Monday, May 22, 2023

"Got-Aways" Aren't Just Illegal Aliens

The long-anticipated release of "The Durham Report" confirms a lot of the corruption already known, a major portion demonstrating a very politicized FBI and other departments faithful to one political party known as Democrats.  The media helped spread Big Brother's nonsense, of course, because birds of a feather fly -- well, you know the rest..

Those who "get away" from justice aren't just illegal border jumpers.  Sometimes they are citizens.

While reading through a good deal of the document, our two-tiered justice system, denied by many but observed by those affected by its tools, became very evident.  Why, for example, isn't Hillary Clinton producing license plates in some federal prison, having used an open server whose contents could be accessed by any enemy of the United States?  Clinton destroyed evidence, allegedly in an attempt to cover her tracks and everybody knows it, especially the former FBI head who basically gave her a clean slate on national TV.  Yet. . .

Yet, let's return to a familiar name, that of Air Force airman Jack Teixeira.  Airman Jack, 21 years of age, is currently the pin-up spy boy of the week for allegedly sharing classified material among contacts on social media, probably for bragging rights akin to his age.  Dumb idea?  You bet.

Unfortunately, however, Teixeira isn't Hillary Clinton, nor is he a member of that special recognized, yet elusive membership of folks who assembled, apparently with Clinton's blessing, a 100 percent fabricated story of Donald Trump and a Russian connection -- who themselves will never see a single day of prison time.

Teixeira will plead his case of probable youthful stupidity with the assistance of an attorney, impoverishment and perhaps even family bankruptcy.

So I look at this young man, still a kid in terms of thought maturity, and then I think of all the information coming out about the Biden family in an ongoing congressional investigation.  Oh no, you're not reading this in the New York Times, the Washington Post or anywhere among a wealth of other Democrat-complicit media barkers -- and these New Journo reporters are not about to forfeit their Pulitzers, even though their Russia collusion reporting turned out to be utter bullshit.  

Anyway, as financial records emerge and the picture becomes clear, this family appears to be one hell of a corrupt bunch -- and Daddy, who can hardly get a damned thought straight, remains the President?

But long after Airman Jack receives somebody's idea of justice and punishment, AS AN EXAMPLE SIMPLY MUST BE MADE, the Biden folk will be just fine, and everybody else of certain means who consistently and currently sell this country out on a daily basis, national security be damned, will prosper and engineer self-reputations of superior essence.

Airman Jack's lot, however, has now fallen under even worse luck.  Already, national TV "news" shows cackle and swoon with the knowledge that white-boy Teixeira has reportedly made racial slurs and seems to have an "unhealthy" interest in firearms. I suppose this means that black people never utter racial slurs, and probably have no interest in guns whatsoever, but then this isn't about black people: This is about stirring the paint and not stopping until Airman Jack goes to trial as a "white supremacist," likely fictionalized by slick party hacks as a monster on the verge of murdering dozens.

I personally am not a white supremacist, but I am white, so I guess I qualify for club membership on that basis alone.

Maybe the ultimate hell of Airman Jack's situation is the profoundly noted fact that he exists in a military commanded by the progressive insanity of its commander, an entity pushing obligations of fighting wars aside for classes in diversity and Code of Conduct annotations, insisting under penalty of punishment that military members accept men as women, women as men and a policy of everything gender in its place and a place for every gender.  Which used to total two genders until basic training went to Crazytown.  

Take that, Airman Jack.  We suspect you will end up as screwed as screwed can be.  It's just so tragic that you likely have neither the means nor money to avoid the punishment that others escape as a matter of routine.  You, Airman Jack, are no Hillary Clinton.

Goodbye, Jim:  Jim Brown, football career aside, made a lot of movies, and with his death they will probably turn up all over again.  If you ever look up an obscure motion picture entitled, The Grasshopper, there's a brief but notable scene where we see him bounding across a golf course to pound the snot out of a man who beat Brown's character's wife.  Of course, I saw the film on a large theater screen when first released, so the impact may have been enhanced.

Monday, May 15, 2023

This is How the Left Doesn't Waste a Crisis

Yes, activities at the Southern border have strangely quieted down over the weekend.  But why?  

