Monday, May 6, 2019

How Quickly Deflates the Inflatable Balloon

Just when destiny seemed to assign the U.S. Navy as a new fountain of public UFO information, factual and as untainted as a mountain spring, the old script kicked back in.  No-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o, hell no, sayeth the Navy:  We're going to make it easier and a tad more sociable for military personnel to report UFO encounters, but no way is this highly confidential information intended for public viewing.

If this is how things go, we'll say this much:  Navy public information officers will have a far better go of responding to public and press inquiries than the Air Force did during Project Blue Book.  That is, the USAF was charged with conjuring explanations for sightings reported to them, whereas the Navy need only insist their policy is to say nothing.  No need to make up phony explanations nobody will believe, anyway.  No doubt, the final word.  Unless the Freedom of Information Act does double duty.

For conspiracy theorists and folks merely interested in hard-earned UFO research history, looks as though that old devil word, "censorship" may be back to stay, even if its shadow apparently left the government stage for 15 minutes.

England's "Baby Sussex":  So, um, is this kid going to be raised as a boy, a girl, both, or maybe as an exotic animal?  I only ask that because Great Britain seems ever so wrapped up in people's choice of gender now.  Should he be raised as a girl and some hapless subject of the Queen refers to her as a "he," will there be extensive prison time, or perhaps a public execution by Guillotine?

Coincidentally this week, further warnings emerged regarding the price paid by other species due to human over-reproduction, and we're apparently destroying everything in our path, being that our path extends almost everywhere. We therefore advise Prince Harry and I-can't-spell-her-name-right-now to keep pants zipped up and undies secure in order to prevent yet another human birth planetary disaster.  As we often suggest on a planet uncomfortably infected with more and more of us:  Your babies aren't cute anymore, neither products of royalty or riffraff.

Food:  Why are there constant recalls of corporate chicken and other factory foods due to discoveries of metal, plastic, glass and rubber-like substances?  The accommodating media dutifully announces these massive recalls, but remains too aloof or warned off to explore where these foreign substances originate and how they end up in supposedly inspected food plants.

Venezuela struggles to be itself again:  This is the ultimate unseen socialist vision of Bernie Sanders and others on the left.  That socialism never, ever works and ends in poverty and mass murder doesn't matter a whit to people who defend socialism because somebody else just didn't do it the right way, and they intend to. . . make socialism great again.  And, again we ask -- where are Sean Penn, Danny Glover and other Hollywood geniuses who visited Venezuela in the past, hung out with former dictator Chavez and other thugs, and gave the world glowing comments about socialism?  Surely, the good people of Venezuela whose lives, wealth and families crumbled under brutal dictator rule would love to throw these celebrities a party and thank them profoundly.

Democrats attack Barr for one reason only:  As we await Inspector General Horowitz's report and others currently in the wind, almost guaranteed to put Democrats in a very bad light, the party has no option but to go on the attack against Attorney General Barr, charged with investigating the dirt and scum poised to come out publicly.  They hope to graven his official image into something without honor, minus any integrity at all, and in so doing they can attempt to dismiss his future efforts, a probe almost certain to uncover crimes and criminals on the left deserved of prison time.  We think the Democrats, having absolutely nothing to offer except Trump hatred as elections near, are shaking in their shoes.  Their infamous personal attacks (per Judge Kavanagh, for example) pretty much prove it.

Trump speaks with Putin on the phone and the press has kittens:  Really?  Were it not for Hillary and others infused with a Hate Trump/Hate Russia gene, relations may have been a little less cold between our two countries.  Chasing Russia into the arms of now best buddy China wasn't smart.

And speaking of China -- Imprisoning and mass-killing innocent Muslims in China isn't exactly a way of showing the world you aren't barbarians.  Unfortunately, technological progress (stolen from the United States) aside, President Xi and his brutally methodical government have little intention of living in the current century when human rights are concerned.  Perhaps this shouldn't be a surprise, since we already know how the Chinese treat animals and cook dogs Not to forget Tiananmen Square, where the Chinese government's version of "rock and roll" meant tanks rolling over bodies.

The Kentucky Derby:  Animals again.  Well, maybe the folks destined to make big money off a "sport" which has already seen too many horses die at race tracks in the last year could just race their own kids or other relatives.  Oh, but how many times do we hear, "But the horses love it!?"  I'm not up on my horse whispering lately, and it's been decades since my family had horses, but I think, if you could ask some horses, they might say just let us live, keep our beautiful legs intact and eat grass.

Doctor drops baby:  Yes, we saw the delivery room video showing a doctor, having just delivered twins, accidentally dropping one, catching it before it spiraled floor-ward.  Oh yes, the lawsuit was born right along with the twins, we have no doubt.  But know that these things happen.  Slippery, squirming babies, particularly when there is more than one, can be unpredictable.  So yes, lawyers will sue and get fat, and again potential OB-GYN physicians will say, I'm not doing this, the risk is too high -- and thereby lies the reason who so many doctors choose NOT to deliver babies anymore.  Good luck ladies: Call the midwife, the mid-husband, the monkey or the robot you'll need to perform deliveries in the future.

Fascist Book:  Facebook, Twitter and YouTube -- and they are not alone -- increasingly are not your friends.  I swore years ago never to be on Facebook, and now that the blatant censorship of conservative or "different" content has become a regular occurrence, I'm glad I stayed away.  Suggestion:  Conservatives with mega-bucks need to start their own social media sites, available freely to all and welcoming of all views.  And for integrity's sake, make sure the site appeals to all the young people badly in need of an education reflecting the good things about America.  They surely aren't getting it in school, where young minds are almost hopelessly sandblasted with leftist crap every day of the week.

Here's a dumb idea:  Just leave the Internet alone, the way it was.  If users aren't informed enough by now to avoid the pitfalls, whose fault is that?  And if parents can't monitor their kids' use of the Web, whose fault is that?

Amazon's Deplorable Censorship: Catching up on older articles, we were astounded to learn from Breitbart on April 8 that Amazon is literally and consciously removing books by right-wing writers from its store.  As the dominant bookseller responsible for almost 50 percent of hard copy and 83% of e-book purchases, Amazon's move is said to be a result of pressure from leftist journalists and activists. 

As well, a March 20 report by Breitbart, and there are similar stories from various sources, points out the scary relationship between banks and the left, influencing immense corporate decisions not in the public interest.  Gun purchases, for instance, became disallowed by certain credit cards, and a growing "shadow banking" system may have a dramatic influence upon the ability of the individual or businesses to make otherwise legal purchases in the future.  One more liberty revised according to the power brokers.