Monday, February 26, 2024

Biden ('s Border Policies) Murders Another American

The What:  Illegal alien from Venezuela who has parked his ass in the United States for years.  Caught and released in NY a while back after a crime.  Allegedly engaged in a "crime of opportunity" when he raped and murdered a young nursing student in Georgia.  Apparently has a brother in possession of a phony green card in the U.S.

You know my views on illegal immigration and the borders (south AND north), so I won't rant today.  Biden and his Democrat gang are directly responsible for every American killed due to their obvious lapse in law enforcement, and that doesn't even begin to account for avoidable military tragedies.

The gang must be thrilled to learn that Democrat mega-donor George Soros is about to become a major stockholder in the nation's second largest broadcast corporation.  That leaves iHeart Radio to carry programs telling the American people the truth, because we surely aren't destined to get it from those on the left who wish only to have power over us.  The fascism thing, you see.  If Democrats win in November, we're pretty much there. Toast.

Does anybody elected to represent us give a damn anymore?  And just how many globalists does Biden work for?  It's easy to say that, because foreign nationals quite obviously have a bearing on the workings of our government.  "Green" lies, for instance.  Green lies for which we will all pay out of our pockets big time.  Get ready to freeze to death or starve as well.

Biden could have kept building Trump's wall.  He could have ended illegal immigration the first day in Office, but he did not.  Instead, he says "that's all I could do" as they still come by the millions, and we are expected to pay for their luxury housing and shut up.  Same with Covid immunizations, which we now know can be dangerous as hell to the human body (it's the science, stupid).

So Biden and co. currently do what candidates for office notoriously do:  They are handing out goodies, including college loan "forgiveness" which other people must pay for.

I have no problem condemning Republicans, whose party borders on near idiocy, save for the support of conservatives with brains.  But the Democrats have just sunk into a sewer pit beyond imagination, and the nation-killing concept of DEI can only hasten the scourge.  If we don't soon wake up from WOKE the America we know will be lost.

Artificial intelligence will help, of course, programmed by leftists with no wish to maintain America history accurately.  If Google's Gemini AI can't even manage to produce white people with white faces, it's pretty obvious the game being played, and it isn't called history.

Wouldn't it be nice if George Soros would cease trying to influence elections and contributing to decidedly anti-law and order attorneys general in office throughout the United States?

Tuesday, February 20, 2024

Putin's Other Outer Space Surprise?

Russia's homicidal bully-in-chief had some pretty good days last week.  Putin's military made a significant advance in Ukraine, and then he surely celebrated over the more than obvious murder of imprisoned political opponent Alexei Navalny.  One doesn't usually drop dead at 47 years of age.  From most reports of past years, Navalny might have turned Russia into a nation of certain freedoms, obliterating Putin's terror and lessening communism's tight grip on Russia's people.  But once again the old KGB's king of polonium dinner cuisine, get-away vacations culminating in fatal leaps out of windows and murders of convenience has had his way and Navalny is dead.  Natural causes, no doubt, as those do tend to take center stage after years of mapped out torture methods -- be they ever so slight or seemingly innocuous to the casual observer.

Nevertheless, if these nasty gems of death sparkled in Putin's eyes, he must have gone into spasms of delight last week whence came an announcement and confirmation from the US government that Russia's calculating master of terror  was "working on" a nuclear device which could be launched high above the Earth with the ability to destroy our satellites. That clearly would mean loss of military control, coordination details for a multitude of functions on the planet, and satellite TV would be history.

But not to worry, promise our upper echelon spokespersons -- the damned thing is only in the planning stages.

Well, maybe, yet -- oh hey, wait:  Didn't China already put some weird-ass satellite into orbit recently that appears to have an ability to turn and move about freely per instructions from home base?  Isn't there already a concern that this darling little gizmo may possess tools destined to destroy things in space (or somewhere else) not to China's liking?  Anyway, back to. . .

So there's V. Putin, likely happy as a fart in a closed room, amused and emboldened with the thought that whispers of his possible intention to put a nuke in space -- despite international treaties (who needs 'em anymore?) -- are currently scaring Americans enough to divert them away from their smart phones for at least 30 seconds.

But wait.  There's more.

Should Putin's presumed nuke weapon ever be launched and actually used in space, taking out numerous "friendly" satellites and throwing the U.S. and other countries into chaos, what about the OTHER effect that I've not heard one person mention?

