Monday, April 21, 2008

The Iranian UFO Incident

Previously, we've explored cases where UFOs apparently have the ability to interfere with -- and completely shut down -- our missile defense systems. Indeed, a former Air Force officer who was on duty when his base experienced this very event and subsequently wrote a book about it sent me a note (see entry for August 31, 2007) confirming that UFOs possess this incredible ability.

However, long before military officials encountered these highly troubling incidents the world's governments knew all too well that the enigmatic UFOs often affected aircraft instrumentation, and many a pilot and crew reported instant and total system failure during UFO incidents. Generally, once the strange objects either departed or aircraft chases were aborted, all systems returned to normal.

The official three-page document shown here is a photocopy from my old files and, obviously, was declassified. I don't recall who passed it along to me, but I do believe it's legit and probably available on other UFO-related sites as well. For those unfamiliar with this particular incident, this important case occurred over Iran (when, needless to say, a somewhat reasonable degree of sanity watched over government operations) in September of 1976. Read carefully through this amazing account, for these are evidently the same words officials in Washington, D.C. initially read over 30 years ago, faced not only with the startling admission that UFOs affected military aircraft instrumentation, but also with the incredible revelation that aircraft weapons systems seemed also to have been incapacitated by UFO activity.

Isn't it incredible, knowing that such fantastic incidents occur with some international regularity, how the giants of U.S. media and government simply let this stuff pass by, time after time, as if barely worthy of mention? No, it isn't incredible at all. We, the people, are not being served as the Constitution intended, and as long as we blissfully prefer to bask in lies, arcane political diversions, relentless TV and radio commercials and programs sired in hell, and fantasies of faith concocted by ancient storytellers who had nothing better to do than invent fictional garden tales intended to keep everybody securely frightened and disciplined under their dominant thumbs, we will continue to be the obedient sheep of politicians' dreams. And still, those damned weird things in the sky zip in and out of our unsettled lives, as if with purpose.