Wednesday, February 24, 2021

A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the "Insurrection"

Oh, how bat-poop crazed and afraid the Democrats and certain members of the Republican Party must be of Trump. They can't banish him to a deserted island (yet), nor imprison him in a dungeon -- unless the rottenest attorneys in the leftist sewer can manage an action.

So, as Senator Charles Schumer imparts a harrowing tale of narrowly escaping the wrath of Capitol invaders, and Rep. Ocasio-Cortez takes her turn before the media to cry about, about. . . whatever the heck she was referencing, and ol' devil Pelosi herself demands an investigation of good ol' boys (she was probably particularly energized by the thought that the guy who sat in her office chair may have farted in it), one wonders:  Have any distinguished members of Congress taken the time to wonder why we have come to be here at this place in American history?  Could it be that these ladies and gentlemen, dreadfully wrong as they were to overrun and occupy the Capitol building, are a collective coal mine's canary?

An uprising, yes, but to call their efforts an insurrection gives the movement too much credit.  These folks were upset, irrationally so, and they surely demonstrated their anger to an extent many of them probably never intended. When individuality gives way to a mob scene bad things tend to happen.  Yet -- like creatures who react strangely just prior to a tsunami, did these folks have a premonition of the trouble which lies just ahead?

Were they rightly annoyed because few in Washington listen to constituents anymore, electing instead to honor cash-stuffed lobbyists?  At least in the past one could write a member of Congress and receive a letter in the mail that somebody would actually have to type on a sheet of paper -- and now an office secretary just pushes a computer button and sends the same reply out to a thousand people, each believing his or hers is unique because the response is addressed to them personally.

Wha's up?  Teenage suicides are rising, Joe Biden can't think beyond the Obama years and pre-packaged leftist crap, and he apparently believes China is some kind of victim.  Maybe I would also be sympathetic to those commies had I enriched myself and my family over the years via alleged Chinese business relationships.  The laptop won't lie, will it?

All of that aside, congressional and complicit mainstream media focus remains glued in a Trump-ward direction, hoping surely for social justice or something similarly unreasonable.  We ask, if Donald Trump bears responsibility for the Capitol break-in, does the dog that instructed "Son of Sam" serial killer David Berkowitz to murder also deserve impeachment or prison time?

The mob did not require a pep talk from Trump to invade the Capitol.  Every mind follows its own path and on that note we declare that there must be people out there who become enraged and dangerous at the mere sight of a salad dressing jar.

As for those, what, 11,780 extra votes Trump was looking for -- why WOULDN'T he ask, considering how bummed out he was over the election's fairness?

Which, for no reason whatsoever, returns me to House speaker Nancy Pelosi, whose true vindictive colors emerged a few days ago when she administered the oath to returning (second time elected) NY congressional Rep. Claudia Tenney. Tenney, a single mother and conservative, wanted her Marine son, a Naval Academy grad, to be present as the oath was administered.  Instead, Pelosi forbade his presence anywhere in the chamber.  Hmm.  Is this not the woman who took or perhaps still takes military flights around the country and treats military flight personnel as personal servants?  Oh, the luxuries that come with being among the Elitists of Congress.  Forget white supremacy, it's so much better to join the elite crop!

Carefully regarding Pelosi and other members of the untrusting or military-hating congressional class, and knowing myself how I would feel about this state of affairs as a former serviceman myself, I'm not sure exactly what action I could take to protect these folks in situations where a military presence is required.  I mean, I guess I might get around to it after I finish lunch or a nap, but circumstances might dictate that I take my time.  These fools have no idea what damage they do when they dismiss, bad-mouth and condemn essential U.S. military members -- of course, they've had plenty of practice by attacking law enforcement officers who simply try to do their jobs.

Rush Limbaugh dies:  If rapidly disappearing newspapers around the country had enjoyed an affiliation with a Rush Limbaugh type over the decades, they might have enjoyed the survival rate similar to AM radio stations, for Limbaugh is the reason AM radio didn't go away, as it has in other countries. If one enjoys talk radio, to include sports talk, thank Rush Limbaugh.

