems dearly for their uninvited presence, well that's just too bad. The rest of us are expected to bow, curtsy and feign politeness, lest enemies within, both native and newly arrived, automatically accuse us of racism or xenophobia. Whatever happened to logic, warranted suspicion and common sense?

As illegally immigrating criminals, murderers, rapists and thugs aplenty continue invading United States borders to "do the work that Americans won't do," many of us feel helpless to do anything, particularly when an impressive number of our so-called national leaders in either major political party -- destined, we hope, for the old heave-ho on Election Day -- didn't lift a finger to solve the evolving chaos while it was still easily manageable. Of course, much of this occurs because some employers on this side of the border desire a continuation of cheap illegal labor, and these employers belong in prison, where they can no longer pay off alleged public representatives in campaign cash or tainted promises.

Similarly deplorable is the "anchor baby" problem, which various presidents and Congress could and should have sworn off years ago -- where pregnant illegal women strive to deliver their babies in this country so the kids can be awarded full citizenship and, in the future, use this single event as a key to bringing in tons of family members from other countries. On a similar note, did you realize that it's fashionable now for pregnant women from other countries to fly into the U.S. quite legally, arriving simply to drop their -- yes, say the words -- anchor babies?
We don't like to see illegal aliens from China arriving at our ports in shipping containers and we must be outraged at the growing criminal element dictating frenzied activities which now cross the southern border of the United States. In the meantime, as if our entire society has gone crazy, we endure illegal alien "focus groups" telling legal citizens that we're racists and unreasonable because we don't wish to welcome criminals and long-term squatters with cake and ice cream.

Mexico is the real focus currently -- Mexico, through whose portals criminals from other countries make their way to the U.S.. Mexico -- whose homegrown criminals harbor no more concern for their own country than for the U.S. Mexico -- a country churning in such turmoil that its own kind, humble and gifted residents wish an escape to the north.

I want my country to help Mexico achieve its potential. I want the United States to assist Mexico as much as possible so we can be great friends and partners in the best ways of the world. I want folks in the U.S. to stop craving street drugs which keep the Mexican cartels in business, happily terrorizing or paying off everybody in their path as they murder and disarticulate heads destined for fencepost ornamentation, in pursuit of drug kingpin status.
However, in the short term I want the borders protected to the max, and if that means calling upon the National Guard or going completely rad by stationing our brave military men and women on the border, then let it be. And for Pete's sake, I want my government to stop harassing and imprisoning its own border guards who accomplish their difficult jobs under thankless conditions. When I was in the Air Force a zillion years ago, a friend of Hispanic heritage fantasized about going to the border with heavy armaments and just shooting everybody attempting to sneak into the U.S. I know, that sounds terrible -- but considering current events, I guess he was a visionary of sorts.

We don't want everybody blown away at the border, yet many of us wish we could do something to make public representatives aware of our outrage. There is a place. . .NumbersUSA is that place, and you can find them at Yes, they appreciate and need donations, but they also provide a valuable service for free. If you sign up (for free), they regularly provide you with personalized online faxes, pre-written and addressed for your individual representatives, to let you take immediate action regarding all kinds of immigration issues. You can add or delete comments, add a P.S. and generally put together your feelings in a rational and effective manner. At the click of a button, NumbersUSA instantly sends faxes off to your specific congressional offices and, when called for, the White House. Frequent e-mailed news alerts will keep you informed and on top.

They do make a difference, have been in force for several years and maintain an enormous and growing list of participants. The immigration issue is explosive, but violence solves nothing, so let your thoughts and your neighbors' frustrations be put to good use via the free faxing services provided by the concerned folks at NumbersUSA. Congress must hear from all of us, and this is a super way to become involved with the clear voice of the masses who oppose illegal immigration and the clearly proven economic and societal costs we cannot afford.

BY THE WAY: From Russia with lies? Before everybody scratches the eyes out of the adoptive U.S. mother who returned a child to Russia recently, somebody needs to take a long, hard look at the Russian "adoption agency" involved. In a part of the world where tons of children are born with fetal alcohol syndrome and a host of other problems leading to sometimes dangerous mental disorders, can there be any doubts that Eastern adoption agencies might lie -- a little or a lot -- to rid themselves of childhood troubles? The Russians can protest all they want, but from the land known for distortions, Putin and the international health benefits of lunchtime polonium on demand, we should be very suspicious about promises made to the adoptive mother.
Remember Cuba's last "boat lift" to the USA, when Castro conveniently made sure to empty his prisons and mental wards in our direction? Same thing, and we remain no less gullible and stupid as we welcome a world without end. Anyway -- can't you folks be content with adopting kids from this country? Fast adoptions are like fast food. Patience, please, patience.