Wednesday, January 12, 2022

Liars, Misleaders and the Gods of Omission

Except for millions of Americans who continue blindly to accept every dangerous and absurd action perpetrated by an out of control authoritarian government aided by giant corporations and the complicit media, and we do pity our neighbors for their willing ignorance, it appears that millions more have at last seen the unraveling of a homeland right before their very eyes.

We should and must be appalled that local TV news reporters almost everywhere no longer do the things required of true journalists.  Now, local affiliates simply hire reporters with pretty faces who do little more than mouth the party line when it comes to stories about Covid, the economy, "climate change," and a myriad of other issues which unsuccessfully cry out for investigation on local levels.

And then there are the national TV networks, the god-damned purveyors of what the Biden administration and un-elected agenda-ridden government bureaucrats want you to know, but nothing more.

I directed my attention this week to an ABC-TV nightly news program, paying special attention to a story about Sen. Ran Paul and others questioning the ultimate in science himself, Dr. Anthony Fauci.  We know that Paul engaged in some heavy questioning of Fauci, but the only aspect ABC concentrated upon seemed like making Paul out to be a bully castigating the poor, poor doctor unfairly (even a still photo of Paul appeared monstrous in its countenance).

Where was Sen. Ted Cruz on ABC for that matter, questioning the FBI about its possible participation in ramping up the January six riot and receiving little but FBI refusals to answer question after question?

While Sen. Schumer and Biden concentrate their efforts on changing states' voting laws in order to almost guarantee a one-party system in the USA, the networks are delighted to avoid telling us what we truly need to know, concentrating instead upon celebrities, glitz and tragedies inconsequential to our lives.  We learn that actress Betty White died from a stroke, but we've nary a clue from Big TV how the World Economic Forum and "The Great Reset" are strangling our nation and individuality step by step.

If you get your news exclusively from mainstream corporate media and leftist Internet sources, you're already screwed.  The remaining vestiges of truth -- which in some instances have evolved from conspiracy theories to actual conspiracies (the Covid immunization "terrorists", for example) -- are found in large part on talk radio and on those pod casts which some conventional media corporations seem ever so disturbed about and wish to ban.

Funny how the Biden folk, including the Dept. of Education, seem all-out for investigating "domestic terrorism" at school board meetings and in other places where people who may oppose their views congregate.  The fascists are here, masquerading as anti-fascists while slithering into our lives and attempting to devour everything good.

That pathetic V-P Kamala Harris would actually make a comparison between January six and the horrors of Pearl Harbor and the Twin Towers Islamic-orchestrated tragedy illustrates a person who is either extraordinarily ignorant of history or is just riding the authoritarian agenda into brains of the stupid and gullible.

The only good thing that happened this week was the non-televising of the "Golden Globes," because we were spared the customary America-hating political speeches mouthed by the unquestionably most stupid, yet negatively influential people in the nation.

I'm doing something today that I strongly oppose under most circumstances:  I'm recommending a new book I haven't even seen yet, and it belongs with you, your community library and (fat chance) on school and college shelves.  

It's Glenn Beck's The Great Reset, just published, and he explains how the homegrown and international elite are stealing our wealth and, especially important, our future.  I've heard Beck's show enough to know the what and why of the book's contents, and Beck himself assures doubters that he includes 50 pages of footnotes and sources.  What he lays out isn't some future possibility -- it's happening right before our eyes, thus the turmoil we encounter.  No, it's not ALL Covid, and in fact Covid coupled with managed "climate change" fears gave authoritarian elitists the ultimate opportunity to move in for the "kill."  

As Beck suggests, the fascists of World War II have been reborn, surfacing here and abroad, and without our opposition it will be a new terrible day in America and in the rest of the world.  How frightening is it that government representatives, corporate moguls and media executives right here in our country are apparently involved in changing America by going around constitutional protections?  Know current affairs and know a threatening future.

Wednesday, January 5, 2022

Death by Plastic?

