Thursday, March 6, 2008

The Chronillogicus

At some point, months ago, I began posting entries primarily in chronological order, or at least I progressed from year to year and attempted to place annual content in a meaningful, logical manner. Well, that doesn't quite describe it, but you know what I mean.

So here we are, almost a year after initiating this blog last April. You might recall that my primary intent was to pull miscellaneous documents from my old files and make them available online, for the historical significance of it all. Your e-mailed comments have been generally favorable and I thank you for your interest.

However, there is a problem with chronological entries: Beginnings always suffer an end. Choosing what I felt were the most intriguing contents of files extending back to the early sixties, I've now posted pretty much everything I hoped to feature from a chronological aspect. Unfortunately, there are nuggets I wanted to offer, but can't for various reasons. Some of my readers may be difficult to convince, but I do possess ethical standards (!) and these confounding impediments prevent me from pushing myself to the brink of condemnation or (more likely) lawsuits.

Nevertheless, this is NOT the blog's end. It's likely I'll find other items of interest for posting, it's just that they won't be in chronological order from now on, and posts may be infrequent. But, despite whatever is to come, my fond hope was to create something here that all readers can refer to for information, nostalgia and maybe even a little humor on occasion. Every UFO researcher entertains his or her impression of the phenomenon at hand and all the trappings in accompaniment, and this is simply mine in blogger format -- with important visuals for support.

In the meantime, as always, I refer you to the links carefully selected and listed on this page. When you aren't checking out the UFO sites, have a look at my other blogs, one concerning my four Air Force years (sorry that some visuals won't open over there; I try to repair that problem when and if I can) and the other with photos of my deceased Pekingese (one of many pets of all varieties and sizes who enhanced my life over the years). In addition, remember, I hope to introduce a new blog in the near future all about the 1956 documentary motion picture, "U.F.O." I'll be scanning personal letters from movie participants that you won't find anywhere else, and it's all free for the looking because this is my small contribution to the history of UFO research. Of course, I'll make the announcement right here, so if you do go away -- be sure not to stay away for too long. You might visit other UFO-related blogs to your heart's content, and good for you, but never forget that mine typically is. . . not your grandfather's UFO blog. -- Robert