How sad it was to watch just one of the unenlightened ladies of ABC-TV's magnetic moron attraction, The View condemn Limbaugh as a racist, while his long-time -- black -- producer James Golden literally broke down while telling Hannity and others what a great, shy, unassuming and charitable man his boss was.  Anybody who spent some serious hours actually listening to Limbaugh would have known the man was unique and exemplified American values for everybody.  His use of satirical thought, however, may have been too much for leftists who actually have no sense of humor when they become the targets of well-deserved Limbaugh barbs (as you may have noticed, just as network news shows exclude Things Everybody Needs To Know About Domestic Marxist Government Takeovers, late-night TV talk shows on major networks exist primarily to lampoon the right and pure non-political humor is scarce).

Since my teen years, radio fascinated me and I'm old enough to remember hearing sci-fi radio plays in the early fifties.  When I first encountered Limbaugh in the eighties as I drove to work I really disliked his show, simply because at that time I was buying all the poop Democrats shoveled out through various media.  Over time, however, I realized his wit and facts were inescapable and my thinking did an abrupt turn. Of particular interest, Limbaugh wasn't a stuffy, bloated graduate of some pompous university.  Indeed, here was as close to a self-made man as we ever encountered. Though an Independent politically, I lean heavily to the right -- and with the new and returning occupants dirtying up the White House and Congress, I'm grateful to be where I am. Simply put, Limbaugh was all about personal freedom for all Americans.  Unfortunately, the current, obviously floundering administration does not appear to entertain that all-encompassing view.

The Green Lie:  As international oligarchs and lunatics press forward with forced green living for all, we hasten to mention vicious coast to coast U.S. snowstorms which have left wind turbines silent and frozen solid in place and solar energy panels encrusted in snow.  That the Biden cult and accompanying Obama bunch would shut off domestic free and clean energy long before anything can replace its benefits and necessities shows them to be exactly what rational minds feared.

Fascists at work:  Our bonkers and dangerous friends on the far left seem to have a goal of relieving college libraries of literature not worthy of their approval.  Mark Twain, you don't stand a chance.

Late-night radio talk show broadcaster Clyde Lewis has long been pretty hot on the trail of what seem overly brutal winters in the U.S.  No, his target is not climate change or global warming -- he asserts instead that Chinese and Russian efforts at the North Pole to melt ice, ease travel routes and gain access to valuable ocean minerals and oil by causing immense electrical effects on the ionosphere are the real culprit for anomalous winter weather.
Are you listening, Greta?

Plenty of loony ideas are floating through the education system now that those whose attempts fail miserably and consistently are in charge.  As the Declaration of Independence, Constitution and Bill of Rights are being twisted to fit one's desired agenda, it is worth mentioning that equality and equity are nowhere the same.  As long as leftists rule the roost, racism will be heartily endorsed. Yes, THAT racism.

A NY Times writer has offered up the proposal that a reality czar be appointed to check the truthfulness of Trump and Fox News.  Government pay, government truth?

Bill Gates, please, take your money and go away. Go lecture to China, India, Russia, Iran, North Korea and other not so green players -- and just what the heck do you plan to do when volcanoes blow and pollute the earth several times over what you THINK you can control?  Beware of people with lots of money who think they own a right to control every aspect of your life -- particularly the future version.

Monday, February 8, 2021

On Electing to Transfuse the Nation with a Gangrene Drip


WHEN A GROUP openly intends to force-feed a radical political agenda upon a population already seething with doubt about fairness, it kinda looks like you might get a radical response.  And so. . .

CHAOS AT THE CAPITOL:  Stolen election?  I don't know, but considering our infatuation with computers engineered and driven by all manner of contacts it wouldn't be surprising.  If the election was not messed with to a commanding degree, it's more likely that the Biden/Obama (!) bunch won purely through media and Internet source lies and censorship.

Thanks, teachers' unions and universities, for allowing young minds to grow into leftist zombies incapable of rational thought as adults, because honest and caring teachers and professors are effectively muzzled from imparting the truth about this nation.  The left is mentally dangerous enough, yet. . .

A mob of fools with vacuous thoughts seemingly fostered in some gritty saloon-like environment emerged among thousands of peaceful Trump patriots and protestors, destroying in minutes a policeman's life and a little piece of America's great accomplishments.  Yes, prosecute one and all.