Before addressing today's title, I need to congratulate Democrats for taking full advantage of the January 6 riot.  While only a moron would believe the "bipartisan" investigation isn't 100 percent about "getting" President Trump and denying him a political future, these folks drive ahead at full speed, bringing back favorite interrogators such as Rep. Schiff, whose role in the first Trump impeachment was to hold up a thoroughly discounted Russia-Trump relationship as factual, promising to produce, among other things, a "whistle blower" who never materialized.

So, as the left continues its eternal witch hunt against anybody who is not they, we're delighted to note a stark contrast:  While Democrats demand barriers protecting them from constituents visiting D.C. now and in the future, they remain perfectly content to continue allowing mayhem and murders on the (primarily Democrat-run) streets of America.

Then again, what more would you expect when favored Democrat Sen. "Vietnam Dick" Blumenthal has more important matters at hand, such as attending a meeting of communists a few days ago?

Give and Take:  The government encourages with an almost iron fist your participation in a body-invading mystery immune reaction, and its minions scare you into a corner with consequences if you don't similarly violate your children with needles which transmit "alien" messages into the human body.  Government officials give you experimentation and then take away your power, day by day.

Maybe you aren't into plastic, but plastic is in you:  We wake up every day to media sources scaring us about one thing or another, but new research regarding plastic fragments is important.  If you found it alarming to learn that the oceans and smaller water bodies are polluted by plastic waste, science has been tracking how plastic affects us.  Microscopic and larger fragments have been found in the human stomach, and some researchers worry that the tiniest of pieces find their way anywhere the bloodstream takes them.  Stomachs are already being ripped by tiny irregular, cutting fragments, and whether there is a link to various cancers is the question.

Based upon this research, I will dive further into Crazytown and suggest that plastic in our bodies could conceivably interfere with the body's inner electrical system, and even scientists in new studies appear to concede that plastics may affect the heart muscle (speaking of an electrical system!).

Obviously, plastic is everywhere, and anybody who thought its remnants would affect only fish and other aquatic creatures -- but not that steak you enjoyed at the restaurant last week -- is deluded.  Every critter eats plastic now and when we eat that critter the "plastic food chain" goes on.

We don't yet know the full effects plastic may have on living beings, but we are familiar with recent discoveries of organisms that eat plastic, thus returning it to its basic petroleum-based components, while other studies suggest plastic can be transformed into something absolutely harmless.

Trouble is, considering the millions (billions?) of tons of plastic influencing every part of our lives, including bottled drinks and the wrappings and containers in which our food is stored, we humans and animals could all be dead before the risks and benefits of plastic control can be understood and optimal solutions implemented.  Who knows the future?

Thursday, December 30, 2021

Arrest Them All

Among all the squabbling going on with physicians, researchers and assorted Ph.D. egos, the whole Covid "vaccination" (which it isn't actually) issue does seem rife with lies, misinterpretation and demands for caution.

What seems true, however, is that this process of genetically influencing one's immune system has not been approved by the FDA.  In fact, the military under Biden is immunizing its members with substances illegally (can you say felony?) re-labeled so they will appear legitimate.  This is outrageous.

Are those receiving vaccines at risk for cardiac or other organ problems because spike proteins encouraged by the "vaccine" to grow in one's immune system could cause clots in the brain, heart or elsewhere?  There are both pro and con opinions about this coming from medical researchers on all sides.  What to believe?

But believe this:  When the dust settles on the Covid/delta/omicron/?? subject, there are governors and other high-ranking officials who need to be arrested, tried and harshly convicted for violating actual laws preventing them from making people accept experimental injections -- and make no mistake, everybody getting initial Covid immunizations and boosters is undergoing experimentation.  

We would hope the legal system would have something more appropriate in the punishment realm for the President and his willing medical participants and culpable advisors.

Hello, Dr. Mengele, welcome back, welcome back, welcome back.  Have you met Dr. Fauci and Governor Hochul of New York?

