Wednesday, September 28, 2022

Hurricane Blame Game

Long before Hurricane Ian approached Florida, a larger storm of mammoth proportions began pounding the United States, and though it doesn't have a specific name its progressive genesis is clear.  Once the storm clears and perhaps historic death and damage estimates are clarified, Joe Biden and the gang will have one more opportunity to blame something other than themselves for the current state of America.  Blame the hurricane, blame DeSantis, blame Trump, blame the American people, blame anything and anybody but those who let the country slide into a precarious state starting on day one of the new administration.

As the Biden gang's disastrous human calculators continue selling off Strategic Oil Reserve petroleum to keep gasoline prices within range in order to buy Democrat votes in November -- after which things will quickly go back to assured chaos if the current Congress remains in control -- we hope a hotter war with the usual players isn't imminent.  But like the economy, these folks explain away daily and see only what they want to see, like the Southern border horror show still un-visited by either Biden or Harris.

What an unenviable situation we endure domestically.  Prez makes a speech in a reddened atmosphere as if designed by modern Marxists and blame MAGA for his and the nation's personal aches and pains, and then a faithful Democrat gets into the car and runs over a young grad student, killing him, whose views as a Republican were just so intolerable to leftist ears.  Welcome to lunatic America, currently force-fed by the most deceptively nihilistic people in the country.

The Democrat radicals have lots of help, with the United Nations and people we will never meet determining how to kill off the West, and surely the United States.  

Did we ever expect the FBI could be weaponized against docile Americans periodically bearing the brunt of early a.m. surprise encounters by numerous agents with guns drawn?  Just exactly who does the Dept. of Justice serve now?  We hope that in days and months to come a treasure chest of FBI agent whistle blowers come forward, as some already have, to tell stories of terror and name names in government which may rightfully face long prison sentences.

And while we're opening prison doors for acceptance of high-ranking government officials who truly belong there, let us not forget what Covid restrictions such as closing schools, basketball courts, athletic fields and the like did to kids' mental health.  In this case, we know most of the names, the culpable.  Also wearing decorative prison uniforms should be members of medical organizations and surgeons who promote allowing children under at least 18 to physically alter their bodies permanently because they "feel" they are an opposite gender.  Eventual suicide tolls as young people age and realize what they have allowed to be perpetrated upon themselves (often with parental and/or societal consent) should swing prison doors even wider.  The bastardization of Title 9 under Biden's White House infestation must be cured promptly if the right gains congressional power, lest girls' sports forever be tarnished by males who in no way are female.  Just look "inside the box."

Is there hope for the West and the United States?  With Georgia Meloni (not a fascist!) about to take charge in Italy as a prime minister promising actual non-lunatic values -- as is the case with Hungary's Victor Orban -- the glimmer is observable.  The United States?  Frankly, how stupid will American voters choose to be next month?

Monday, September 19, 2022

Bits and Pieces for September 2022

Just as Halley's Comet returns to human view every 75 years, there are options re-endorsed by our own government periodically.  UFOs, for instance.  Decades of controversy among UFO proponents, skeptics and hard line debunkers have resulted in claims and denials of government censorship being bounced around like Flubber from a Disney movie.

Yet, following the release of Navy videos to a curious public, historically scorned UFO researchers once again held out hope -- for the first time since what turned out to be a disastrous UFO "investigation" by Dr. Edward Condon and the University of Colorado -- that a fair degree of openness had emerged from government and military officials, at last leaving behind a troublesome closed door of bureaucratic denials.  Then Congress got into the act, producing legislation regarding official UFO (UAP) reporting.  Wow -- everything was lookin' good for transparency.  But then. . .

Bang! sounded the door as it crashed shut once again.  No more military UAP videos or particular information for YOU, Mr. and Ms. Public Citizen announced the Navy, while the Navy itself breathed a sigh of relief and the Air Force continued to bask in the precious silence of publicly forgotten notoriety.  Ahem, now hear this, National security considerations will prevent us from. . .

So here we sit again, perched upon a cloud of officially sanctioned none-a-yo-business, dog.  Ya want videos?  Go photograph your Uncle Ernie doing a belly flop in the pool and leave the good stuff alone.

The cloak of secrecy always seems to open jus-s-s-s-t enough, and then lips are zipped and the national security censorship flag is raised and purposely fluttered in the wind as if intended by Betsy Ross herself.

I suppose Congress has the power to make amends here, but as everything else in the USA and world are currently going to hell, we shouldn't count our flightless chickens before they hatch.  By the time ESG, complicit media and domestic political elitists, The Great Reset and the World Economic Forum elite -- all very real, NOT conspiracy fodder -- help the world's increasingly impoverished people freeze and die this winter, who will care about silly videos and a wealth of radar data?

