Thursday, December 11, 2008

Where From Art Thou?

It's always a good idea to include a caveat about the identity and source of UFOs, UAOs, USOs or whatever one's personal designation.

When we use terms such as aliens, entities, occupants, extraterrestrial, outer space or any words alluding to the source of the mystery, it can cheapen us. Yet, all we have is words, so we really must use them carefully. It isn't easy. We possess boatloads of conjecture, but pathetically little knowledge of what constitutes the UFO and everything associated with its apparently multifaceted identity or identities.

When we ascribe our own opinions about UFOs to a hypothesis in search of substantiation, but claim we "know" the truth, the skeptics cringe and the debunkers howl in ecstasy. Yet, again, we're limited by the words available to us, and when it comes down to describing or attempting to delineate the remarkable aspects of the UFO phenomenon we often find ourselves obligated to the semantics available to us -- a paltry choice, actually. Honestly, I'm no less guilty myself when attempting to put words to or a face on the UFO.

As we count down to the end of 2008 and a world in economic shambles -- or just plain old shambles -- we all hope for a more secure and definable 2009. Well, don't count on that. But we in the USA will have a new government in power, so that's something -- as long as some of its members don't exemplify the soon-to-be ex-governor of Illinois and his cronies, and others who have absolutely no connection to the folks they supposedly represent.

Readers, I thank you for your support and e-mails over the past couple of years. I confess that pretty much all of the good stuff from my remaining files has been scanned and posted, so I hope you've read the earliest blog entries and worked forward. At this point, I only blog when I feel I've something to say. Why waste the readers' time with endless blah, blah, blah intended merely to inflate my own ego if my mind is a blank?

However, even when I'm not posting, you have at your fingertips some great links for access to the best information about UFOs. Considering all the nonsense out there, I'm gratified to have the opportunity to direct you to UFO evidence, not clown shows.

I really should update my blog (see link) on the 1956 movie, "U.F.O." That might be a project for spring. My Air Force blog (see link) is essentially completed and will remain online. That leaves the blog (see link) intended as a tribute to my deceased Pekingese, and I may take that down in 2009 -- though I was amazed at the interest shown by animal lovers who somehow discovered the page. In a world filled with hostility, cruelty and more humans than should ever have been born, it's always a comfort to find people who understand that we share this planet with other life. Good luck with that, by the way.

A new Congress is coming to Washington. Please take the opportunity to write your senators and House representatives to insist that Congress take a renewed look at the UFO mystery and consider a new scientific study. With the economy in chaos, I admit that the chances aren't high, but my feeling is that we have an opportunity to propel scientific knowledge beyond current thresholds, and if we ever needed to make that leap, the time is now. We also must insist that the U.S. government release all files and visuals concerning the subject.

If you celebrate Christmas, have a merry Christmas. If you're into the New Year's party thing, go bonkers. Make the most of your special moments, because next year at this time . . . who knows?