Friday, August 17, 2007

The Good, The Bad and The Reported

My general policy is to contact web site personnel for permission before posting links to their pages, or to at least make them aware if I have. For whatever reasons, the gentlemen responsible for the links posted today did not respond to my requests, so I've taken the liberty of just adding them to the growing list in the margin. However, I'm always willing to delete a link promptly once notified by those who prefer their sites not appear.

The National UFO Reporting Center (NUFORC) plays a valuable role in giving UFO witnesses a place to report experiences. NUFORC is often the source contacted or referenced by law enforcement personnel when they receive UFO reports. Peter Davenport keeps us current with his updates on UFO activity, and it must not be forgotten that he was really the "first contact" for information regarding the now famous Chicago O'Hare Airport UFO of 2006 (an incident legitimized in a lengthy study conducted by the scientific organization NARCAP).

UFO Watchdog is a fun and informative place where you can visit the "Hall of Shame" and "Hall of Fame," regarding the best and worst of people claiming an affiliation with the UFO subject. The names you know and some you don't may well be found at this site, so if you've ever wondered about the cads and scoundrels vs. the honest and hard-working of UFO research, do not fail to pay a mandatory visit to Royce Myers' UFO Watchdog.