Thursday, July 30, 2009

Shuffling Off To Mars (Yawn)

Oh, go to Mars, see if I care. I mean, I do care, but before we spend a billion or two scooting off to the red planet with obviously superb technical know-how, would somebody with current high-level U.S. government authority puh-leeeeeeeze publicly acknowledge the science of UFOs? We UFO research folk aren't getting any younger, you know. In years past, an uncomfortable, yet predictable, number of NASA scientists and engineers (Alan Holt, for one) have spoken out or written books affirming their conviction that UFOs are a phenomenon in serious need of investigation. NASA and other government concerns cannot -- must not -- simply shirk off the statements of key space agency personnel by saying things such as, well, they have a right to their opinion but we disagree, etc., etc. Enough with the pompous nonsense already.

It seems that every few months a different country releases UFO files more than impressive enough to make us say wow, so, for the sake of all that's real, would somebody highly official in the USA please tell us the truth? Take a tiny fraction of all those millions of dollars we already can't spare and spend them on UFO research. Whatever our government knows about UFOs, I expect there's plenty more to learn.

Find out what's behind UFO existence and propulsion, and I'm thinking a manned trip to Mars and beyond could be a lot more interesting and different than currently anticipated. Maybe cheaper, too. Let's find out once and for all, because all the evidence indicates there's scientific gold in them thar UFOs.