Monday, March 11, 2019

The Trouble with Otto

Who would argue that Otto Warmbier was anything but a fine young man, kind, enthused and full of promise?  Assumptions of torture and other nameless horrors inflicted by North Korea's brutal government upon his mind and body sicken all rational people, and the thought of his parents, left tormented with questions and memories, is beyond imagination.

Much controversy has erupted over what appear to be two faces of President Trump regarding Warmbier's death, but as Trump himself tried to make clear, he is trying to walk a fine line here.

A rough-honed edge in this situation comes down to Trump, young Warmbier and, of course, his inconsolable parents.  But the sharp spike piercing circumstances is the fact that there are places on Earth where curious folk simply should not go, and North Korea was a designation absolutely inappropriate for visits by normal human beings -- American bred and raised -- ill-equipped to realize the level of politically motivated barbarism which holds such a depraved society together.

The Warmbier incident is exactly the witch's brew destined to confound any President at just the right time, and Trump happened to be in the way when the traffic patterns of Otto's torturous death and the United States' careful diplomatic efforts intersected.  Trump had already condemned North Korea.  What was he to do as a follow-up whilst attempting to firm up nuclear talks without causing potential and sensitive world-important negotiations to sink faster than a ship on fire?  Of course Kim knew what happened to Otto -- what kind of authoritarian swine would he be otherwise?

With or without further comment from Trump, Kim, North Korea and the whole world realize that the United States despises Warmbier's treatment. Not to sound harsh, but what more can be said or done?  Best advice and best warning?  Visiting North Korea is a very, very bad idea, and the outcome can be expected to have both international and personal implications at the tip of a brutal communist regime's hat.  We mourn Otto Warmbier, we grieve for his parents and his death reinforces our understanding of a chubby little monster infatuated with his family's and regime's monstrosity rule.  We applaud Trump for his efforts in North Korea, but envy him not.

Nor did televised hearings of the disgraced (but likely book and movie-rich!) Michael Cohen help the situation, excited as Democrats obviously were to drag Trump trough the dirt simultaneous with his attempts to gain cooperation with Kim.  These are the times when media and Democrat "collusion" are highly evident, as Trump's efforts become threatened in every way possible by forces dedicated 100 percent to bringing him down.  Shame on congressional opportunists, primarily of the left, and shame on their partnering media, neither of whom gave a rat's tail about Trump finding success in North Korea -- or in any other matter vital to our national security under this President.

UPDATE:   Publicly released intelligence photos and information from the U.S. gov paint a new picture of Kim's cooperation and willingness to negotiate with the United States -- that is, the NK thugs still love their nukes and missile launching facilities.  No wonder Trump walked away, obviously aware of this same-old-same-old even before he reached Vietnam to meet Kim the Deceiver.  Again, the Dems publicly embarrassing the President with Cohen "hearings" during a sensitive week for national security per Vietnam meetings was another deplorable. 

And the trouble with Harry:  Former Senator Harry Reid was never my favorite Democrat, but since retirement he's had a lot to say about UFOs, our need to investigate scientifically and the government's obligation to release information publicly about what we REALLY know. That he, Robert Bigelow and others had a little taxpayer-funded UFO research action going on while Reid still basked in the Senate should be of considerable interest (and open to condemnation by some), but we look forward to his continued efforts to offer the UFO subject credibility and openness.  We were right, folks, the "damned" things are real.  Now what?

Suggested Democrat doctrine for the 2020 elections:  "We have nothing to offer except Trump-bashing."  I think NY Rep. Jerrold Nadler is already playing that game, having realized that Russian collusion is a big nothing, so now, NY Dems particularly, must explore further to bring the family Trump down.  Good luck with that.  House "Judiciary" Committee indeed.

Jussie Smollett follow-up:  Not really, but we did fall in love with "new" M.A.G.A. interpretations among the Internet creative, such as My Ass Got Arrested.

I.C.E. please note:  We love you.  Stay in business and remain motivated, unlike our Democrat friends who always "forget" to keep the word "illegal" in the term, illegal immigrants.  Established law means nothing when socialists insist upon having their way.  The rapes, child abuse and other crimes outside the border don't matter.  Because Democrat numbers may be jeopardized among legal Americans, the party obviously entertains no other option but to bring in illegal people -- grateful new Democrat voters -- in hopes that the eventual crazy but possible result will be a one-party system.  Sounds like the road to communism, but maybe that's just me.

It's no secret that Democrats are currently fighting amongst themselves to remain moderate (fat chance), become as radical as a rabid bat, or to morph into some new kind of repulsive insect political party.  The proliferation of potential presidential candidates emerging proves little but a lack of unity.