This national outrage, unfortunately, might cause us to forget what hell is coming forth in the next four years. Other than the complicit, rabble-rousing mainstream media whose role in this event does not define innocence, nobody should expect a white horse rushing to the rescue ridden by Democrats.  If Democrats cared about justice, a good share of them would already be serving long prison terms.  With a sprinkling of Republicans, certainly.

When Donald Trump warned, "If you don't fight like hell, you're not going to have a country anymore." he was absolutely right.  When our friends perpetually seething on the left insisted those words were a "dog whistle" for violence at the Capitol, they were obviously wrong.  Those who rushed the Capitol building with violent intentions, we now know, had planned this event long before Trump spoke those words.

When wretched House speaker Nancy Pelosi warns of "the enemy within" we immediately harken back to conservative writer and talk show host Michael Savage, who has used those very words for years to identify people in government's high places.  Hmm.

This time, we are chained together with a cascade of executive orders.  This is "unity."  The score:  Trump with seven or so executive orders and Biden with 40 and growing.  Where is Congress?  Where are tons of lawsuits by Republicans to fight every stupid, dangerous order Biden coughs up?  How many executive orders this time around are actually the often court-denied "reparations" demanded by people who were not slaves?

So at last the worst of Democrats will attempt to turn psychic images of screwing around with the Second Amendment into reality, as the First already appears to be taking on water.  Who shall now be deemed "domestic terrorists"  in this war of ideology?  Any patriotic American?

Notice a daily diet among leftist pod people that Trump supporters should undergo "deprogramming?"  I believe we already have one politically popular deprogramming plan.  It's popularly known as diversity classes.

Anybody wonder why guarantees of the First Amendment are, um, first?  Because without that one, all the rest go away.

Question:  How many stupid and/or uninformed Americans are even aware that lords of the Internet, credit card associates, broadcast networks and others have been and are in full-speed-ahead league with the left to squash guaranteed rights in deceptive ways we could hardly have imagined just months ago?

How comical for NY govern-not Andrew Cuomo to send 1,000 National Guard troops to D.C. as an immediate response, when Cuomo himself appears clearly responsible for Covid-19 orders leading to the deaths of thousands in New York nursing homes and should be answering to a higher authority himself.  Now that his administration's alleged lies about nursing home deaths have come to light, New York's thug and liar-in-chief should face criminal charges.

Is anybody in government listening to us, at any level?  Did the worthless Republicans do us any favors when they caved on an electoral investigation just hours after the attack on the Capitol building?

But, oh, how the left-complicit press focused with microscopic clarity on the Trump crowds.  Did anybody among the mainstream media's TV crowd care a whit about leftists tearing down statues and destroying American history (good and bad) last year?  Did they heartily condemn illiterate thugs burning down cities and being held up as heroes, as race monsters blamed, harmed and murdered cops through their own evil transactions?  Even Medusa Harris herself appeared to approve of street violence, per her own comments and promoting jail bail for perpetrators.

Was the pressure on, once fans simply wishing to watch TV sports were constantly confronted by BLM messages or somebody taking a knee?  Topping all of this off is an often unresponsive Congress and a lying and censoring major media and Internet opinion-suppression empire.

When attention is at last focused like a laser upon social network managers, let us (1) not regulate them via government or (2) allow them to help draft regulations, because they will tip the scales in their favor no matter what.  How about just allowing communicative freedom?  Wow, what a concept for America.

The heartbreaker, for those caring enough to have listened to conservative talk radio the past few months, is the consistent stream of phone calls from legal immigrants who fled the hell of their own countries to now find the same steps to authoritarianism rising in the USA.

Yes, a small but significant gang of naughty people did terrible things to the nation's property and image.  On the other hand, um, you Democrats do know you just voted for a substantial Marxist government ideology to take over your country, right?  To keep your kids stupid and unquestioning with the same inferior education in force since LBJ?  To nanny us from cradle to grave?  To rid government institutions of all references to specific genders so that we all eventually become hive dwellers rather than individuals?  You proud folk on the left did read the Democrat platform, point by point, did you not?  We expect not.

How many Democrat voters realize they voted to pour tons of money into United Nations-approved green energy? How many understand that energy prices on essential fossil fuels and experimental green alternatives will raise taxes high into a yet unknown stratosphere?  How many know they gave the okay for Biden and co. to flood the country with illegal aliens from all manner of countries?  A vote for this bunch was a vote for self-torture leading from the wallet to the home.

