Friday, October 9, 2009

Ivan the Tangible

Imagine barely reaching your teen years in the seventies and taking full advantage of an opportunity to visit and indulge in a learning relationship with the famous naturist Ivan T. Sanderson, while acquiring some great photos and recorded audio as a bonus. That's what veteran technology editor and writer Richard Grigonis recalls in his Web tribute to Sanderson at

I've posted very little on this blog about the late Ivan T. Sanderson, whom I never met. Versatile in many areas of both education and experience, and a prolific writer, Sanderson also created the (defunct) Society for the Investigation of the Unexplained (SITU), of which I remained a member and writer for its journal, Pursuit, until the organization eventually fizzled out under the increasingly troubled care of the late Robert Warth years ago.

Although my exploration of Grigonis's tribute section has barely begun, it's instantly apparent that he sees Sanderson in his own unique way, and I encourage Sanderson's many admirers and researchers to visit "Zippy" (yes, Zippy) Grigonis's site and delve into multiple chapters (some 47,000 words to date, by his estimate) already posted about Ivan, a man whom some still view as a mystery. Mr. Grigonis hosts a continuing project, so be sure to consult his Web site regularly for more about Sanderson's life, work and encounters with a (thankfully) very curious young man in search of Ivan the human. (Sanderson photo via Richard Grigonis's Web site).