Thursday, April 9, 2009

Whale of a Tale in Walesville?

Was a UFO directly or indirectly responsible for the crash of an F-94 fighter jet in Walesville, NY in July of 1954 -- a crash resulting in the deaths of several people? Did the pilot and his radar observer bail out just prior to the ditching because a UFO somehow caused intense heat in the cockpit? Could another UFO have been present, but uninvolved with the main incident?

Maybe the details aren't quite what UFO literature has echoed and reaffirmed for the last 55 years, at least according to the evidence as outlined by researcher Kevin Randle. As a New York resident, I've often quoted the Walesville incident recorded in books by Donald Keyhoe and others in the past myself, but Randle's fresh look at the evidence and time line reminds us that one can never be too cautious, particularly when older cases are involved.

Still, Randle does encounter disagreement on his blog, as questions are raised by at least one reader. Whatever one's opinion, Kevin Randle's blog entry entitled, "Walesville UFO Jet Chase" is worth your time (see the link to his site in the margin).