From coast to coast American tempers are bursting at the seams.  Piles of evidence and affidavits peculiarly suggestive of a digitally-puppeteered presidential election gone rogue, gone so wrong, mattered not a whit to the Supreme Court, whose very Chief Justice allegedly cared more about preventing violence and destruction among human street trash than in doing his job for honest, hard-working people.  Anyway, the streets did get a lot quieter after the Democrats and their Marxist buddies won, didn't they?  At least in the short term they did.  Just wait until summer.

Strange, too, how the Nazis in ABC-TV's annual showing of "The Sound of Music" were suggestive of nothing more or less than members of Antifa.

Tragically, it is still way too early for dense folks to comprehend that the country surrendered its best opportunity in decades, Trump, free and clear of international manipulators.  Indeed, despite real or imagined quirks, a non-politician helped sew the nation back together through monumental legislation signed by his pen.  The leftist, rat-bastard media and evil social network censors successfully hid his accomplishments or lied about them daily to an inquisitive public blissfully unfamiliar with the workings of Marxist truth suppressors.

Now, leftist authoritarians proclaim that the incredibly successful policies of Donald Trump and the man himself must be deleted forever, never to return.  In fact, we suggest there is plenty to chew on regarding the more significant idea that mega-monied people and groups desirous of having "it all" (total power over us all) are the major and generally unseen threat.

May Trump's accomplishments and love for America echo forever throughout the land as thugs and revealed communists attempt a destruction of the nation so many fought and died to build.  Who knows?  Maybe another member of the Trump family will emerge to win and trounce the left -- if we ever have fair elections again.  Personally, we don't cater to the possibility of a dozen new political parties if each will merely be a different flavor of Democrat.

Still, masses shun the imprisonment of face masks after dueling international studies demonstrate that the cumbersome authoritarian-prescribed devices may be virtually useless against a tiny enemy which had no trouble catapulting over the safest of materials.  But Big Bro' warned that masks must stay on, and so the people continue to fear and obey the staunchly autocratic virus into which their own government has morphed overnight.  For your protection.  One virus in battle against another.

Despite an intangible chaos, hordes continue to line up dutifully to become the recipients of vaccines that probably should have been tested for another year or two before being unleashed upon the unknowing.  But urgency can cause a strange madness, particularly when a constantly changing virus predictably refuses to submit easily and experts have little but so-called expert opinion up their sleeves.

Many who took the opportunity to entertain second thoughts about new company or government policies demanding that employees and staff be injected might have wondered:  If forced sodomy is illegal throughout the United States, how can corporate or governing entities force the injection of mixed substances, newly contrived, partially tested, future effects unknown, into the human body?

Meanwhile, the virus is off to corners here and there, cheerfully mutating into forms which may require more and different Frankenstein vaccines produced faster and faster.

So desperate were some among the media-hyped public to be first among the needle-immunized herd that few regarded with much interest the pop-up of Bell's Palsy (facial paralysis) here or some other polyneuropathic syndrome there because authorities assured one and all they were doing the right thing.  Yes, vaccines can be quite the hero, but they need time to be properly tested.  On the street level injectables can seem great to addicts, but on the individual micro-cellular level, well. . .

How wonderful, the new era of fancy "intelligent" vaccines.  What are we not being told of their components and effects?  What happens long-term with these new immunizations, different from and alien to the old, with these more equipped to "train" one's auto-immune system?  Again and again, those in charge of something impress upon us the dogma that "experts" are in charge and all is well.  Reminds me of an old article I wrote for Pursuit in the seventies entitled, "S(l)aved by the Experts."  Suits, ties, a nice haircut and diplomas from the finest schools don't necessarily do much, aside from prettying up blemished fruit on the tree of knowledge.

Voices began to emerge from several parts of the country, asking what happened to the flu this season, as it seemed almost invisible.  Simple to explain, said the experts:  People wearing masks helped deter influenza dramatically.  Oh, asked the public?  If mask wearers are combating the flu, why is there a substantial rise in the number of Covid-19 cases?

Just as corporate and government entities could be poised to mandate vaccine immunizations for private citizens with this strange brew, may we suggest that attorneys no longer consumed by enormous dollar signs whilst chasing Boy Scout sex lawsuits now concentrate instead on taking legal action against anybody or anything insistent that employees or others must endure these Frankenstein vaccines whose future influence on the human body remains unknown?