Far beyond the Chattanooga Choo-Choo:  Of course the trains will run.  Biden and the union bosses are almost joined at the hip, and if there is anything extremist Democrats want even more than a voting bloc of illegal aliens all over the country, it's a gigantic revitalization of major unions securing monumental political donations for the left, fired up by a constant flood of union dues.  A strike?  That was not going to happen because it wasn't in the script.

Doing the math:  People who cannot or will not negotiate the terms of their own employment = the rise of unions = political clout organized by the left = influence upon various local or national issues using a vast and growing union membership = favors and money flowing to affect decisions of local and national leaders = a nanny state = you may as well join the communist party, and praise our socialist "democracy," instead of acknowledging that we actually live in a constitutional republic.  By their very nature, unions can act as patriotic as they wish, but that brand of patriotism cannot rise above "democracy."

MAGAđź’€:  One can hate Donald Trump with every ounce of their body, but everything he promised to do to keep America on the top he did.  Just look at what we have now, which I see as a bumbling, yet strangely calculating evil force feeding entirely upon hatred of everybody critical of its actions, intent upon exacting revenge and reversal of everything good that Trump accomplished.  Why such a fuss?  I believe in large part that those currently destroying my country -- leftist and global sympathizers -- are precisely members of the same swamp Trump wanted to drain in Washington.  Maybe next time.

Covid abuse:  Some time back, I suggested that we need trials something like what occurred in Nuremberg after World War II.  It's nice to see that this idea is gaining support among people better engaged than little old me, and at least one book has already been written on this issue.  We have both high level medical politicians and state leaders for whom a legitimate case can be made that their rigid authoritarian efforts resulted in many avoidable deaths.  As in Nuremberg, both life imprisonment and stronger punishment could very well be on the table.  I will not mention current names in conjunction with that statement, but I hasten to add that I've several in mind just from the once great state of New York.  Votes in November on the conservative side could very well determine the initiation of a Nuremberg II court.  This would appear to be deadly serious criminal business.

Official White House Obama portraits:  As closely as I exam them, I still cannot find what one might assume would be the obligatory inclusion of tiny Karl Marx drawings.  Hmm.  Maybe they're on their backsides.  Of the portraits, that is.  I guess.

Monday, September 12, 2022

Until Elections Are Over

This time around, radical Democrats are the national danger.  That's right, the same people hyping Trump and MAGA and Republicans as the threat to our "democracy" are instead everything they claim the political right to be.

As Biden and Co. strive to pay off student debt, gift people with various pay-outs and in general act like five-year-olds trying to be good so Santa will arrive on Christmas Day and give them all the gifts they ever wanted, Americans who vote need to know as never before what lies ahead if the extremists maintain or cement their bureaucratic power even further.  Consequences, by concerted attention, almost always remain hidden until after elections.

I'm all the less a fan of political parties as I get older, but realize that we need to work with the tools available. The best non-violent tool available is the voting booth -- and even that is in jeopardy as our Democrat friends love to invent a plethora of other ways to vote, ways which, wouldn't you know, provide little security to avoid fraud and mishandling.

Leftist pundits, major media sources and social media manipulators are lying their butts off to deter our gaze from the Southern border through which several million people from nations all over the planet have illegally entered, bringing along problems to plague the United States for decades to come.  After all, I.C.E. is all but dead on the floor under the Biden element.

The left is desperately attempting to dress up polling numbers and statistics reflecting the American people's fear, impoverishment and hopelessness about a future constructed by the very same people who destroy American values as they build nothing but more power for themselves.

But if you're reading these words chances are good that you already know, acutely, how life in America is heading toward Third World status as international criminals with home-based Democrat help gain more and more control over us.  

If you believe that the brand new decision by VISA, Mastercard and American Express to engage in a universal tracking systems for those who purchase firearms and ammunition meets the definition of "shall not be infringed" in the United States, may I suggest you have no idea of other dangers coming our way as the World Economic Forum and its cherished Great Reset and ESG conquer America without involving our government at all?

Maybe it's easier to cheer at sporting events or watch soaps on TV than to watch your country disintegrate around you without saying a word.  I can understand that.  After all, wealthy people with abilities far beyond those of mortal men and women do build nice stadiums and produce eye-popping motion pictures to keep us entertained.  Properly entertained.  And if the beer and popcorn taste good, who's going to care, or even notice a fleeting shadow here and there?

