Friday, August 15, 2008

Redundancy on the Edge

In a grand attempt to rush information and visuals to my "U.F.O." movie blog (, I've finally caught up. While the last several entries concentrated on promotional material, I do want to remind new readers that a proper understanding of this 1956 motion picture's importance will best be appreciated by reading chronologically from the start -- and be sure to check out the links, particularly the oral interviews available at the Project 1947 site (Al Chop and Capt. Willis Sperry).

Unless something further turns up, I've included all the visuals in my small collection for now -- and, again, I hasten to add that a lot of rare photos were "lost on the mail" (not in my opinion, however) in the seventies when I sent an article to Saga Magazine's UFO Report.

With everything on display, my remaining option is to provide some analysis regarding changes in the script, from inception to production. The 1954 script underwent significant alterations by the time "U.F.O." reached theater screens in 1956, and as time permits I'll attempt to comment. In the meantime, I only hope that this small tribute to the movie and the former military and government people "who lived the story of the UFO" is worthwhile historically and of interest to the readers.