Monday, November 5, 2018

Compassion's Toxic Dumping Ground

That many young people in the United States have never been alive during or never needed to participate in a major war is both good and bad.  Avoiding war and thus allowing one to choose his or her own destiny from cradle to grave, free of interruption or potentially disastrous complications, would be the dream of a majority.

The unfortunate downside of being removed from conflict, however, seems to grace us with "snowflakes," youth so terrified even of points of view opposite their own that they break into a panic and demand violators of thought be banned, fined or imprisoned.  It's amazing how we've reached a stage where freedom of speech is just fine until one attempts to exercise its benefits (hell-o-o-o-o Megyn Kelly and a long list. . .).

Currently unfolding way south of the U.S. border is an event which should, at least in the America I remember, enrage every American.  Regrettably, too many among us are too young to realize, care about or contemplate the sheer numbers coming our way.  A disturbing segment of society apparently believes the dismissive left, countering that contrary to the impression that invaders are in transit, these are just poor, oppressed people searching for a better life, asylum seekers and nothing more

To an extent, a large extent no doubt, that's true.  Yet, first of all, asylum seekers are required to accept asylum with the first country they reach -- and that's Mexico, not the U.S.  But Mexico isn't good enough, so most continue their trek north, anticipating good ol' American compassion. The same compassion which we now know via new figures that allowed many millions of illegal immigrants in during recent decades, thanks in no small way to the late alcoholic and, it seems, negligently homicidal Sen. Ted Kennedy.

Meandering one's way to a country and smashing through Mexican fences whilst holding high and defiantly the flag of your homeland (Honduras for one) doesn't exactly offer a greeting of peace, either.

Americans raised in relative safety, literally feeling or expressing absolutely no stake whatsoever for the great life the country offers so many without sacrifice, have either consciously or in error accepted leftist dogma, actually believing that open borders are the best option because we somehow owe a giant, unyielding welcome to the world's wretched masses.  How does one convey to such tragically misguided folk the true result of open arms, the suicide of a nation?  They surely won't hear logic from Hollywood or from drugged-out rock stars whose brains can't handle anything logical once the song is sung or the TV or motion picture role played.

Everything comes down to numbers.  First, a few thousand arrive, and if successful in conquering the border, they will start to arrive by the hundreds of thousands and then by millions, because once the country allows what can't be called anything but an invasion, crap hole nations all over the planet will send the worst of their worst here.  Goodbye America.

We should concentrate on bringing in talented people as a priority, period.  The prospect of unending millions MORE entering the U.S. is simply unfathomable, and right now the best thing true Americans in Congress can do is to quickly pass immigration legislation favorable, for a change, to the U.S. citizens and taxpayers stuck with blindly funding the well-established invasions by criminal aliens who reward us with poverty, disease, crime and an attitude that badly needs a little law-and-order style correction.

Immediately ridding us of the absurd "anchor baby" (birthright tourism goes hand-in-hand with this) guarantee could be accomplished in a day or two.  Why has this economically devastating clown show never been defeated in Congress?

A border war is coming and we hope those helping fund and advance this trauma circus get what they deserve in the end, at least by way of lawsuits.  Used to be, traitors enjoyed a bullet to the head, if not a good old-fashioned hanging, but that's probably too much to hope for in this march of new world order migrants to our Southern border.