We suspect there are attorneys on all sides of politics ready and willing to tackle lawsuits against people who should know better than to subject American citizens to the vaccination travesty (well, they ARE failing quickly), and they must go to prison for years.  Forget impeachment at higher levels, just good old American justice (sigh. . .not social justice) for all.

We wonder how Dr. Fauci survives legal questions.  Sen. Rand Paul certainly wants answers regarding gain of function and e-mails painting a very disturbing picture about Covid.

Meanwhile. . .What is the Justice Dept. and FBI doing to January 6 riot participants and others?  Extended and brutal waiting in cells before the law deals with them?  When Republicans take back power in another year, they must deal with FBI and DOJ corruption -- and don't forget the State Department.  You would almost think V. Putin was running the D.C. prison system, from what we hear.

The death of former Sen. Harry Reid:  For his UFO interest, thank you.  For his dirty politics for years on end, not a fan.

Greta Thunberg:  Why oh why?  Does this creature realize the pain her green campaign causes?  How many birds will solar panels and wind turbines kill, Greta?  She's a nice-looking young lady, but she tends to wear a brutal prison warden's expression when she speaks or exists in any other way.  Remember, GT:  No kids for you, should you marry something or another.  Having 'em definitely isn't green.

I've typed this out quickly today and can't possibly emit all the rage I have about the state of government and medicine in the USA right now.  But, as usual, I'm sure there are Biden or Obama associates behind much of the fix we're in. Now we have 2022 to enjoy with this bunch and its complicit media all over again.

Tuesday, December 28, 2021

NOW Who Wants to Be a Cop?

Minnesota (now former) cop Kim Potter was found guilty of all charges in the death of Daunte Wright.

Wherever Mr. Wright may currently be lodging or burning, it should never be forgotten that he bears significant responsibility for a good cop making a very, very unfortunate mistake during a traffic stop involving questions.

Again we wonder about a jury and race:  The jury members' decision vs. fear of what gangs of race-baiting criminals would do to a Minnesota community if the verdict did not accommodate "social justice" views.

No matter.  The punishment intended to "send a message," which will likely not be much of a message at all, will be administered, life will go on, and the options for recruiting more law enforcement people will decrease further.  Who wants to be a cop?  Serve who?  Serve what?  Why bother?  One way or another, the streets may take you down, and your darkest moments will be met with your superiors finishing off your life or career, all because a "victim," dead or alive, caused the crucial spark leading to the exceptional blunder.

Years of prison ahead?  What will that do?  Satisfy friends and relatives of one more player who was not exactly purity incarnate when everything went to hell?  What would Daunte Wright have become if he wasn't dead, ask some?  Search me, but it's possible he would have remained exactly who he was on that fateful day.

Tragedy abounds.  Were this a cop-involved car accident with a resulting death, would it be no-fault?

We were somewhat inspired to learn that famed law school professor Alan Dershowitz also questions the trial and its outcome, apparently believing it could set a very bad precedent for the future of policing.

We'll be interested to learn Ms. Potter's punishment in February and will look forward to a possible appeal, when anything can happen.

Meanwhile, back in the land of risky vaccinations:  To the rational eye,  episodes of myocarditis among so many young people and athletes after receiving vaccinations should ring an international warning bell.  But it won't, because governments and pharmaceutical corporations are so deep into self-misinformation and public lies that there's no turning back officially.  

Once again, Dr. Robert Malone, inventor of the vaccine delivery system, has come forth to warn that (1) children should NOT be vaccinated and (2) at least five years of testing are required to determine the safety of the vaccinations.  Messing with spike proteins, genetics and the unknown could eventually be a recipe for mass disaster.  Thing is, nobody knows the future.

Build Back Better blunder booted?  But for Sen. Joe Manchin, this expensive monstrosity would already be Schumer and Pelosi's Christmas present.  As the gift that keeps on giving (that is, its components would probably never expire and would continue adding to the deficit), the BBB deserved a quick demise.  Unfortunately, some of its necrotic parts may live again as a Democrat do-over begins in the new year.

Wednesday, December 22, 2021