Best bet:  Because "immigration attorneys" and the very worst of America's legal system are plotting out ways to continue inundating the nation with what can only be called an invasion.

The Obama era buddy who said never let a good crisis go to waste, whether he knew it or not, provided a mantra for the whole party under its progressive mildew, and certainly applies to the most radical among them.

The best idea we've heard in the past several days is to gather a ton of judges and send them down to the border to clear what will otherwise end up as years of immigration cases stuck in purgatory.  We would hope, with fingers crossed almost to the point of fracture, that the majority wouldn't just allow border-crossing criminals to remain in the country.

Compassion?  What have we always said about compassion after a certain point?  Compassion kills those who offer it, once stampeded with a never-ending succession of those who demand it.

Enraged we remain at the main TV networks which apparently continue to insist that reporters focus upon young mothers carrying children over the border goal post.  Escaping these intentional images is impossible.  Yet, I don't care.  They have come for a better life -- starting with welfare, housing, health care and food paid for by U.S. workers who have no say whatsoever, as the Democrats stack the deck high with potential future voters whose only knowledge of the American vocabulary is the letter "D."  Just think of the good things we could do in country for our own people with the money the invading hordes will steal by virtue of their mere presence.

Meanwhile, the contemptible President Biden speaks to graduates at Howard University, warning the black student body that our nation's greatest threat is white supremacy!  Whew, that was close -- could have said climate change.  Oh well, trade one fantasy for another.

Good news?  Manhattan subway hero Daniel Penny currently has access to almost two million dollars donated on behalf of his sure-to-be incredible legal expenses.  While nobody knows how events will transpire, should this case go to court, we hope there is no eventual civil court demanding damages in financial terms in memory of the scum rat Penny subdued, resulting in an unfortunate, but apparently cheer-worthy accidental demise.  Just ask the people on that subway car.

Monday, May 8, 2023

Sacrifice: Curse of the Inevitable

Good people have had enough.

When there is virtually no law enforcement available to handle terrible situations, people have no other option but to protect themselves.

When one witnesses, not just a city, but an entire state gripped by authoritarian rule with little regard for serious crimes perpetrated by the worst and sometimes most notorious members of human society, we get what we got in New York City last week.  

Welcome to New York State and to the big city whose criminals never sleep.

Thank God, thank the heavens, thank your dog, thank anybody and anything except New York's damned near criminal "leadership" for the fortunate presence of former Marine Daniel Penny on a subway car held hostage by yet another criminal/mental case/bullying thug by now all too obvious in the NY City landscape.  That Penny intended purposefully to kill Neely appears inconceivable, but what seems evident here is a concerted wish to make the denizens from hell that occupy New York's subways cease attacking innocent people wishing only safe transportation.  Safety must be imperative, but the city's obviously agenda-infested leftist leadership sees things differently.  

Shall we have a big shout-out for elected followers of Rules for Radicals?

If allegations are true, Penny and a couple of other subway riders took the now deceased Jordan Neely down in response to what appeared a serious threat, and unfortunately amidst the struggle and Penny's choke hold Neely died.  Was Neely impaired by drugs as well?  That will be determined.  But when one looks at his criminal history -- having been arrested some 40 times -- the fact that this perp was even on the streets, free to intimidate people, is an outrage.

Reportedly, among Neely's long history of crimes is the beating of women, and in one case an elderly (67) female was beaten so severely in the bones around her eye that she almost lost vision.

Yet, the obliging TV networks will show endless scenes of Neely performing and dressed as Michael Jackson -- from years ago -- as if to make his future bad deeds go away.

Manhattan prosecutor and official Donald Trump hater Alvin Bragg, his campaign paid for in no small fashion by a George Soros contribution, apparently intends for this case to go to a grand jury.  Bragg doesn't much care about certain levels of crime.  However, as is customary, black opportunists and other ever-available NY street protesters came out right away to condemn Daniel Penny, 24, especially because he is a former (and white) Marine, a "trained killer" one of the enraged leftist pod people asserted.  

The crowd seems to ignore the fact that one of the other two men assisting Penny was himself black like the deceased.  There is talk that Penny's military training may come into play during grand jury proceedings.  Of course it would.  These are the same people who would squeal like pigs and cry tears for military assistance of any race or color if a foreign enemy ever threatened their lives.