The family of Stephon Clark, shot dead by police officers in Sacramento after he failed to halt at their command, seemingly assumed a shooting stance and flashed something which cops believed a gun, but was actually a cell phone, is on the predictable sue-the-city for millions lawsuit trail.  Further, a family member is pushing for legislation to force the police to handle encounters with suspects in a different way.  So -- how do you change your tactics when it's the dark of night and you're a cop believing you are about to be shot and killed by somebody who is already on police radar because helicopter views show him allegedly breaking into cars and doing other things?  I suppose it's out of the question in this heightened era of wonderful renewed race relations that perhaps Mr. Clark's estate should be counter-sued by the police?  Or should it just become too expensive to maintain a proper police force anywhere in the country each time a cop fires a weapon?  We think that would please a certain segment of society, no question.

Michael Jackson:  So, would we have preferred that the boys slept with John Gacy instead?  What should we do, ban Jackson's music and have a national CD-burning party?  Get rid of Michael Jackson and -- warning! -- it's back to the music of Ma Rainey, Bessie Smith, Robert Johnson and Alberta Hunter.  Not that this would be a bad thing.

Vaccinations:  So Rep. S. Schiff, alleged champion of justice, wants to ban anti-vaccination info on the Internet?  Must be he didn't have room in his briefcase for the unpopular speech-protecting First Amendment, or maybe it just fell on the street and blew away while he was adjusting his tie in readiness for a TV appearance on CNN.

What's up in NY City?  Police are being warned about ways in which extremely dangerous MS-13 gang members (some of whom might otherwise be known as Democrats' innocent border-crossers looking for a better way of life) plan attacks against them.  Too bad that so many people overlook the fact that the only weapon standing between peace and chaos is cops.

Uproar over Jared Kushner gaining a security clearance:  Fascinating, considering how, we are told, Obama's background would have denied him a job with the FBI.

Media, note to:  The death of actor Luke Perry brought a certain word back into use by TV journalists who never stop looking for ways to demonstrate how smart they are:  "Massive."  Massive stroke.  Massive heart attack.  So tell me, TV heads -- what kind of medical term is "massive?"  Do you know the difference between a teeny-tiny stroke and a killer event?  How about a little heart attack as opposed to a life-ending infarction?  When reporting on such things, especially initially, can you not just report that somebody had a stroke?  A heart attack?  These inflated word instances bother me as much as those occasions when children are involved in traumatic events, and TV news reporters precede their names with "little," for instance little Jimmy Johnson or little Mary Smith.  If an 80-year-old is rescued from a fire, do reporters say firemen pulled geezer Sarah Frump from her burning house?

60 Minutes featured a segment regarding a lawsuit filed by "the climate kids" against the U.S. government.  Overwhelming evidence apparently indicts the government and fossil fuel companies big time in relation to climate change.  Well, that's something -- but with what do we replace fossil fuels now that the world hosts a few billion more people hungry for energy?  Nobody likes nuclear energy, solar panels can be extremely toxic to the environment once discarded and wind turbines are noisy, cumbersome and expensive to dismantle -- and both of the latter kill millions of birds around the world.  Our romance with electric cars is just fine, until one asks from whence comes the energy to plug into for a recharge?

Right along with
this legal mumbo jumbo comes Washington governor Jay Inslee proclaiming a Democrat run for President in 2020, and his gimmick is climate change. We must do SOMETHING about it.

For one thing, how dare we be so arrogant, believing our human activities can exert such powerful influences on planetary climate?  And isn't is interesting how, amidst the sky-is-falling bunch, everybody will need to pony up a lot of money to solve a catastrophe in the making?

The other essential point here is the opposition.  Yes, opposing views in books and other forms of media simply are not being given publicity by the complicit media, most of whose members cling to "the science is in" dogma.  Around the world are scientists and climate authorities who believe human-facilitated climate change, and even change out of the ordinary per the planet's age, is nonsense.  How will they be heard, when even Internet sources censor their words and admit to banning opposing views?  Science be damned.

Meanwhile, school kids and college students who, once upon a time, would have known better are instead scared to death by teachers and professors of a certain bent who push sugarplum images of climate disaster into their heads on a daily basis.  Opposing science be damned.

Arrest all volcanoes and the megatons of pollutants they spew under normal circumstances, I say.  Ban earthquakes and undersea oil eruptions.  Ban nature!

For those still willing to discover that there IS NO CLEAR CONSENSUS among scientists regarding climate (97% is an outrageous claim), there is supposedly a new report by Forbes, where an impressive lot among the scientific community have apparently abandoned the climate ship -- and some were never aboard in the first place, though their names apparently ended up on lists against their will.  Why climate?  Why global warming?  Simple.  Opportunists want your money.  So this is brain surgery?

