Thursday, May 30, 2019

5G -- Eat it and Like it (You Don't Matter)

BREAKING BROKEN NEWS:  Impeach Trump! Mueller speaks!  Impeach Trump!  No Russian collusion!  Impeach Trump!  Impeach!  Impeach!  Impeach!

The United States has become a nation of lawyers, not necessarily laws.  Trump, of course, is not an attorney.  Some folks can't deal with "not our kind."  And some folks will never, ever get over the fact that the pre-packaged Democrat candidate Hillary Clinton did not become and never will become President of the Open Borders of the United States of America.  Thank God (whether you believe in a deity or not).

I believe President Trump's "crime" is the realization on the part of both corrupt political parties that he's almost as unconventional a President as one can imagine.  Unlike Obama, who sat by passively and let our global enemies build and hone aggressive forces dangerous to the whole world, Trump is willing to take on nations such as China, truly the intellectual property  vampire and weaponized threat at the top of the list.

"Draining the swamp" in Washington must be an immensely difficult chore for the Trump administration when the swamp actively responds by organizing a gaggle of leftists intent upon draining the energy of a sitting President who rarely caters to elitist puppet strings.

evertheless, should Pelosi, Nadler, the other usual Democrat suspects and a smattering of Republicans wish to advance an impeachment agenda -- the only campaign issue the left has to run on, by the way, as they've effectively cashed in their chips for endless Trump investigations and a litany of potential presidential candidates wound up to express insane ideas and a conspicuous rush to embrace communism's little sister, socialism -- we say go ahead and have fun.  Considering the faces behind any such move, Trump's re-election should be a piece of cake in 2020.

Now, on to the original reason for today's blog entry. . .

Telecommunications executives and technological magnates throughout the world of The Next Big Thing must be absolutely thrilled as 5G networks are destined for expansion, first in big cities and then in areas of lesser populations.

5G.  Five gee. 5G sounds like some new breakfast cereal, doesn't it?

Yes, we're familiar with reports blaming the Russians for spreading misleading "research" about 5G energy all over the Internet, supposedly (according to some) because of Russkies' jealousy over the exceptional quality of American 5G.  Then again, there do appear to be legitimate concerns out there.  I'm not a scientist, so I can't expertly address 5G issues.

However, to throw in my two cents of knowledge -- In Air Force hospitals during the Vietnam Era, we (enlisted) physical therapy specialists (at that time, the Air Force only trained about 30 of us at most annually for this critical field) conducted many patient treatments with various forms of energy, including but not limited to ultrasound, electrical stimulation, ultraviolet, infrared, shortwave diathermy and -- get ready for it -- microwave diathermy.  Yes, microwaves, the same thing making your MW oven a cooking success, and in medical terms the generation of therapeutic heat deep in the body's tissues via the action of high-frequency electromagnetic waves.

To be dramatic, some form of microwave energy has often been thought a likely culprit in automobile or human UFO encounters where various electromagnetic (EM) effects such as burns, vegetation damage and at least temporary automobile electrical system and engine failures are reported.

Microwaves can be either devastating to one's environment or important in healing the human body.   Microwaves also remain a primary suspect in brain injuries apparently suffered by U.S. State Dept. personnel in foreign countries recently, though I continue to wonder about ultrasound or infrasound frequencies as another possibility. 

But no matter how you cut it, energy is key in contemporary society, and it slithers through our lives in many forms.

A major component of MW energy, and a reason why microwaves are currently the darling of the telecommunications industry, is its nature to go absolutely wireless, and in fact medical practitioners who implement microwave treatments must take care to know locations of and be cautious around patients' metallic implants so that MW radiation doesn't cause overheating and internal damage.  Decades ago, and I doubt much has changed, just as a matter of caution therapists were instructed to avoid subjecting the eyes or men's testicles to this energy source.  Care must also be exercised when wet areas are involved.

Indeed, another concern was the inability of some patients to "feel" heat produced by MW therapy because deep-heating occurred where surface nerve pathways could not detect radiated warmth.