Congressional rep A.O.C. chimed in immediately to call the incident a "murder," she also being the same brilliant representative whose financial ignorance shortly after her election probably lost a lot of Amazon jobs which would have enlightened her district greatly.

If Bragg were true to his profession and position, he would condemn the crowds for any intended violence they might do, as indeed they might get together and set fires, perform smash-and-grab and all the usual activities ignorant street scum are prone to do, given any opportunity.  Yes, if Neely were white would any of this make news at eleven, let alone conversation on the streets of NY and other big cities?  

As an aside, we note that there were at least a couple of national reports last week of black-on-white crimes (these are statistically a huge majority) leading to homicide, but you would be hard-pressed to read or know about them.  Race is everything in the media and, with selective reporting, stories can be doctored according to one's agenda.  Those among us who didn't learn that lesson from the Covid-Twitter-mainstream media censorship and manipulation of facts don't care or know nothing about truth.

We would love to see NY governor Kathy Hochul, state attorney general Letitia James and Bragg chuck their security and take a few days to ride the city subways at all hours to see what they would encounter.  Chances are, it won't be pretty.  These, by the way, are the same gun-protected folk who don't want the rest of us to have that prophylactic option in our lives, constitutional protections be damned.

Some in the national and blue-state governments have lapsed into mistrust and even hatred of veterans in the current era, the very people who challenge their power by taking an initiative and doing the right thing when terrible events happen.  We wish the best for Daniel Penny, who is now held more or less captive to Manhattan's Democrat socialist swamp.  

Were there justice in her state, the NY governor prominent only for the opportunity to use disgraced former governor Andrew Cuomo as a stepping-stone to her current position as governing mistress of hell would already be in legal trouble for her absurd blanket decision to end the use of natural gas and propane in New York.  By doing so, she has not only knocked on the doors of every New Yorker in the state, she has broken down those doors and entered with neither warrant nor permission, now making it personal as she threatens to deprive and basically steal from every resident the energy options of their choice.  My body, my choice has become my every decision, my everything you think is yours is mine with Hochul.  Unless NY goes nuclear quickly, there may indeed come a day when hundreds of thousands of New Yorkers freeze to death during a particularly harsh winter, as solar panels and wind turbines will be irrelevant and way under-productive. Should a governing body's representatives not be charged with criminal intent as the very real possibility of criminally negligent homicide approaches in a few short years?  There's a real job for Alvin Bragg to tackle.

Daniel Penny currently finds himself in New York's judicial "Twilight Zone" and we hope a grand jury will do the right thing and acknowledge Penny and at least two others on that fateful subway ride as heroes worthy of receiving an official key to the city award, and to hell with the vocal uneducated or miseducated street protesters who know nothing about anything except how to shout inane phrases and destroy other people's property.  

The streets of big cities like New York are flush with lies and politically cultivated anger which feed and drug the clueless masses.  City streets desperately need common sense and minority heroes to respect, individuals clad in rock-solid reputations.  Unfortunately, and sadly for those craving hope and truth, such candidates do not include the likes of Michael Brown, Trevon Martin or George Floyd, and certainly not Jordan Neely.

Monday, May 1, 2023

Bits and Pieces for May 2023

So, a Mexican national and 10 Honduran nationals walked into a bar and. . .oops, wrong joke.

This past weekend, a Mexican "national" living in an American house in Texas -- a criminal already deported 4-5 times in the past -- allegedly murdered five of his 10 neighbors occupying an American house next door, all of them Honduran "nationals."  What is wrong with this picture (besides the murders)?  Answer: Is this America anymore. an America populated mostly by American citizens? When this sort of little criminal transgression occurs and both sides involve "nationals" from somewhere else, the situation is all the more disturbing.  As we have noted many times, compassion can kill when exercised to a degree deleterious to the provider -- and this incident, terrible though it is, demonstrates just one aspect of the iceberg's proverbial tip.  We suspect the leftist and Biden-inspired invasion has approached the point where reversal will be almost impossible unless brains and concern for American citizens take a front seat.  The Texas homicides? That one victim was only eight years old extends the tragedy, of course.  But I am pretty much out of tears because I know what is coming, thanks to the domestic political thugs and United Nations criminals forcing their agenda upon the country, established U.S. laws be damned.