Our crystal ball:  Far in the future, we see R. Kelly and Jussie Smollett teaming up to take a song and dance show on the road.  Not right away, of course.

Southern border status:  The seams are busted, Republicans don't much care and the Democrats continue to await new Dem voters, their large families, welfare we cannot afford, health care we can't afford and diseases we thought were conquered long ago.  Congratulations America, your children are screwed for life so we can shower what remains of our resources on invaders destined to blow our culture into oblivion.  Then comes the socialism. . .then the communists. . . and fascists.  Sessions of bullets vs. heads.  Just remember always who was responsible.

International Western European Men's Day:  Oh, so sorry, I thought this actually existed and celebrated all the inventions men contributed to the world.  How shameful that I would even suggest this in a world determined to erase history in the name of social justice and other relatives of communism.

International Boys Day:  Oops, screwed up again.  Nobody celebrates boys, only girls and women.  How could I be such a brute?

All Wrong:  The House passed some weird "hate crime" resolution arising from Rep. Omar's antisemitic remark, making sure it watered down her anti-Jew comment (of course) and instead attacked Islamophobia.  Here's what the resolution b.s. they passed should have read:  "Sharia Law is absolutely incompatible with the United States Constitution, and we regret that we are untrustworthy enough as a party of diversity to allow enemies who violate their oath of office and American values to participate in our Democratic Republic's governance in any way.  We promise not to learn from our ongoing mistakes because we are simply incapable of and disinterested in doing so."

All right:  Then again, Rep. Omar later remarked that Obama's "hope and change" was a "mirage."  Ah, a refreshing bit of honesty from the halls of Congress at last.

Keep Islamophobia:  Because there appears to be some interesting history associated with particularly one new Muslim congressional representative.  We'll let "The Blaze" and its resources expound on this as time goes forth.

Actors Sean Penn and Danny Glover:  Names invoked by Glenn Beck this week as a reminder of their drooling love for socialism in now failing countries such as Venezuela, where a number of children just died in one hospital due to electricity cuts.  Where are you now, Penn, Glover and others, asks Beck, now that the socialism they and other actors embrace has wreaked inevitable havoc?

Chelsea Manning:  Obama's absurd official pardon of this one eclipses almost any pardon Trump could think of.  Manning's betrayal of an immense amount of intelligence information through Wikileaks should have kept him in prison forever, but his pardon certainly went right along with Obama's weakening of the U.S. military.  Now Manning's arrested for failing to answer further questions, and we would suggest somebody find a way to keep him prison-friendly for years to come.  But it won't happen.

No Fox in the Democrat henhouse:  DNC chairman Tom Perez says Fox-TV won't be allowed to participate in his televised bevy of leftist clowns as they debate one another for position of top America-weakening socialist presidential candidate (I embellished a bit there -- or did I?).  All this means is that Perez wants to hide these buffoons from viewers most likely to see them for what they really are, as Fox viewership depends heavily upon the political right.  He may come to his non-senses eventually, but at this time we would suggest that Perez avoid showing ANY of them debating one another anywhere in public because their diet of socialist fantasy will blaze forth in living color.
Full Measure presented a crucial report about the awesome and dangerous power of teachers' unions and "activist teachers," documenting how they bully teachers who question why their dues go to leftist influences.  Recent legislation has helped dampen the thug mentality, but much remains to be accomplished.  We won't get it from Democrats.

Pelosi bull-osi?  She stresses how her congressional representatives are independent in their comments (per the antisemitic comments, for example) and thought -- yet warns Democrat reps to stick together with the vote and never to vote with Republicans?  Wow, that's what we call bipartisan to the max.

60 Minutes and the ACLU:  Sunday's report was at least fair enough to allow a former ACLU chief to condemn the organization for increasingly taking sides politically (the left side - surprised?).  Take the obscenely well-funded "people power" ACLU and the Southern Poverty Law Center (the SPLC is currently being sued big time) together and you detect the faint odor of rotting fish.  By the way, giant cong-ratulations to a former ACLU staffer who decided to join Bernie Sanders' renewed presidential campaign. Of course.

We also find recurring reports of how science attacks the jugular of stem cell research and the like to obliterate human disease and birth defects.  But it's been a long time since we heard renewed conversation about what happens to the life on this planet when we can literally SAVE EVERYBODY.  Science has muttered a word or two here and there about the horrible implications for increasing populations exponentially by cheating death, but many researchers appear too energized about winning a Nobel or other award than to consider the potential numerical Frankenstein's monster they strive to create.

Down at the border:  Thousands of illegal immigrants are arriving with diseases the USA discarded long ago.  As well, there is no room to house invading bodies anymore.  Be afraid, because Congress isn't doing the right thing at the border. 

Bullets and heads, civil and war -- Shall each inevitably meet again?