Who knows?  This time, the vaccine vial may turn out to be vile. Or the best thing in the known universe.

A Wisconsin pharmacist reportedly let more than 500 doses of frozen vaccine spoil amidst room temperature exposure overnight, believing that human DNA may be jeopardized after administration of a new and minimally tested pharmacological witches' brew.  How strange that it's almost always the persons best educated in their own field who suffer extreme consequences from daring caution.  A nation can hardly groom and maintain a barnyard of sheep-people when an opposing point of view opens the gate to another side.

Meanwhile, a strategically placed vehicle explodes in Nashville, taking with it pieces of its owner and bomb perpetrator.  He is said to have mistrusted 5G (who doesn't?) and allegedly believed that shape-shifting reptilian creatures walk among us.  Next to the mad scientists and investors behind Frankenstein vaccines, this guy almost seems normal.

To what shall one look forward?  To a multi-failed Biden whose reign as President will almost certainly be supplanted by extreme radicals and a modern-day Medusa, quite likely nurtured by socialist thinking and comforted through lullabies sung by Karl Marx?  Is the new Cabinet not already populated by at least 75 percent of former Obama bunch folk?  Obama is back.  He never left.  Who voted for this?  Who voted to have government people hired because of race and not ability?  Here we go again.  The most progressive and obvious racists in the country are in charge.

We long to shed the "new normal" speedily, before America gets sucked into a quicksand manufactured by Elitists whose only concept of freedom is freedom for themselves and theirs.  When white Christian males are looked upon as the nation's greatest threat -- and young brains destroyed by leftist mushroom injections in the classroom believe this pap -- there becomes much to fear from progressive puppeteers.  "The Great Reset," darling of the World Economic Forum, will kill those who don't murder it first.  Instead, American voters selected people who will hasten a demise of U.S. power and influence if left unbridled.

Does a largely unresponsive government await and grow stronger?  If we reach the point where nobody except young Marxists and old revolutionaries hear the voice of the people, what's next?  Could echoes of 1945 Italy one day reach the states?  Benito Mussolini ("Il Duce"), a brutal dictator and fascist (you know, that's what Antifa stands against by actually being dictators and fascists) didn't much care about the people, either, and he ended up hanging upside-down dead on piano wire provided by mobs of his not so adoring countrymen.  More recently, we remember how the scorned of Romania dealt with their chief autocrat.

How might such a thing come to be in contemporary American society, thought to be ever so civilized?  We suspect it's the ultimate example of "social justice," the very concept radical leftist idiots are so enamored with -- failing to realize how the idea can backfire on them.  

In the harshest example of true justice, extremist government representatives would be abandoned not only by police agencies whose members recognize the difference between constitutional guarantees and fascism, but ultimately by their own security personnel who come to realize the dangers their own children will face if the future is determined by radical leftist fruitcakes.

Funny thing is, while piano wire might be difficult to obtain for spur-of-the-moment "social justice," good old rope works fine -- and with the relaxation of marijuana standards and the like, a good sturdy cord made of that old reliable called hemp, fondly known historically as the "hangman's halter," shouldn't be hard to find.  Bonus:  Plant derivatives are just plain good sense for the environment. "Green" is everything, isn't it?

But, not to go all futurist or speculative.

"Trumpism" policies will survive in the thoughts of some 75 million Americans and among the hopeful in other countries, very much to the chagrin of politicians who desire to wish away by any means necessary memories of how good things were becoming for everybody.  It was the virus, not Trump, who dashed hopes, and then the Democrats went into full "never let a good crisis go to waste" mode.

So we'll just sit back and relax as 2021 arrives like forced entry at a crime scene, inclusive of President Joe Biden, V-P Medusa Harris and. . .I wonder now. . .perhaps an administration staffed metaphorically, if not overwhelmingly, by shape-shifting reptilian creatures, attired and equipped appropriately for shape-shifting government into something unrecognizable and beyond control of rational thought.  And with pleasant options on the decline, what else is there to do but just suffer the damned vaccine needle and shut up as a dual lethal injection of socialist politics with a globalist booster shot invades our American auto-immune system?  We must hasten for a cure.

