Wednesday, January 5, 2022

Death by Plastic?

Before addressing today's title, I need to congratulate Democrats for taking full advantage of the January 6 riot.  While only a moron would believe the "bipartisan" investigation isn't 100 percent about "getting" President Trump and denying him a political future, these folks drive ahead at full speed, bringing back favorite interrogators such as Rep. Schiff, whose role in the first Trump impeachment was to hold up a thoroughly discounted Russia-Trump relationship as factual, promising to produce, among other things, a "whistle blower" who never materialized.

So, as the left continues its eternal witch hunt against anybody who is not they, we're delighted to note a stark contrast:  While Democrats demand barriers protecting them from constituents visiting D.C. now and in the future, they remain perfectly content to continue allowing mayhem and murders on the (primarily Democrat-run) streets of America.

Then again, what more would you expect when favored Democrat Sen. "Vietnam Dick" Blumenthal has more important matters at hand, such as attending a meeting of communists a few days ago?

Give and Take:  The government encourages with an almost iron fist your participation in a body-invading mystery immune reaction, and its minions scare you into a corner with consequences if you don't similarly violate your children with needles which transmit "alien" messages into the human body.  Government officials give you experimentation and then take away your power, day by day.

Maybe you aren't into plastic, but plastic is in you:  We wake up every day to media sources scaring us about one thing or another, but new research regarding plastic fragments is important.  If you found it alarming to learn that the oceans and smaller water bodies are polluted by plastic waste, science has been tracking how plastic affects us.  Microscopic and larger fragments have been found in the human stomach, and some researchers worry that the tiniest of pieces find their way anywhere the bloodstream takes them.  Stomachs are already being ripped by tiny irregular, cutting fragments, and whether there is a link to various cancers is the question.

Based upon this research, I will dive further into Crazytown and suggest that plastic in our bodies could conceivably interfere with the body's inner electrical system, and even scientists in new studies appear to concede that plastics may affect the heart muscle (speaking of an electrical system!).

Obviously, plastic is everywhere, and anybody who thought its remnants would affect only fish and other aquatic creatures -- but not that steak you enjoyed at the restaurant last week -- is deluded.  Every critter eats plastic now and when we eat that critter the "plastic food chain" goes on.

We don't yet know the full effects plastic may have on living beings, but we are familiar with recent discoveries of organisms that eat plastic, thus returning it to its basic petroleum-based components, while other studies suggest plastic can be transformed into something absolutely harmless.

Trouble is, considering the millions (billions?) of tons of plastic influencing every part of our lives, including bottled drinks and the wrappings and containers in which our food is stored, we humans and animals could all be dead before the risks and benefits of plastic control can be understood and optimal solutions implemented.  Who knows the future?