Anyway, have you heard the one about the Mexican national and 10 Honduran nationals who walked into a bar and. . .

AIRMAN OF THE MONTH:  Our trusty national mainstream media can barely say Massachusetts Air Force airman Jack Teixeira's name without going all-out pod people and saying, more or less, we got 'im now!  The fact that he has a gun collection -- well, a lot of military personnel have gun collections.  Oh, and he wrote nasty things online about wanting to blow things up (which he has not done).  There come those times when reporting isn't reporting as much as it's about hating the military, and when an opportunity falls into your little leftist journo lap you just have to paint the worst picture possible with conclusions built in.  Particularly that national security violation by espionage thing.

If we're going to compare a 21-year-old airman and alleged national security violations to an elderly, failing President whose efforts continue to allow every possible security violation at the borders to enter freely, I'm with the kid.  If I need to choose between the integrity of Merrick Garland's DOJ and FBI whose higher-ups seem to have gone almost rogue at times and the airman who obviously outsmarted brains more experienced than his, I'll choose the kid.  If I must choose between an Air National Guard airman paid low military wages and an alleged crime family who may have raked in millions of dollars even as its leader assumed the highest office in the land, I'll choose the kid.  If I'm encouraged to choose between a 21-year-old airman and a presidential administration responsible for leaving behind a billion or two dollars worth of equipment at an air base in Afghanistan for the Chinese to claim (not to forget 13 U.S. soldiers murdered by a terrorist in one fell swoop), I'll choose the kid.

If I have to choose between a young airman whose immaturity caused him to make some really bad decisions and a political entity that allowed into Texas a "Mexican National" (that often means illegal alien now) who just killed five people this past weekend, I'll stand with the airman.  TV journalists may grit their teeth in an attempt to NOT say where Mr. Murderer came from because one can't actually say, using the Democrat script, that they aren't all here for a better life.

If I must choose between a young airman who retrieved sensitive information to play around with vs. General Milley, who reportedly spoke with a Chinese general behind Donald Trump's back to assure the commies that we won't be using nukes, I'll choose the airman every time.

A government dripping with corruption will do everything it can to lower the boom on this airman in order to take anxious public attention away from a continuing series of its own, pardon the reference, fuck-ups.  This young man will almost certainly be made an example of, but no matter what official Washington does to him, there is little he probably did that can even come close to the current administration's illegal and unconstitutional actions perpetrated via a gang of bureaucrats deserved of interrogation and punishment, which likely will never happen in our current two-tiered justice system.

Jerry Springer dies:  Of course I watched his show, not the one where he donned his judge attire, but the one many of us welcomed into our TVs every day when a little bit of disturbing American humanity stepped forth under studio lights and aired dirty laundry disguised as personal relationships. While other TV programs were frantic to present guests of virtue and goodness with nary a hair out of place, Springer and crew countered phony glitz and glamour with real people who walk among us every day, though not always apparent in public.  Are some of us not they?

The Re-Unionization of America Continues:  And as far as I'm concerned, it goes hand-in-hand with young people's fascination with communism and a desire to have all decisions and negotiations in life made for them, as those of a political bent are more than happy to snatch individual rights, wealth and power.  Hello, teachers' unions, among others.

Doctor of Distinction:  We adore these stories of phony experts because I'll be the last to stake my life full-throttle on somebody's college degree.  This time, it's a "Dr." Gevorkian (no, not Kevorkian, "Dr. Death," who himself is deceased) in Los Angeles, who for several years has treated patients for all manner of illnesses and gotten away with it, even though he has no medical degree or license.  He finally screwed up, but that's not as important as the fact that he had an office and a sign and nobody in government noticed for years.  Yes, there are people adept at a professional bedside manner who can almost charm the dead into living again as they make one believe nearly anything.  We'll bet this guy's office was overflowing with patients who had nothing wrong with them in the first place -- the same phenomenon a lot of medical doctors experience in a world where nobody gives a damn -- and that includes spouses who make their partners ill simply by ignoring or mentally torturing them.  Looks like the good "doctor" did a lot of good and, sadly, it appears he and his invisible medical license will be visibly terminated from practice.  But don't worry.  In Los Angeles, there's always a new street-wise rat to replace one who goes missing.

