Monday, February 4, 2008

APRO Begins to Crumble

By 1985 APRO's internal problems were no secret to the membership, and by the end of the year we realized that Jim and Coral Lorenzen's ill health exerted a substantial bearing on the organization's status. This letter (see), written by Coral, indicates the necessity to sell their house and seek smaller quarters. Further, she expresses anger at rumors flying about regarding APRO's demise -- some of them advanced via her presumed nemesis, "Old Motor Mouth" director of another major UFO organization.

Coral tries to end on an upbeat note about APRO's -- and the Lorenzens' -- future in the UFO arena, but her hints of futility (not to mention the uncharacteristic number of typos in the note) are obvious. The world's oldest UFO research organization, sired in 1952, was fading slowly, and a few months later its destiny became even more evident as the membership learned that Jim was gravely ill and Coral, in caring for her husband, was enduring tremendous, though inevitable stress.