What about one or more EMP effects resulting from nuke-based explosions, ripples of digital chip-killing energy instantly blasted toward Earth?  Science has warned us frequently that even one small nuclear explosion high in the atmosphere could have devastating effects below as everything -- everything -- reliant upon a chip would be ruined.  There wouldn't even be local parts for a repair because the parts sources would also be finished.  Electromagnetic pulsation energy does not discriminate when encountering unshielded digital equipment.

Recently, I wrote a government official residing in an area where a brand new digital chip factory is being built and I posed the question, if an EMP from the sun or even a nuclear device far overhead destroyed every chip in the expansive structure and campus, would there be enough space to house hundreds of horses and buggies, because that will be our "new" form of transportation?  Of course, I'm still awaiting an answer which will never come.

Yet, my somewhat tongue-in-cheek question looks all the more legitimate since last week, and if Putin or another player gets their way I am not optimistic that all the action will merely take place in space.  There's a big planet below, and the portions containing the U.S. and its allies are certainly vulnerable.

Maybe Putin's weapon would be something of a lesser kinetic energy device, sparing the planet's digital infrastructure from nuclear disaster -- or perhaps it's something else entirely.  We may already rest assured that the U.S. government isn't telling us everything. Maybe we're being mislead in directions we don't even know.

"Space Force," I hope you are as your title designates.

Warning:  Entrepreneurs and businesses, stay the hell out of NY!  If New York's collaboration among rotten prosecutors, judges and a governor whose mental abilities seem impaired by too many sips of progressive tea doesn't get defeated by common sense and truth soon, New York is done.  Political climber Letitia James, possibly compromised judge Engoron and joke of the day (any day) governor Kathy Hochul, if in charge in the great state New York once was long ago, would be laughed out of roles of prominence.  What these folks have done to Donald Trump is worthy of inclusion (they like inclusion, right?) in the pages of a fascist's textbook.  These people are the human political dung beetles whose idea of justice is whatever serves them and their political parties.  This variety of so-called leadership is going to tell us who we can and cannot vote for?  And they will do it by running a candidate out of money and possibly into prison?  Smells a little Putin-esque, yes?  What country is this?  New York voters bad better wake up -- but experience in the past dictates that millions of uninformed, welfare-lovin' residents and other Democrat-enslaved pod people populating the southern districts of NY will likely continue to prop up these bastards.  In New York, every Election Day is Groundhog Day, and in this corrupt state the groundhog is bribed to confirm the absence of an obvious shadow.

Trump's millions of dollars?  Isn't this also a case in several states of  progressive legislators and prosecutors performing re-distribution of wealth, or falling in with their unending unconstitutional dream of "reparations?"  Why does the term, "RICO Act" keep flashing across my mind?

You want fascism?  Continue letting the current DOJ and radical Democrat plans and operatives play out.  Of course, should one just want that little ol' communism thingie, the communist playbook from the fifties listed point by point all the steps required for that -- and we are almost there.  Communism, fascism, or capitalism?  Choose, while you still can.

Killing Heroes in Minnesota:  Two police officers and a paramedic are dead because a piece of human trash made a fatal decision -- probably premeditated. Maybe he wasn't crazy, or maybe just crazy enough.  As much as I hate a lot about technology as it wraps itself around our lives, I really look forward to the day when something other than "first" responders' bodies are introduced to take these cowardly monsters out before anybody gets hurt.  While it's fashionable currently to blame bad people's actions on mental illness (thereby conveniently providing jobs for mental health practitioners), there is no cure like a kill-you-now cure, guaranteed to solve one's dangerous mental illness proclivities once and for all.  I know I sound rash, but I prefer my police officers and medical personnel to stay alive, and if that eventually requires letting "domestic violence" situations play themselves out until chalk lines and police photos are introduced, maybe that's where we are for now.

Trump on NATO:  Well, pay up and staff up, NATO allies.  Isn't that fair?  By the way, leftists notoriously have no sense of humor, so it's hardly a revelation that media tongue-waggers don't "get" his dark humor.

A belated Happy Valentine's Day to a young couple of sex maniacs in Georgia named Fani and Nathan.  You know, it's like Fani and Nathan, sittin' in a tree, k-i-s-s-i-n-g?  And more.  Show us the money.  Now, now, let's not be "judgey."