Thursday, December 10, 2020

Great, Now Tell Us Something that We DON'T know


By now, probably anybody among everybody interested in UFOs has seen the unclassified and apparently leaked photo of a strange object said to be taken by a military F-18 pilot's cell phone in 2018, and assuming it is genuine (apparently, this remarkably clear color picture has been passed all over U.S. intelligence channels like snowflakes on a windy day) this is indeed a unique chapter in "disclosure," intended or not.  Revealed on December 3 by Tim McMillan for, the photo potentially represents quite a weird moment in time. We offer the photo, supposedly originated in 2018, and a close-up of the object here for your viewing pleasure, should you not have observed it elsewhere.  This event is reported to have been occurred somewhere off the East Coast of the U.S.

A magnified view may be found at the bottom because that's where Blogspot put it despite my attempts otherwise.

Should this be what it appears, and there are lots of opinions to the contrary, we simply ask -- are we really surprised?  Was anyone following the UFO subject for a few years overwhelmed by the (possibly) very sight of what we've hollered ourselves hoarse over, even in the face of ridicule and extreme name-calling?  Crackpot. . .whack job. . .basket case. . .flim-flam. . .etc., etc.

We have photos and we have videos of unusual things that go bright in the night, in the air, under the sea and upon the land. 

Unfortunately, a significant segment does not care because they would rather focus upon Covid, professional sports, questionable elections (oh boy. . .) and politicians about to make America a dictatorship with United Nations approval.  Many would prefer to worship Google, Facebook and the rest of the Internet's erasers of history and censors of comment than to look at what's right in front of them.

With apparent heightened government/military interest spilling over within public reach, we feel somewhat vindicated in our long-held opinion that the military intelligence sector doesn't know much more about the identity or function of these bizarre intruders than we do.  The Pentagon now admits as much, now that warnings have been issued among military personnel that we may indeed be witnessing somebody else's -- alien intelligence -- activity in our skies, water -- and, we presume, land areas.

Maybe this is just the teaser.  What might government officials eventually intimate about alleged UFO abductions?  Or, say. . .cattle (and other) mutilations of high strangeness?  And what other terrifying quirks might one discover beyond these intrusions into our so-called normal existence? 

I don't know if this is a legit UFO or not.  But I suspect in general what I have long suspected: That government folk who have admittedly held closed-door sessions at the highest levels with members of Congress know damned well that there really is a monster under the bed.

Referencing our link list -- Because the Drudge Report seems to be taking a peculiar dive to the political left, we hoped to find a site more balanced for the right.  We found the delightfully troubling Spinquark, offering daily headlines and links aplenty, which may be accessed in our link list on this page.

Thursday, December 3, 2020

'Twasn't the Raven that Came-a-Tapping on the Window

The Visitor

 A Christmas story or something out of Poe?  Sorry, no.  Perhaps it's something a tad paranormal, or more likely a mere avian performance.

A few entries ago, I mentioned the death of my sister earlier in the year.
The follow-up turned out to involve over a dozen trips by myself and other family members to her rural (that is, "in the sticks") home in a nearby state, where we executed the usual duties of cleaning out the house and making things look a little better for the new owners who bought the property.

As we removed the final assortment of clutter, preparing to lock the door for the last time and depart, I walked into the living room where my sister had died with the assistance of Hospice months ago -- checking one more time -- and my attention was suddenly beckoned to a large window on this breezy fall afternoon.

Sharing his efforts between the branches of a tree on which he perched off and on and the air in which he flapped about, pecking repeatedly at the glass, was a beautiful male cardinal, his reds and blacks amply displayed on his chubby, feathered bird body.

I called out to other family members, and one snapped a few photos (one is displayed here) as the bird seemingly attempted to enter the house, frustrated in its imminent failure.  Never had we witnessed this bird and his obvious desperation to gain entry -- or, some would suggest, to deliver a message.  This behavior continued for several minutes, and even when interrupted by a brief fly-away, the mysterious visitor returned, again determined to peck its way to some unrealized conclusion.

Adding to the strangeness, my sister's favorite color had been red, everything red.  She displayed red hummingbird feeders to attract what was generally a flock of h-birds every summer.  How she would have enjoyed this colorful visit.