Thursday, September 8, 2022

Talent Night at Independence Hall

Breaking News
::  Today's death of Great Britain's Queen Elizabeth II at 96 is a monumental loss for that nation, and her shining role as a member of England's Royalty, as well as her valiant efforts to support her country during World War II as a worker on the line, will assure her place in history.  As I turn my gaze to the rest of her family, however, obviously the first thing noticeable is the fact that Charles, at last, shall be King III of England.  If watching this proponent of the radical Green Lunatic Cult and other world stage madness ascend to the throne isn't enough, it becomes evident at once that the departed Queen truly left behind a garden of family gnomes whose idiotic exploits, fights, ugly children and sexual activities we shall be forced to hear about until time immemorial.  Suck-o-rama.  If ever young British subjects ever seriously considered ridding their lives of royalty, this might be exactly the occasion.  For you Brits, I'm afraid the Throne soon won't be any better off than if we provided you our Biden to sit on it.  Nevertheless, sorry for your tragic loss of the Queen.

Impressions of Stalin giving a speech are hard to come by in the United States, but President Biden outdid himself last week at Independence Hall with a delivery equivalent to a bizarre grade B horror movie lighted in red.  Then again, maybe I'm making a connection just because they were both named Joe.  Plenty of angered Americans are outraged, too, because Biden seems to have used U.S. Marines as props in the background.  I'm not so sure -- maybe they were just there to catch him if he fell down.

We just shake our heads when Democrats like Biden promise to fix all the nation's problems, when anybody with a functioning brain attached to a spinal cord knows instinctively that Democrats caused our individual dilemma in the first place.  It's what they do.  Without a manufactured chaos to engineer, they've no reason to exist.  The fact that Biden has recurrent problems with the term, MAGA -- Make America Great Again -- shows us where he lives in the world of reality.  Why not America first?  Why not be the greatest and the best?  All of that was clearly working for four years prior to the current, may we say, national Democrat Party freedom abortion.

While it's more than obvious that Biden was trying to ramp up his base of constituents (though insulting half the country in the process), very disturbing to me is his and other Democrats' constant use of the word, democracy -- which, by the way, Biden used around 18 times during his brief speech.  We live in a constitutional, or if one wishes, a democratic republic.  But Democrats seem determined to label the USA a democracy -- which makes us like any other banana republic exercising a "democracy" by allowing people to vote with no representation whatsoever except that of the dictator currently in charge.  Biden warns of a "threat to democracy," yet his idea of democracy as practiced to date by his flubbed-up administration is to open the Southern border to any living thing, drug, crime, disease or evil intention that can make it through.

Biden's "democracy" concurrently and without exception invites inflation, absurd energy policies based upon what version of science one desires to follow, high food prices, taxes which must eventually be paid by your kids, a poorly educated population and, of course, assurances aplenty that all will eventually be well.

If Biden's geriatro-fascistic mutterings weren't alarming enough, there came Hillary Clinton a few days later, warning America about re-electing Trump.  I can understand why some people have washed their hands of Trump, but when Hillary steps in to shoo us away from another Trump presidency the man suddenly looks great again.  If he gets a next time, maybe he should drain the Clinton portion of the swamp first.  Maybe thousands of her deleted e-mails rest at the bottom.

Just Go Away Dept.:  The CDC is still diddling around with Covid immunization boosters as the Earth turns, promising the next jab will be better.  Please!  Look, I have not had Covid to my knowledge, take various supplements to ward off the possibility, and keep sharply in mind the decades I spent attempting to inform people that the UFO phenomenon is real. Why? Throughout that time, my encounters with debunking "scientists" who had all the answers, dismissing me and the UFO evidence with "and I speak as a expert on. . ." were non-stop.

And in the end they were all wrong.  All of them.  Just ask the government now, as renewed investigations are apparently in force.

So if I'm supposed to sit before the TV screen and listen to these White House white-coat minions babble on and on about this increasingly frightening jab -- not so much a vaccine as a delivery system -- which evidence indicates can affect one's organs with spike proteins and may indeed be responsible for the sudden deaths of young people not long after being jabbed, I am not impressed.  Their frequent insertion of the words, "Let me be clear" aren't helpful, either.  The assembly line of medical language bull crap spewing forth daily reminds me of TV commercials where actors or actual medical personnel must wear white coats and stethoscopes in order to look the part for selling health products.

Based on recent findings, if Covid information is banned from social media sites for "violation of," that information may well be absolutely true.

Meanwhile, I'm rather piqued about just who Biden's tyrannical government intends to "jab" with the tons of ammunition it is currently buying up, allegedly intended for a number of homebound federal agencies which absolutely have no need for weapons.  At any rate, these folks seemingly don't want the rest of us buying ammo or affording it, which is exactly why, to many, militias attract followers.  While some militia members are clearly out of control, are militias generally any more dangerous to America than members of the Green Lunatic Cult, Antifa or the Southern Poverty Law Center?


