Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Vectors, Heel Nippers and the Toxic One Percent

One percent of anything toxic in your glass of drinking water is never good, and the revelation a few days ago that fully one percent of the population of Honduras and Guatemala has made its way past United States borders -- with more on the way -- should scare the hell out of any American who can count and consider the odds of losing our culture and the freedoms upon which we depend.

Further, and we offer no thanks to the complicit leftist media, reports arise of U.S. border agents and other personnel out of work due to measles, mumps and a number of other diseases imported by diseased illegal immigrants.  And do we still labor under the fantasy that American children taken down by a mysterious paralyzing, polio-like illness became infected by circumstances unknown? 

Organisms long thought banished from the United States are making a dramatic comeback, slowly filtering through the country and seeking out more unwilling human vectors.  After all, who will stop the process?  Obstructionist Democrats?  How about terrorists crossing our border anonymously with the rest?  Drugs?  Have Democrats helped initiate safeguards?  No, better just to nip at President Trump's heels every day.

The border crisis, at last acknowledged by the New York Times and ever so slowly by some favored leftists, is owned lock, stock and barrel by the Democrats, and it's really the only campaign banner they can wave when elections return, for they have nothing else going on besides Trump bashing, an insane green wish list and a rogue's gallery of unlikely presidential hopefuls composed of people I wouldn't rely upon to tell me if it's raining outside (or in Ukraine, Joe B.).

In any case, Americans fed up with the progressives' unconditional love for people entering the country illegally -- a prominent and disturbing share of them from places way far away from Central America or Mexico -- are destined to become deservedly furious once crime spirals out of control, initiated by invaders who discover they have few or no options here, or whom are here merely to destroy our government.  Remember to thank Democrats and, frankly, Trump haters of both parties when things get bleak due to their inaction.

We chuckle over the Democrats' panicked sky-is-falling assertion that the country quakes under a "constitutional crisis" due to the Trump administration's refusal to provide fodder -- oops, we mean documents -- for their fair-minded perusal.  The only constitutional crises we observe is the Democrats' quickly growing realization that the 2020 elections may burn their out of control party to a crisp.  That Nadler and his clown show persist in trying to acquire grand jury testimony to which they legally have no rights exposes their in-party chaos.  Twenty ongoing investigations of Trump, all emerging from a lie?  Who's crazy now?

Funny how Nadler and the Dems had a reversal of opinion in 2012, when former attorney general Eric Holder was ordered to release documents regarding the "Fast and Furious" project in which an FBI agent was killed.  Back then, Nadler and others threw a tantrum, though documentation was eventually ordered released despite their protests.

Colorado school shootings:  Students attending a memorial and grieving session for friends killed in another school shooting walked out when a Democrat senator and a Democrat congressman spoke, attempting to turn a special sad occasion into a predictable gun-hating opportunity.  It's refreshing when young people understand there are people out there whose threats can be more destructive than the firearms they condemn.

China will do anything -- to help China and screw the rest of the world.  We applaud Trump for at least making a concerted effort to do something about Chinese government thieves, these thugs who steal from us in so many ways.  Their abduction of American intellectual property alone should wipe the slate clean of any debt they claim we owe.  I once had a Pekingese whose lineage obviously originated in Chinese territory, but other than my beautiful little pup the only impression I currently hold of China is all the cheap shipped-in Chinese crap overflowing in U.S. landfills.

No doubt, American farmers, more than anybody, are suffering through the tariff war/negotiations.  We hope the trade issues can be settled soon, as we keep in mind that the Chinese have done nothing but rob us for decades.  Trump, the rare presidential bird, forges ahead with a valiant effort for which he is both admired and condemned regarding an enigma which former presidents ignored despite fancy speeches.

Quick note to the right-to-life folks, and a special hell-o-o-o-o-o to Alabama:  We said long ago that Republicans and conservatives should leave the abortion issue alone when it comes down to undoing Roe vs. Wade legislation, no matter their feelings, because they will lose critical support.  That said, may I just suggest, well, if you really go gaga over saving every human fetus ever conceived, shouldn't you be thrilled about hundreds of thousands of invaders at the southern border?  If you really cherish each and every birth product of a penis casually bouncing about in a vagina, should you not take in all invading humans, no questions asked?

Of course that's a ridiculous assumption, but I'm attempting to point out the futility of messing with women's personal decisions.  Yes, I would love to see fifty new safe, effective and easily administered methods of birth control which could provide a multitude of options other than abortion -- but until that day comes, it's a real mistake to "speak for the unborn" while either condemning or sweet-talking the women at the center of the issue with religious dogma.  And do we often smell intentions to proselytize when the abortion issue crops up?  Leave the ladies be and let them make decisions with their families and/or physicians.

While you were gone (forever):  I've never imagined a species so concerned with an afterlife as ours.  Does a field mouse or a falling leaf worry and fret incessantly about ascending to rodent Valhalla or leaf heaven?  Do cockroaches harbor expectations of enjoying 37 virgin cockroaches after death?

A brief explanation of how ridding the U.S. of the Electoral College would make the country like New York:  Democrats foam at the mouth over the prospect of dumping the Electoral College, and if successful they would assure perpetual election wins via just a few big cities which would determine absolutely everything. 

The state of New York already reflects that pathetic image of the future.  During almost every election, the majority of voters who populate NY City and other established leftist areas overwhelmingly choose Democrats, leaving Upstate voters of fewer numbers, but scattered over much larger areas, high and dry politically.  This consequence of a privileged few making the major decisions is exactly what would occur, should the Electoral College go away.  Are you comfy with NY City, Chicago, Los Angeles and other big cities determining elections, as votes issued by "flyover states" consistently become irrelevant?  We've no intention of gifting the Democrats with this precious "wish list" component, and we hope the rest of the country agrees.

Blatant injustice:  Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and other members of social media have been caught red-handed (and we do mean red) numerous times in censoring or dumping conservative speech and programs.  We absolutely do NOT want government regulation of these sources because they will become a monopoly unto themselves with no new competition.  However, fairness and true freedom of speech must be allowed, no matter how controversial or unpleasant to various special interests or individuals.  We also wish that the Southern Poverty Law Center would list ITSELF as the most dangerous entity on its list of naughties.  The pot calling the kettle black, to quote an old chestnut, just isn't right.

Iran:  Crazy bastards, volatile, nothing new.  Stoning women and throwing gay people from rooftops, what humanitarians.  Obama had a golden opportunity to support the Iranian people when they tried to rise up, but he said nothing to support them.  Instead of (as a part of Islam believes) waiting for a 12th imam to climb out of a well to initiate the ultimate terror, we wish the other 11 would just jump into some well connected with an ocean and sink forever into Davy Jones' locker.  And say hi to Osama down there in the deep, should his body actually be there.  We reiterate: Bastards.