NBC-TV's Labrea:  There is a God!  Thankfully, this incredible piece of televised crap has met its demise.  I guess it showed promise in the first episode, but everything after that was like every other example of bad televised sci-fi to ever grace the airwaves.  But not to worry -- commercial TV, while it still exists, will soon whip up another futuristic CGI loser intended only to keep you watching as the commercials roll by in increasing quantities.  May I suggest a TV series entitled, Burisma, where a politically-connected family involved with the natural gas industry in a fictional country mysteriously accumulates millions of dollars every week, as if by magic?

Ladies:  Your Botox and/or stretching facelifts are not looking so good for some of you as you age.  We won't name names, but some faces have become all lips, while others remind me of an old movie title, I think it was "The Screaming Skull."  

Covid immunizations:  This week, major news sources are reporting even more research demonstrating that Covid and the shots can create very serious neurological, heart and blood problems.  If you aren't staying in touch with articles in (see link), you're missing a regular display of seemingly long-term Covid immunization horror stories.  Next time a public health problem breaks out, be cautious of government directives.  Would they lie?  You bet.  They already did and the facts are available at last.

Meanwhile, I'm watching some medical doctors squirm in interviews as they attempt to distance themselves from the jabs they themselves recommended despite the evidence way back.  Months ago in this blog we mentioned instances of funeral directors who began discovering lengthy, rubbery clots in the arteries of deceased people who were diagnosed with Covid, and even then the possible implications of spike proteins became the focus of attention.  Regarding the "vaccine," the initial thought was that spike proteins would be eliminated from the body -- but instead they generated more spike proteins which traveled throughout the body (even to the brain) and hid in multiple organ systems.  As we now know, a great deal of negative data already known by the drug manufacturers and the government was kept out of public view. Hello, lying social media.  Hello, Biden gang censors.  Oh yes, by all means vote for more of this on Election Day.

On a similar note, the Biden administration continues striving to control news on the Internet and elsewhere. The lawsuits are out there.  AI will help, trust that.  We won't even get started on what journalism schools are turning out, except to say if you aren't a woke Democrat progressive graduate these days, you're apparently no journalist.  Ditto on law school grads encouraged to lean so far left that they wouldn't straighten up in a fierce windstorm.

The U.S. military services. . .do not need trannies any more than they need DEI bullshit.  Gays are fine, but the trannies endure too many mental problems and an abundance of suicides.  Have fun on the streets Mr. Lady, but I don't want to be "protected" by a brain with a potential for compromise on the turn of a two-headed, transformed gender dime.  The enemy won't put up with you, either.  Sad but true.

Monday, February 12, 2024

Things That Should Just Go Away

Spring house cleaning is still several weeks away for those of you eager to rid your home of dust bunnies, but there's no harm in making a list of other things requiring an exit from our lives.  Such as?

Black History Month:  If inquiring minds don't know something of black history by now, they never will.  With the Internet at arm's length and information galore freely available in most communities, the idea of BHM has become redundant and clunky.  Other races of people may well wonder, where are their own months of historical remembrance?  I've heard black people also concerned about BHM's ongoing space on the calendar, so this white guy isn't speaking out because I have a secret KKK membership or something.  Nevertheless, there are those among us who will condemn me for even entertaining this thought.  That pesky First Amendment, you know?  If those who teach want to get it right, I hope they mention that the U.S. also had plenty of black slave owners who were themselves black and, while there is no excuse for slavery, the truth is that other countries were far more "into" slavery than America.  The miracle of slavery, besides its termination, is how the Democrats went on to twist history and blame Republicans for all the bad things that happened back then.  That Democrats, original champions of the KKK and Jim Crow, as well as opponents of civil rights legislation for black people, managed to make Republicans the villains despite their efforts FOR black rights is worthy of an Academy Award for best lies and manipulation.

Devastation in Green:  And we don't mean Kryptonite, Superman.  Right now, across the planet, members of the criminal elite and well-intended, hiding in plain green sight, are banning common and traditional forms of energy, not to mention fertilizers necessary in order to grow food and sustain life.  Recent polls alone indicate their disregard for human life.  As a result, farmers and others faced with a dire future are rising up, but our feckless media refuse to cover the truth.  I don't care about their credentials, their activism or their disturbing agendas, but I do remain concerned about the "climate change" lies that first erupted from the University of East Anglia years ago, followed by other instances of outright lies and fudging from various universities and "studies."  The planet will do what the planet will do, but fully prepared to take advantage of public fears are governments, corporations and individuals interested in grabbing our power and wealth, making us always subservient to their social pressures, unwarranted regulations and constitutional interference.  When those in whom we trust betray us so thoroughly and so dangerously, putting our lives in jeopardy, what are we to do?  What action does one take when government representatives are no longer responsive to their constituents?  What options remain when law schools are merely turning out leftist clones every year, with outright hostility toward students on the right?

