Monday, April 23, 2007

As Weird as it Gets - Part 2

Part 2

Serious UFO-related journalism has often been hard to come by via the conventional media, especially in the U.S., but recent events may encourage more credible reporting of the seemingly incredible

Robert Barrow

Currently, the authorities in this and other countries are forced to puzzle over the phenomenon of cattle mutilations. Researchers have reported on these downright bizarre manifestations since at least the sixties, and some western states are reporting them this year with some regularity. Earlier this year, Montana's Great Falls Tribune alerted its readers to a new round of mutilations. On July 31 The Las Vegas Weekly informed its readers that cases had increased and the National Institute for Discovery Science (NIDS), a private organization noted for in-depth investigations of mutilated cattle and other creatures, stated that reports had climbed to about a dozen, with input from Utah and other western states.

So, what's the big deal about dead and mutilated animals, anyway? Plenty, as it turns out, because the instances in question encompass far more than those mere words betray. Veteran investigators of the "real deal" mutilations generally discover animals that have died quickly and are slow to decompose as they remain watched - but untouched - by predators that would usually waste no time in consuming a carcass. Stranger yet, in the remote areas where cattle are often found, there are no tire tracks or human footprints nearby, and sometimes all the evidence indicates the animals were dropped from the sky, leaving depressions in the ground where they lie. In an uncomfortable number of cases, strange and silent bright lights are observed flying or hovering over pastureland the evening before the animals' discovery. Burned grass and scorched ground is sometimes found adjacent to the bodies.

However, the genuinely frightening kicker here is the condition of the mutilated cattle. Specific body parts such as eyes, ears, genitalia and jaw portions are not only missing, but apparently removed with surgical precision, and frequently with the surgical precision of something akin to a laser. It isn't uncommon to find rectums cored out cleanly and the occasional fetus is said to have been removed with skill. But particularly shocking is the generally reported total absence of blood in and around the carcasses. In recent cases where blood samples were available, lab tests indicate peculiar changes perpetrated by forces unknown on the animals' hemoglobin, and tests are ongoing to establish the process involved.

For several months, South American farmers and ranchers have experienced an ongoing siege of mutilations, especially in Argentina, where the tally of mysterious cattle deaths now exceeds 400 by some estimates. While Uruguay has seen an increase in recent weeks, Argentina by far holds the current record as the South American cattle mutation capitol. Thanks to U.S. researchers such as Scott Corrales, who translates reports from various S.A. newspapers and sends them on to English-speaking countries, it is clear that the mystery mutilators, whomever or whatever they are, show no prejudice in treating their kill exactly as they do in the U.S. and other nations.

Once the Argentine deaths began to multiply this year, the government quickly dispatched a scientific team to investigate and quiet the fears of ranchers who experienced not only the trauma of these bizarre killings, but also the terror of seeing strange lights in the sky prior to their grizzly discoveries.

Faster than you could say "experts," the Argentine government announced a solution to the mutilation onslaught: A particular variety of predatory rodent, the "red-muzzled mouse," was essentially attacking cattle that already died from natural causes and were tearing off body parts with seeming precision! However, even as veterinarians and other scientists who were well versed on the peculiarities of the mutilations were picking themselves up off the floor in disbelief, the absurd mouse explanation began to crumble to dust. The first clue to this idiocy arrived when locals realized the type of mouse in question wasn't even indigenous to the areas in question; further, the sheer numbers of mice necessary to produce the widespread carcass damage would be immense, and there was no evidence of rodent droppings that would certainly have accumulated at the scene of each mutilation. And, as noted previously, predators of all varieties simply wanted nothing to do with the typical mutilation.

The cases continue today and even police officers have reportedly encountered UFOs in cattle mutilation areas. In one instance, an officer's patrol car stalled and lost all power as a strange object flew slowly by. But farmers and ranchers have become infuriated and disgusted with the government explanations and some victims now refuse to report their mutilations officially. Police agencies are said to have stopped accepting reports since the official government mouse explanation hit the streets, and this has affected access of journalists to the latest incidents as well. As if the situation isn't tense enough, there have been reports of large water reservoirs emptied mysteriously overnight, and toward the end of June, 19 dead and dying cattle were alleged in a newspaper report to have been found piled together inside a reservoir, the animals placed there by means unknown. The integrity of the cattle owner was impeccable, and the acutely strange aspect is that the tank was an Australian version, with a conical top and sheet metal on the sides. Under the best of circumstances, determining how the cattle made their entry into such a structure is a mind-bender, though theories of even teleportation have been bandied about.

If all of this doesn't wax imponderable enough already, another report describes the seemingly well-witnessed arrival recently of, not a car full, but a large truck full of U.S. advisers of some sort, supposedly visiting Argentina to examine the mutilated cattle.

As mutilations and the enigmatic crop circles continue to appear in several countries, UFO reports also seem on the increase. India has been much in the news lately because of supposed attacks and deaths blamed on UFOs. Particularly in the western states, numerous after-dark sightings of huge, silent triangular objects occur. There is some well-founded speculation that at least some of these are secret military aircraft, perhaps incorporating high-tech lift and dirigible characteristics, used to transport who-knows-what under cover of darkness. But a disturbing number of other UFO reports, here and abroad, clearly have nothing to do with conventional aviation.