Yes, one may go to the Internet and discover that a cardinal can represent an angel, or can bring to mind other identities of folklore.  Was this a farewell message for us at the house where both my sister and her husband had died, a house they constructed by themselves years ago?  Had the cardinal thought it detected a food or shelter source, perhaps played tricks upon by external window reflections? Or was it something beyond explanation?

At last, the red and black winged visitor from the forested neighborhood or elsewhere took leave.  

Puzzled, yet feeling honored and affected in some way, we left the house to its unaccustomed loneliness, the door's lock clicking securely as I withdrew the key for the last time.  Oh yes, I had taken great care not to slam the door hard.  Just in case.

Monday, November 30, 2020

When The Mutual Aberration Society Escapes the Asylum

 So here we are.  Damn.  The apparent scattering of Dominion personnel like rats from the proverbial sinking ship when asked to testify before Pennsylvania officials about their vote-counting equipment does not give one solace.  Where did they go?

Nor do we feel warm and fuzzy about the blame-Covid popularity mail-in ballots this time.  Too many affidavits, too many claims of naughty.

I was thinking about recyclables this week, where one plunks down an extra five cents or so to purchase something in a returnable bottle.  Plenty of people spend a fair amount of time collecting discarded roadside bottles to get a little cash.

Mail-in ballots might hold a similarity.  Imagine hundreds of thousands or millions being sent out -- or hand-delivered in multiples -- to folks who, frankly, could not be bothered previously to vote at all.  Maybe they suffered from perpetual laziness or detachment.  Maybe, and this may not be a rarity, they were just too ignorant or stupid to know anything about candidates or issues.  Maybe a fair percentage can't think beyond screwing and producing crack babies.

Take that percentage, gussy it up with flowery promises from local community organizers who show locals how to mark a vote with a D and never, never an R, and its conceivable one would have a large number of voters thinking they're darned nearly entering a Publishers Clearing House contest with free goodies waiting when "their" candidate wins.  The only step left is to mail that entry in before midnight.

Nevertheless, we may indeed become infested with a Harris/Biden Presidency, and we're spelling that in exactly the order it will actually be.  Biden already seems to take delight in squelching Trump's "America first" policy which brought the country so many good things before Covid-19 escaped from its Chinese cage.

Will Biden, like Trump, promise the American people that this country will never become a socialist nation?  His fans on the radical left wouldn't go for that.

Joe Biden's televised Thanksgiving message appeared rather out of place for somebody who hasn't even been sworn in yet.  When he mentioned an empty chair at his table, and then went on to describe all the (Covid death-related) empty chairs across the country, the only empty chair we sarcastically could think of was the one displayed on national TV by Clint Eastwood while empty-suit Obama hovered around the presidency as he simultaneously divided the nation racially.

Our luck.  47 years of a do-nothing Biden in Washington, and now we hit the electoral jackpot with this waste of space.  I'm reminded of that famous cartoon lampooning the return of failed presidential candidate Ross Perot,  where a skunk with Perot's face walks into a couple's kitchen, obviously exuding an odor, and the wife exclaims to her husband, "Honey, look!  It's Perot!  He's back!"  Like horror movie dwellers, some just never go away.

Which brings us to Obama.  Hardly ready to disappear into the background as other former presidents have, Obama is out there front and center, acting with authority as Biden re-staffs his administration with Obama's villainous faces of the past.  Believe it, super heroes are officially dead. One and all, we're sure this bunch will dive right back in and continue fighting racial discrimination with tons more racial discrimination.

Remember -- As Biden himself said, if you don't vote for Joe Biden you aren't black.

If there lurks widespread fraud to be uncovered from the election, that's a matter yet to be resolved.  However, we'll almost make this an iron-clad guarantee:  The complicit mainstream media, leftist activists disguised as journalists, will develop a daily love-fest with the Biden administration, and he and his puppets will do little or nothing wrong in the eyes of major press entities.  In no way will press coverage mimic the never-ceasing, day by day barrage of attacks on Trump.  As far as the major media is concerned -- mission accomplished.

Worst virus of the year?  Covid-19, of course.  Second worst?  Hunter Biden's laptop, filled with e-mails, sex stuff and info which might possibly point to a very interesting connection involving daddy, China and wherever other doors may lead.

Third worst virus?  The Conqueror Virus, otherwise known by me as the Harris/Biden scheme, cooked up by leftist radicals and all ready to go.