We who used microwave diathermy routinely discovered that it wasn't uncommon for patients to ask whether the treatments were working, because they couldn't feel anything.  Our standard response was to keep nearby a small fluorescent bulb, and once we placed the bulb near the device it would glow intensely, thereby proving to suspicious or fearful patients that invisible electromagnetic energy was very much in evidence.

Several years after departing the Air Force, I was surprised one night while watching a 1970s TV movie entitled, "Ohms," where the title character (portrayed by the late actor Ralph Waite), attempting desperately to convince town folk of the dangers inherent in high-tension power lines, lifted a common fluorescent bulb over his head and the bulb beamed as if plugged into a wall socket.

Such concerns are not fiction, for in my conversation with a power company official months ago I was informed that power corporations strongly advise land developers against building too closely to high-tension lines because of potential dangers spawned by invisible waves of energy.  Unfortunately, for some large developers and town boards, the lure of money far surpasses the logic in avoiding possible health hazards.

And where does this take us with the introduction of 5G all across the country? 

I don't know.  Does anybody, really?

But I do wonder, despite studies apparently embracing 5G, how much is enough?  Yes, the small (?) microwave transmitters planned for attachment to power pole after power pole will produce MW radiation going, supposedly, short distances, and that's why so many are needed as the next and the next take up the slack to allow even and reliable performance of 5G.

However, in a world already rife with microwaves plunging through our bodies from all directions and from giant towers perched all over the country, will 5G not increase the radiation flow exponentially?  Will you, your kids, human reproduction, the family dog and cat, birds, bats and insects be influenced negatively in the long run as we strive to test the limits of microwave energy?

The authorities, whomever they constitute anymore, tell us that 5G is extremely important to the future and function of artificial intelligence.  So, we must "guinea pig" ourselves to please, essentially, an AI which will, sooner than later, dominate every aspect of our lives, while concurrently the masters of public relations and ad campaigns falsely goad us into believing that we will actually have more control over our lives?

How's that AI thing working out in China, where every citizen is now watched 24/7 with facial recognition and various daily life monitors?

What of a continuously self-generating preponderance of electromagnetic waves blasting about in all directions from an unavoidable network of evenly spaced transmitters and other sources of EM radiation?  In the long run, will fears and concerns be unjustified in a brave new world from which there literally is no escape?  We, the test dummies whose opinions matter nothing to people consumed by "the science is in" corporate dogma, may ultimately be the first to know, one way or another.

Tornadoes everywhere:  The devastation is immense, though the number of tornadoes this year so far does not surpass all-time records.  A major problem which, as usual, remains un-addressed by the media, can be summarized in one word: Development.  As human sprawl continues to invade more areas, making human targets and homes increasingly plentiful, how can tornadoes and other natural disasters avoid communities of destructive opportunity?  Numbers tempt chaos, always numbers.  Cold air colliding with Gulf Stream heat in a parked air pattern is the most vicious of weather events here.

The Mt. Everest lemmings scramble:  Sorry, but I have too many other things to cry over.  If you wish to be a damned fool and exercise your manhood or womanhood in a manner flirtatious with death as a human cattle drive moves ever upward, that's your business, but somebody who expires while "doing what he wanted to do" in these mountain instances doesn't extract a single tear from me.  And the Everest follies hardly deserve intensive media coverage, when the press really should be on the U.S. Southern border every day, reporting about the continuing invasion threatening to take down the nation as we know it.

Traditional Democrat outrage continues:  Democrats never had a problem trashing U.S. officials on the Republican side overseas, so the energized circus on the left emerging because Trump agreed with North Korea's Kim about Biden having a low IQ is a non-story.  How should Trump and the Republicans respond to Biden's reported outrage as elections near?  With four words:  Hunter Biden, Ukraine, China.

The Supreme Court visits America's restrooms:  School students in Pennsylvania may continue to use bathrooms according to the gender they choose.  We say, this is just wrong.  Can't everybody just drink less and hold it until they get back home after classes?  And no pooping during school hours, either.

UFOs:  The issue has made a tremendous and almost revered comeback in the media, and government officials no longer seem keen on dismissing the phenomenon in public.  Does this mean TV presentations will trend toward the serious side, bypassing opportunities for cheap laughs and bad research?