The Perils of Plastic:  Years of research into plastic and its effects on the environment are well-established, but the latest findings suggesting that just one little ol' 16 oz. water bottle contains hundreds of thousands of plastic pieces -- micro-plastics -- certainly tips the disturbing scale.  As if the medications we take and excrete into the ecosystem where animals and insects re-absorb them aren't bad enough, tiny pieces of plastic known to travel through arteries and into organs add to the horror.  As we suggested in the past, we wonder whether such microscopic particles can build up enough to interfere with the body's electrical activity, and there is now an additional thought that these non-degradable particles might block cells from obtaining proper nutrition, thus driving bodily systems into utter chaos -- and eventual disease patterns.  Will bottling and food corporations return to those thrilling days of using glass, smashing and adding significantly to shipping weight along the way?  That's probably a no.

Singing Pharmaceutical Commercials:  Why aren't they vocalizing a tune when the narrator reaches the part about how the drug described has a potential side-effect of death?  Other countries have the right idea of banning all pharmaceutical commercials, and while I condemn censorship in general it seems like common sense to let physicians, not patients glued to TV screens, choose the right drugs, should drugs be needed.  Additionally, when I think of Covid immunization lies, Fauci and needless school and community shutdowns, the pharma industry isn't looking too good right now anyway.

Go away, Biden, Obama hold-overs and every deviously incompetent member of the current administration:  To hell with those sympathizing with Biden's mental status.  Truth is, this old bastard has made one wrong decision after another.  If it wasn't withdrawing from Afghanistan and leaving billions of dollars of equipment and runway space behind, it was the senseless instant cancellation of over 90 Executive Orders Donald Trump had initiated to keep the border safe -- successfully.  The country is now awash in crime, drugs, assaults, daylight robberies, murders and rapes-in-waiting, and even as we attempt, hopefully, to get millions of illegal immigrants -- I call them "fib-igrants" because they lied to get in -- out of here, problems and taxpayer expenses are destined to build among this unwanted population for years to come.  Anybody voting for four more years of this Marxist-style hell on Earth in November truly has no clue about the invasion danger and leftist-organized chaos we face.

A Biden decision that WON'T go away will hit us shortly, and that is higher energy rates because of his tantrum over Texas daring to protect itself at the border and consequently cutting off exports of 20 percent of liquid natural gas.  This is an outrage among many energy shocks perpetrated by the Biden gang.

Hamas must become a dinosaur skeleton:  Go, Israel, go.

United Nations:  Kick these thieves and tyrants out of my country, they're smelling up the place.  Maybe it's the poop in their beards.

Us:  Why are we not extinct?  I briefly checked into the Super Bowel show and its halftime entertainment, and instantly wondered why the universe just doesn't say the hell with this and we all just disappear in a flash.  Devolution and lower IQ scores around the world may well be our future, so curb that positive attitude and join the crowd.  Doing so may be inevitable.

Monday, February 5, 2024

A Typical Day in the Life of President Joseph R. Treasonette

7:00 a.m.
  White House medical personnel enter the President's bedroom to wake him after first holding a mirror under his nose to make sure he is still alive and breathing.  During this daily morning exercise his wife, who once used her given first name but now insists on being addressed as Doctor First Lady (DFL), steps aside as the team performs a gentle wake-up maneuver (not to be confused with a WOKE procedure, which might necessarily refer to a gender change).  DFL is not a medical doctor, yet does little to make this fact known when stepping out in public to attend political affairs.

7:30 a.m.  Following toilet and shower activities the President is reminded numerous times to put on his pants, and once this chore is accomplished the rest of his clothes are applied.

7:45 a.m.  The President and his wife have breakfast together, generally an uneventful occasion aside from DFL's need to cut his toast into animal figures before he will touch a morsel of anything on the plate.  Donald Trump is on his mind.

8:00 a.m.  The presidential couple take a brief walk outside on the White House grounds, far from gawking observers kept behind a barrier and fence.  Several Secret Service agents walk nearby, but their abilities to protect the President remain in question because the current family German Shepherd, Ol' Woodrow, has bitten every agent's testicles off, leaving them pretty much neutral, if not merely neutered.  Neither the President nor the Democrat Party seem to mind anywhere near as much as the Secret Service detail.

