Thursday, March 14, 2019

Make Islamophobia Great Again?

Regarding these two new Muslim members of Congress, I'm inclined to say I'll eat my (falafel-encrusted) hat if things aren't a tad suspicious here.  From anti-Jewish remarks, to accusations that one married her brother and called him her husband in order to gain entrance to the USA, to allegations that at least one actively works or worked to help fund Hamas and/or other terrorist organizations -- what's a person to think?  I'm not looking to C.A.I.R. for answers, though a U.S. government investigation of that agency's activities on a daily basis always seems like a really good thing.  Being curious, however, I do wonder just what connections these honorable ladies may or may not have with the Muslim Brotherhood, long and wisely banned in Egypt as a terrorist organization.  At any rate, when the left talks about diversity and all-inclusiveness, does that mean Jew-hating is just one more show-me-the-love aspect?  Glenn Beck's staff in particular has done a disturbingly credible job in establishing possible connections with the Muslim Brotherhood which should keep the FBI busy night and day, in our opinion.  Caveat:  We reference Islam itself as the problem, not Muslims living peaceable lives. 

We also note that Glenn Beck's program offering up some REAL disturbing information about Rep. Omar and congressional Muslim influence was deleted from YouTube, apparently in keeping with their policy, encouraged by the left, of keeping most subject matter touted by conservatives off the Web.  The left excels historically at deleting, obfuscating, ignoring or hanging up on the truth, and this has increasingly been demonstrated in all areas of the heavily censored social network, and this obvious intent must stop if  Internet speech is to remain "free."

Hollywood celebs and other Big Libs hustle the best education and flimflam executors money can buy:  Oh, NOW I understand the definition of white privilege.  All this time, I thought W.P. meant me, growing up middle class, rewarded with a draft notice during Vietnam and then treated like (bleep!) by a corrupt government institution later on.  Hmm!  So white privilege is mostly big-monied Democrats and associated human critters with the wherewithall to avoid the rules and sneak their, possibly, low IQ kids/dolts into the best universities, thereby perhaps stealing classroom seats that might have otherwise gone to, oh, I don't know -- military veterans who accomplished far more than pampered rich kids ever might?  And are these unscrupulous wealthy family kids destined to run government and lord over us like any tinhorn leftist, even though fraudulently enrolled and educated?  Any Republicans in this arrested mix? 

There's nothing wrong with being filthy rich if you've come by it honestly, so that's not the point here, but when one can use wealth to override all intentions for a fair system questions must be raised.  In this case, hypocrisy among at least the left evidently ran rampant.

Funny how phony athletic activities were used to pull off this scam.  It's just one more indication that sports should never have played such a crucial role in the function of ANY institution of higher learning.  If colleges and universities are more concerned with recruiting the knuckle-dragging species into their classrooms than students dedicated totally to learning something -- and many of them seemingly demonstrate this desire on a daily basis -- then standards went amiss long ago.

As far as the Hollywood actor and actress bunch goes -- why in the hell would anybody take their rant about equality and equal education rights for all seriously?, What qualifies most of them to use their public prominence to advise us about any subject that doesn't have them reading from a fictional script or performing like trained monkeys before the cameras?

Phonies, frauds, glamorized glitter-turds.  Remember this college incident next time you plan to spring big bucks for a movie ticket or tune to a new TV show populated by such folks.

Congratulations to Tucker Carlson of Fox for an eloquent response to lefties whose only apparent goal in life is to dig up what people said in the distant past and try to burn their reputations with it years later.  The fact that his old comments came from the program,"Bubba the Love Sponge," where one should anticipate flippant or "offensive" talk makes the new "breaking news" revelation absurd.  Media Matters is nobody's friend, except for the deluded left.

Wow, young Nicholas Sandmann and his family may accrue some serious millions of dollars once a mega-lawsuit against CNN, the Washington Post and other sources of misinformation regarding the MAGA-hat wearing Catholic school boys and Sandmann in particular gets underway.  In this instance, the news folk did not perform their jobs, but then why would they when they could conjure up something that wasn't there and make the innocent Sandmann look guilty of something?  You already know this story.

Have a great time in New York, Paul Manafort:  Manhattan justice is about as corrupt as yourself, no doubt, but rather than looking upon you as a colleague they are instead looking to crucify you both for your crimes and because -- as usual -- Hillary didn't win the crown and you have no Russian collusion to offer.  Also, NY City and its borderline-communist bunch hates Trump, so your NY skyscraper horizon isn't looking too good.

Ewwwwww -- sex abuse legal action commercials are all over TV.  Lawyers have a new reason to exist and lawsuits will fill the courts as the attorney class grows fat and wealthy while seeking "justice."  Strange how justice often melts into money.