Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Fungi Justice

(Who's in Charge?  Maybe you hate Glenn Beck for irrational reasons best known to yourself, but put those ill-gotten feelings aside.  He and his researchers have reportedly overturned a lot of rocks and discovered names and places widely responsible for the border invasion, and what we allegedly have is communist revolutionaries pulling the strings in conjunction with other mindsets.  The masses of people on the way to overwhelm the system are merely pawns in a well-organized, well-oiled campaign and its roots, according to Beck, are firmly planted in Chicago among some very interesting and dangerous people and groups.  Beck and company aren't merely throwing out worthless allegations, mind you, but doing what real journalists are expected to do -- revealing names, locations and evidence, and the Beck people have just gone a long way toward answering the who, what, when, where, why and how of traditional journalism.  We understand that the White House has been kept informed as an invasion intended to take the United States down continues unabated.  Remember when talk of this nature used to be chalked up to paranoid visions?  In at least a sliver of the bright side, some Democrats are finally coming to their senses and taking a good look at what -- in no small way -- their party has helped whip up leading to border pandemonium.  A You Tube video of the April 9 program may be accessed at

I know a little about hospital administrations, good and bad.  Several years ago, ABC-TV presented a news special focusing just upon VA hospital administrators and how a number of them had been led away from their offices in handcuffs because they essentially were criminals.

Whether decent or less so, hospital administrators are all about the bottom line, and above all else those in charge of for-profit hospitals need to laser-focus upon making money for their institutions.  Yet, a question might be asked:  Is it possible that hospital administrators, board members and/or stockholders, so protective of profits, could actually withhold from the public information detrimental -- or even catastrophic -- to their medical facilities and the very patients they serve?

The answer may be yes.

On April 7, the New York Times carried a blockbuster piece headlined, "Fungus Immune to Drugs Quietly Sweeps the Globe."  The culprit, productive of a deadly mycotoxin, is called Candida auris, a fairly new member of the Candida fungal family.  Fungal members of the genus Candida are common, capable of preying upon compromised immune systems of the weak, young and elderly, but the difference with C. auris is its immense power to kill infected victims quickly, within 90 days at most.  Having invaded other countries without prejudice, C. auris has now reached the United States, landing first in Illinois, New York and New Jersey.  The specifics and speculation regarding its origins, where and how it may have been hiding for thousands of years and why it has erupted tragically now are covered in the newspaper article, but the main point seems its ability to spread to hospital ceilings, equipment and medical personnel quite easily.  "Special cleaning equipment" is needed to keep C. auris at bay in hospitals, and sometimes ceiling and floor tiles must be ripped up in order to eradicate its presence.

There is no cure.  Our liberal use of fungi in human and animal antibiotics over the decades may have brought us here.

Dangers aside, we're only finding out about the depths of this Candida horror now because apparently medical centers and even the CDC have been lax in making the information public, and there seem to be instances where facts were hidden by hospital administrations so as not to frighten patients off, screaming into the hills.  Ethical?  I don't think so, particularly when the Candida auris ("auris" designated because it was first discovered in a patient's ear) kill rate is quite impressive and growing around the globe.

Indeed, as much as the world has depended perhaps too excessively and often needlessly upon antibiotics made from fungi, the fungi appear to be getting revenge on us, a sort of final revenge.

Measles, measles, we got measles:  Oh, don't dare suggest measles have made a big comeback because infected human bodies are pouring over the southern border like mosquito larvae in a flood.  Common sense, wherever that went, dictates that if we have new tuberculosis, hepatitis, head lice and other serious disease cases walking on in to the national living room without observation or consequence, disaster is almost inevitable.  There are many ways to take over a country, and this is one.

Our invasion by way of Mexico reminds one of Fidel Castro's plot during 1980's Mariel "boat lift," when he emptied Cuba's prisons and mental institutions, thereby sending the worst of the worst to U.S. shores.  The intended takeover through the southern border echoes Castro and the communists, as we become inundated with people good only for making babies and having no education or skills even in their own countries.  How long will we remain stupid enough to pay for this outrage as Democrats gain future voters to make us essentially a one-party nation?

Motel 6 is fined for reporting human cockroaches:  12 million dollars?!  Just because they cooperated with I.C.E.  We think our government should offer at least token financial "bounty" rewards for turning in illegals -- of course, they'll need to be alive and unharmed, not thrown over the hood of a car like road-kill deer.  The left would never stand for that.

Fake news?  It's more like, NO news.  Night after agonizing night, it's the biggest televised and irrelevant crap-fest imaginable, now dominated by tales of presidential Democrat candidate "front runners" who exemplify only disorganization in their ranks overall.

Ambulance chasers grab private parts:  Especially in New York, now that victims of child abuse can sue and confront their abusers even years after the encounters, attorneys' commercials run almost non-stop, dripping off TV screens on all stations at every opportunity.  Looks as though drunk drivers may find themselves abandoned in the courtroom due to a wildfire lawyer shortage.

Better living through chemistry -- not:  According to Cox Media Group, a new study focused upon the effects of medication directed to teens with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder illustrates that some teens and young people may be susceptible to a higher risk of psychosis.  Fodder for the study included amphetamines (sold as Adderall and Vyvanse) and methylphenidates (sold as Ritalin and Concerta).  Obviously, I'm not a mental health professional (thank god), but once one sees the state of so many young people on various drugs -- both prescribed or street-bought -- currently, it's not hard to reach an unpleasant layman's conclusion about chemical substances and young brains.  Were food as nutritious as it once was, and not replaced or supplemented by junk food and snacks overwhelming store shelves, we suspect a proper diet would solve a lot of mental issues.  "You are what you eat" still makes a lot of sense, as should we are the chemicals we ingest or inject.

And just in time for this research is a report appearing in the Journal of Abnormal Psychology warning that the percentage of young Americans afflicted with mental health disorders, including suicidal behavior, has increased "significantly" over the past decade -- but with no corresponding jump among older adults.  A "generational shift" in mood disorders is suggested, rather than an increase in age.

No Catholic bashing today:  Instead we'll reference Vatican Cardinal Robert Sarah -- said to possibly be a successor to the current Pope -- who warns that the West will disappear due to mass migration, overtaken by the invasion of Islam around the world.  Dire words from his new book: "My country is predominantly Muslim.  I think I know what reality I'm talking about."  Sarah blames the European Union for attempting to globalize the world, warning that nations need their distinctive qualities and identities.  At any rate, it is Islam which will become enriched and predominant throughout the West if nothing changes, if nations fail to awaken to the evil long prepared to pounce.

And to that we add -- did you hear about the Italian town whose officials cover graveyard Christian crosses in order not to offend "other religions?"  Other religions, hmm.

Wake up, somebody, wake up.