Bud Light Beer:  Budweiser's product, reportedly, is currently as lonely, ignored and overstocked on store and bar shelves as a pack of dogs sprayed by skunks.

Supreme Court:  Democrats continue pounding away at the conservative justices because they want a leftist court all the way, just as they would split their jeans to claim a one-party system in the USA.  Where, by the way, are the arrests of people who threaten the Justices' lives?  Merrick Garland apparently can't be bothered as he busily swoons to the Biden gang's bidding.

Second Amendment:  We need to gold-plate the Second Amendment so loons can't interfere with its original intent, which absolutely had nothing to do with hunting animals.

Republicans and abortion:  Again we say, leave the women and their doctors alone, or you're going to lose considerably next year.  It's admirable to live by Christian values, which are involved significantly with some politicians, but not everybody is a Christian, and not everybody is clear on the definition of life.  Choice means different things to different people.  I understand the Supreme Court's decision to kick the issue back to states, where it really does belong, but as a vote-getter Republicans need to think twice and three times about attempts to make abortion the top issue.

Monday, April 24, 2023

They're Going UFO-ing

If you want to get a thrill
If you want to see the sights,
Jump right in.
I got an unidentified flying object, yeah!
Let's go for a spin!

We're going UFO-ing,
We're trying saucer flying.
We glide across the skies,
Nobody will believe their eyes!

Just when they think they've seen us,
We zoom away to Venus!
One moment we're in Mexico,
Like THAT we're over Idaho,
Just tell me where you want to go
In my UFO!

(Lyrics from the great Jimmy Durante's novelty song, "We're Going UFO-ing," punctuation mine)

Jimmy Durante got it right.  With UFO stories making headlines everywhere in the 1960s, the pressure was on and, say what you will, anybody who could successfully relieve heightened public stress with humor -- but not derision -- was a welcome addition.  Durante's lyrics were ridiculous, but filled a void in an unexplained mystery which routinely enjoyed a seemingly absurd relationship to what we all believe is reality.  Conflicting Web sites indicate release dates of 1964, 1966, 1968 and probably more, so I need to determine accuracy.  Life should be easier.  

(Update 4-26-2023:  Though an exact date of the song's initial release still flutters about online, 1966 seems close enough, and I was surprised to find that this obscure novelty song, co-written by Durante and Jackie Barnett, actually appeared on at least four albums over the years -- two of them Durante's.)

Though newsletters circulated by government entities can seem routine and even boring, I look forward to e-mailed constituent reports from New York's Sen. Gillibrand.  Why?  Because every once in a while she will update readers on the "new" congressional UFO investigation guided along by her committee.  It's generally just a brief synopsis, but certainly beats anything I received in the sixties when my own interest in UFOs received condemnation from the likes (and dislikes) of L. Mendel Rivers and the usual debunking squadron.  Now it's 2023 and the damned phenomenon is respectable. Who saw that coming?

So yes, there was a closed subcommittee meeting with public teasers last week with senators (well, between those who showed up anyway) and those investigating the UFO or UAP or triple alphabet designation of your choice. A new video, too, of a shiny spherical object cruising effortlessly across the sky between ground and aerial camera in the Middle East.

They're going UFOing.

I won't bother with names or specifics, because those are available among several news sources, though the amount of national reporting was rather scarce.  Maybe it's because nobody brought aliens along.

No evidence of an extraterrestrial source so far, we are told.  Caution, a hint of negativity and mild emotional jitters seemed to be the soft theme, though the interest among senators during public moments seemed to shift more toward whether some of these objects were Chinese weaponry or surveillance devices used by our enemies.  Again we ask, do you government folk not realize that the observation and recording of UAP is not new?  Chinese and Russian military accomplishments obviously had nothing to do with reports from the 1940s or fifties.

Nice to hear the old comforting mantra repeated that no evidence has yet been found indicating extraterrestrial intelligence, but one should ask just how in the hell would our "experts" know in what manner an extraterrestrial presence would show itself if millions of years advanced beyond our, sorry to be rude, relatively recent pea-brains?  (With apologies to Elon Musk, seemingly the self-determinant of extraterrestrial life's presence, who should be asked the same question despite his obvious brilliance.)