8:30 a.m.  President Treasonette attends his daily meeting with green activists intent upon draining America of all traditional energy sources as soon as possible to avoid planetary calamity, public scam awareness and crucial loss of donations to the Democrat Party.  The primary focus this week is to make Texas and Florida suffer, as neither is emasculated enough to allow a sufficient Federal power grab.  He wishes he could paint Donald Trump green.  A major point of concern is not only how to make Americans become used to less viable and vastly more expensive energy options, but how to make them embrace the concept joyfully and feel patriotic about the changes.

9:00 a.m.  Nap time, following brief phone conversation with Chinese communists interested in buying property in Texas and Florida. 

9:30 a.m.  Mirror breath-check again, get him dressed, be sure President is wearing pants.

10:00 a.m.  Meeting with DEI representatives of government, universities and corporations to discuss ways of blaming white people for the nation's problems, and striving to make sure that qualifications of the best and brightest have no place in hiring in America.  The President and his administration believe the desire for excellence in the workplace is racist and must be curbed at any cost -- a fact reflected among his own hand-picked White House staff, which are not the definition of the brightest bulbs in the closet.  He wonders why he couldn't have a smart staff like Trump had.

10:30 a.m.  Members of the World Economic Forum and United Nations meet with President Treasonette to exert an extreme global influence on America, hoping to continue making the Constitution, Bill of Rights and Declaration of Independence merely relics of the past.  The President wonders whether he actually has original copies of these stored in boxes next to his garaged car in Delaware.  He envies Trump for storing his documents in the house, where rats couldn't chew them.

11:00 a.m.  Lunch and nap time.

1:00 p.m.  Mirror breath check, repeat as before, watch that he puts his pants on.

1:45 p.m.  Meeting with economic advisors to determine whether ESG can be called something else because the people have caught on to its implications.  He wonders what Trump would do.

2:45 p.m.  Award ceremony for illegal immigrants who attacked police officers in NY City, appreciation for their efforts in combating police brutality.  Afterwards, the President consults with staff briefly to see if arrangements can be made for immigration judges who process illegal immigrants under new legislation will nevertheless allow almost everybody to remain in the country forever (including relatives still in foreign countries).  Democrats' desire to allow "anchor babies" full citizenship status must also be protected under Executive Order.

3:15 p.m.  Attend presentation condemning Israel for daring to protect its people with weapons.

3:30 p.m.  TV camera opportunity to blame the National Rifle Association for everything involving guns, knives, crazy people and auto accidents.  The most corrupt among Democrat senators will fill the room to point accusatory fingers.  They will also blame Trump for not doing things they actually did wrong, as usual.

4:00 p.m.  President meets with unhappy parents whose children's unfortunate encounters with social media did not end well.  President will issue an unconstitutional Executive Order to shut down the entire Internet because that is easier than encouraging parents to keep track of their children's activities instead of blaming the Web.  He will wonder if Trump controls his own children's access to the Internet.

4:30 p.m.  End of working day, followed by dinner, a little TV, a quick reading of pages from "Rules for Radicals" and then it's off to sleep for the night.  When dreaming, he generally dreams of Trump and little else.

Wednesday, January 31, 2024

President Joe Treason - Warmonger or Fishmonger?

I am currently bereft of titles to adequately cover this fool and his nation-wrecking clown administration, so I thought this one might do.  I wonder how many more billions of dollars he, like Obama, can find for Iran before more American military personnel receive death at the hands of these religious fanatic loonies?  One tires of Iran's Ayatollah Douche Bag & Co. and one can only hope somebody pulls their ratty beards off soon and returns them to the goat butts desperately missing their warmth.  Oh, and not to forget, Iran's nuke facilities need to be blasted into oblivion, as per the usual international schedule.

President Lyin' Joe said this week that he has done everything he can about the border.  What a lying liar.  Three years ago he could have closed off the border, and if he didn't like Trump's fence he could simply have followed established law.  This tyrant has no problem signing executive order after executive order with no constitutional backing, but the one thing he can do to make a real and immediate difference he won't do.  Why would he?  The obvious plan is to remake the country in somebody else's image.  The enemy truly lives within, with a lot of help from outsiders.

Mayorkas Impeachment:  Waste of time, Republicans, but I guess the process will make a statement.  The border invasion-complicit Democrats are already shooting this down.  Of course they are.  Again, may I suggest, not impeachment, but treason as the order of the day?  That one goes a little higher, to lying Joe.

