Thursday, November 8, 2018

Yippie! Now We Can Return to Normal!

Post-election blues?  Don't fret -- we can do it all over again in two years.

In a way, I'm glad the Democrat mob (oh, sorry, did I say mob?) won the House.  It will give them something to do and, while they will wield some power again, they won't be foaming at the mouth over super abilities beyond those of mortal men and women.  In fact, by the time Trump finishes repairing the Supreme Court and various judicial positions around the nation, we believe a lot of the nonsense they whip up for many years ahead will be eclipsed by logic and sanity.

Speaking of the Supreme Court, based upon today's unfortunate fall by its eldest member, the political left better hope that medical science can quickly invent and transplant three bionic ribs.

Not even the mysterious space object dubbed "Oumuamua" cared to stick around for election results, having skipped out of our solar system weeks ago.  Two Harvard scientists subsequently published a paper suggesting in the most casual of terms that the object's unusual acceleration and departure after it passed our sun might classify it as a space probe of sorts, that an intelligence from somewhere unknown may be involved.  Oh oh.  To everybody's regret, Oumuamua isn't coming back, so there will be no follow-up questions or answers -- then again, should it actually be an alien space probe, how do scientists know it won't return during a time of its own choosing?