There were 10 important UFO-related questions researchers and journalists hoped would be asked at the session.  They were not.  Additionally, significant additional funding for the project had already been denied, forcing at least the near future of investigations to be hobbled.  

My having approached an elder age without the customary kicking and screaming, it's nevertheless disappointing not to know with what we're dealing in the UFO arena.  Like others, I've hinted or suggested in recent years that maybe the term, "extraterrestrial" may not even matter.  Like universal matter itself, maybe the phenomenon has always been with us as an integral part of our existence, and maybe we should leave it alone when push comes to shove in the skies.  A phenomenon capable of presenting itself in so many ways, thereby suggesting multiple frames of reference from the great unknown, may well be an enigma whose "nuts and bolts" are incapable of ever being understood using tools currently available.  Who knows, maybe earthbound artificial intelligence will prove to be the ultimate detective providing a solution (that is, if AI has an opportunity to do so after first destroying every human on the planet!).

We wish Gillibrand's subcommittee would go whole-hog on releasing stuff that they sit upon under the guise of national security or for reasons unknown.  But anybody who believes the censorship screws are soon to loosen, now that China, Russia, North Korea, Iran and a growing succession of enemies are rising with confidence, may be doomed to the right NOT to know. Un-American, yes. Unfortunately prevalent in U.S. government operations currently?  Yes.  The Freedom of Information Act probably needs its own FOIA (sigh. . .).

Bad Government at Work:  The Biden bunch never quits, and we're pretty sure most of this nonsense is prepared for public poisoning whilst the old man sleeps, or perhaps has conversations with the family dog whom he sometimes might mistake for a Cabinet member.  The latest:  Forcing people with great credit scores to pay more for their mortgages to help subsidize mortgages for home purchasers with weak credit scores.  Wha. . .?  Oh yes, this will work out well.  We hope the lawsuits are already rolling out to destroy this unconstitutional boondoggle, set to go into effect on May 1rst.  The word, "equity" appears nowhere in our nation's founding documents, last I heard.

Shootings:  May we suggest that recent headline-grabbing stories of gunshot deaths and injuries perpetrated by people doing stupid things with firearms result in no small way from the stress, border invasion, criminal pampering and uncertainty Biden and his green lunatic fringe have fostered in just two years?  Everybody is on edge, sometimes for the wrong reasons, but we now have a society artificially made to mistrust itself, even when innocent encounters occur.  Fear is a natural reaction to instances unknown, but we've gone way over the mark.  Remove guns from the streets?  I don't know about that.  With various world players serving up threats to our very existence in the West, I entertain thoughts that our government should issue various states some high-tech armaments in case a future invasion by whatever means should occur.  Which is to say, true, one can't fight off a high-tech ammo invasion with shotguns, so individuals among local and state governments must have access to The Big Stuff.  The VERY big stuff.

The Rape of Fox News?  787 1/2 million dollars in damages to a company worth a fraction of that amount? Wow, talk about a bonanza!  Yes, Dominion Voting Systems was rocked by careless statements, but aren't there instances when a handshake is better than a kiss?  I'm sure intensive public apologies would have gone a long way in un-damaging whatever palpable or intangible harms were assessed, but as often happens in the courts and among those responsible for supposedly amicable agreements, financial damages went super-bonkers.  Awaiting even more lawsuits for comments carelessly, wrongfully and intentionally made, we cannot help but see derisive, vengeful politics taking a front seat in such decisions, and if rational minds would weigh the First Amendment with damages actually done, final totals allowed should be far less than "Crazytown" levels.

BREAKING:  If it's not broke, fix it anyway.  The announcement today that Fox News unburdened itself of its number one commentator Tucker Carlson is at least a temporary disaster for viewers who seek truth.  Yes, chunks of fool's gold showed up among the real gems at times, but the choices to seek facts from entities not totally under control of the gigantic leftist media just became fewer in number.  We suspect Carlson will show up soon elsewhere, his talents and approach to controversial issues perhaps bigger and better in scope. Fox News?  Welcome to yet another layer of the mainstream, Fox, the leftist pod people will rejoice.