The Establishment, propped up by both Democrats and Republicans, continues to swim comfortably in The Swamp.  They fear Trump and will attempt his political and apparently financial destruction no matter what.  Should he have another go at the Presidency, wonders may yet be worked -- to make America great again.  To those for whom MAGA is a dirty word, we wonder if they really prefer its current White House replacement?  Sadly, there are people working hard to make sure the illusion of Donald Trump as a dictator becomes commonplace among the complicit media.  Beware.

The United Nations has again shown itself for what it is, a gaggle of gangs and thugs, and now its tentacles seem to have been involved with the Israel invasion.  When will we have the guts to kick this anti-liberty, anti-American fortress of a'holes out of our country and stop paying for it to hate us?  

About this E. (I think the E stands for Elitist) Jerkhoff Carroll thing: If I were old, apparently on the verge of either cunning, crazy or criminal, and claimed I was defamed because a rich man who went on to become U.S. President -- who may never have actually touched me -- did something to me, and I could get a NY jury to award me more than 83 million dollars, would I take the plunge?  If I threw my Democrat self on the mercy of a Democrat NY court as a victim who actually subjected MYSELF to the public's scrutiny, already known publicly as a columnist and literary slop-maker who nobody outside of NY City ever heard of, would I deserve everything in excess awarded to me?  If I "defamed" myself by blabbing to wet dream reporters, how would that look?

If the name were Lewis Carroll, maybe so -- at least he contributed literature the world embraced and loved.  Yes, Virginia, there are "whack jobs" out there, and they are nasty, greedy, verbose, emotionally fucked up and ready to pounce at any opportunity.  Unfortunately, the NY judiciary system seems too soaked in leftist dogma to see straight between cocktail parties with fellow travelers.  This is what you get, again and again.  Avoid New York at all costs, because costs you will incur sooner or later.  Meantime, we hope Trump's appeal sinks this entire ship, since he wasn't even allowed to introduce evidence or testify on his behalf with same.

Fear and Loathing in the Newspaper and Magazine Business:  Well, here we are again.  The LA Times, Sports Illustrated and all the others expected to be safe and warm for decades to come.  Not so.  Fortunes change, but publishers and editors also need to be cognizant of the elephant in the room which is young, has poor reading skills, and couldn't care less about the information before him, her or it unless it shines with the glitter of the Internet.  And they often don't have the slightest idea about the point of the newspaper or magazine story begging their attention.  Add drugs, stupidity and the tendency of publications to appeal to one political party and the recipe for disaster is complete.  That's a -30- for sure.

President Treason hates Texas and Florida:  Cutting off 20 percent of LNG exports to other countries will harm TX and FL economies, and don't think this yet-unindicted criminal didn't know that.

Return to the military draft:  We can't leave this one alone.  Right now there is, nevertheless muted, talk of war in Congress. At the same time, military recruitment is still down dramatically.  The Armed Forces, especially the Navy, are hungry for new recruits, and those men and women are not going to magically appear in a cabbage patch.  To be honest, polls demonstrate that most young folk feel no need to join the military, and patriotism is something left over from the Bronze Age.  The very best among possible recruits also look poorly upon transgender and Woke nonsense.  Kindly old Grandpa Joe Treason will come for the kids if the time is right.

Anchors Away:  The one thing Congress could do before anything is to outlaw anchor babies, the kids made instant citizens simply because they are born in the USA.  Ramaswamy had this idiocy all figured out and believed it illegal according to law, despite what many think.  We will see.

By the way, the weak cog in the immigration fight is the immigration attorney.  How can we know the number who will "approve" most of their clients to remain in the USA? This field of law absolutely must be crawling with leftists sympathetic to anything that shows up at the border.  We need to watch this bunch carefully.  Meantime, let's hire lots of I.C.E. agents and turn them loose.

Remember the Stockpile:  We still wonder why the Federal Government bought up so much ammunition for numerous agencies, including the IRS, and for other agencies which would seemingly have no use for as much as one bullet.  Aside from the military, plain old government offices may be the largest ammunition depots in the country.  And again we ask -- why?

They'll like Byrna, Too!  The "Byrna launcher" defensive weapon which shoots tear gas and other substances to ward off bad guys is quite popular on ads currently.  What they don't mention is the obvious fact that the bad guys will also be purchasing the device to use on YOU during acts of criminality.  Because "it's legal in all 50 states," and not considered a firearm or dangerous weapon, crooks are going to take to this thing like flies to honey.  Nice try, though!