A Note Regarding Links:  Everybody knows that "The Drudge Report" changed its spots some time ago, attacking the right and featuring left-friendly links most of the time.  Obviously, I don't believe in censorship, so the link on my page will remain so all may be heard (Spinquark is a great alternative for readers on the right, however).  Nor is the Mutual UFO Network a favorite, but I leave it up for the same reason.  Re America's Frontline Doctors, when you reach the main page, go to the upper left block, select that and you will go right to the daily news (they changed their format recently).

Thursday, September 1, 2022

Battle for the Sole of My Shoe

I'm writing this just hours before President Biden's propaganda writers send him before the TV cameras to bring us all together by painting anybody who isn't part of their unconstitutional, authoritarian government syndicate an enemy.  Touted sardonically as "the battle for the soul of America," I would much rather contemplate the soles of my shoes in order to either run like hell from this guaranteed pile of leftist bullshit or to make sure they are of sufficient strength for kicking the people pulling evil political strings in the butt.

How can anybody with even a modicum of functioning brain tissue take seriously a president who earlier in the week pretty much wrote off Republicans who support Donald Trump - oh, let's make that all Republicans instead -- as sorta kinda fascists (!)?  So already this twerp insulted about half of America.  Yeah, he cares about bringing us all together.  In particular, these folks take command of the dictionary and transform mere words into concepts and decrees which will enslave us all.

The Democrats, save for the rational members who must be in hiding, have become a machine even Mussolini would love.

Keep in mind, this man and his rotten Democrat party are the TRUE privileged fascists, motivated by and scared to death about the upcoming elections and the possibility of the so-far indestructible Trump's re-emergence.  Democrats have nothing in their bag of tricks to run on, so attempts to illustrate Trump in the news as a national villain is the only game they can play as the country fails.  And the complicit media are always ready to help.

Who will care about tonight's slick speech when winter comes, and Biden's audience can barely afford to stay warm?  Europe is already the canary in the climate legislation coal mine, preparing to freeze and experience multiple deaths for years to come thanks to the climate change warrior cult.

Despite Biden's presumed diatribe, a major "threat to Democracy" in the USA currently is the growing authoritarian partnership between Marxist-lovin' government officials and corporations which leaves the individual person out of the equation completely.  This is bare-bones ESG.

Even after the DOJ/FBI raid on Mar-A-Lago, I kept my senses enough to believe that many -- most? -- FBI agents probably like Trump, as he respects them in turn, and I'm sure a good share of agents are torn up over what the leftist constitutional pretenders are perpetrating upon the whole country.  That is, THEY know who the enemy is, but, well, "orders is orders."  The fight between keeping one's government career and simultaneously trying to walk between the dirt balls and dung beetles whilst whistling in the dark is a tough call.

Word arises this week that standard FBI agents want FBI director Wray to depart his position.  

Biden and Co. will battle for the soul of the country with more oppression and a brand of insurrection that has nothing to do with January 6.

Soul indeed.  The marionette Robinette Biden will tell his panting yet declining TV audience about compassion and a nation at risk of extremists, yet will be oblivious to the drugs and crime engulfing the Southern border, slingshot into communities all over the country with no accounting.  Will Biden worry that a vast number of border criminals are young, unaccompanied men who have the potential to become extremists after they find no opportunities here because of their criminal status?  Oh, right, it's all about votes someday, is it not?

I guess all the Fentanyl imports and subsequent overdose deaths have nothing to do with the soul of the nation, if'n future Democrat votes will reap the benefits.  And so what if we sell that soul to Iran for oil in return for letting these loons play with nukes?  Yes, we could produce our own oil and gas again, but. . .and just what is climate czar John Kerry up to?  As some current publications ask, what is he doing?

Canada's freedoms and farmers are already evaporating under Supreme Environmental Fascist Trudeau.  How long will it take Biden to finish building a Green Lunatic Empire here?  

The only soul Biden has license to discuss tonight is the black mold and rot consuming himself and his dangerous party.  These people mean business because their projects result in failures by the score and they don't want the American people concentrating on their actions.  That's why they need Trump to divert attention from their destruction of traditional America.

There is no room in my daily life for professional sports, which I believe are a waste of time for anybody but those who play and rake in obscene amounts of money from fans who pay and pay and pay.  Nevertheless, I do have a favorite athlete at the moment and that is tennis's Djokovic for refusing the hazardous Covid shot.  It seems increasingly difficult to find individuals standing up and saying I will not comply with these political or medical fascist rats.  However, yes, I will continue to look upon professional tennis matches as absolutely ridiculous.

Biden?  Joe, your soul is in a very black hole.  You have no right to lecture us about the soul of the nation, especially now that you've thoroughly insulted much of the country simply because we think you are wrong.  Which you are.  Ladies and gentleman, get ready for what I hope is a very unsuccessful and evil brainwashing attempt tonight, cloaked in kind, grandfatherly words, occasional accentuation and, as always, lies to the max.