Friday, June 26, 2009

Iran on Fire

To the young people of Iran, pursuing a courageous quest for freedom and fair elections:

Some time ago, I posted an official document on this blog concerning a famous Iranian UFO incident, and I would much prefer to confine my words today to the UFO issue. However, since my government has decided to tiptoe with maddening caution (at least publicly) around the situation as many of you fight and die to gain a modicum of something resembling freedom and self-intellect, maybe it's up to little people like me to say a few words in support of your valiant efforts.

Most of you are probably much too young to remember the days when the U.S. and Iran were actually on friendly terms, and during that time when the Shah of Iran ruled, many of your people were also dissatisfied with conditions in your country. Still, as I said, we in the U.S. got along with your government.

While undergoing U.S. Air Force medical training in the sixties, I attended classes and lab sessions with some gracious young Iranian women, visiting in the U.S. as foreign exchange students, and they were always very cordial and curious and so willing to learn about medical subjects. Later, I served at a pilot training base where many Iranian Air Force pilots learned to fly from the best flight teachers in the world -- American military pilots.

It's almost incomprehensible how the relationship between our two countries deteriorated so horribly, though I suppose the fingers of blame can be pointed in several directions. In any case, it has become obvious that you, the youth and future of Iran, want a voice in your country's destiny. Your current rulers certainly haven't demonstrated a concern for much beyond self-serving policies and prophecies. How could you not be upset? How could you not become enraged as you find yourselves denied all to which you feel entitled?

As a United States citizen, I wish you success and victory over those amongst you who are determined to hold you back. Always remember that the people who rule and hover over you with an iron fist today can be gone and -- their worst fear -- become irrelevant tomorrow if you stand together. This will sound awfully trite, but -- the world is watching. Good luck.