Monday, February 4, 2019

How it is that we are here, 2019

BREAKING BROKEN STUPID NEWS:  We love how the Democrats tend to roam and attack in packs like a bunch of jackals, and when the "party of diversity" (where only the right white folk need apply) targets one of its own (rarely), watch out.

Plainly, pissed off religious right conservatives blew in the medical school yearbook photo allegedly showing Virginia governor (physician and Army officer) Northam in either black face or as a Ku Klux Klansman because of his apparently extreme stance on abortion. 

That said, here we go again!  First of all, I don't know why so many Democrats and Democrat Party presidential candidates are hopping mad (or pretending to be so) about the photo -- after all, the Klan WAS the home of and inspiration for the Democrats down South, exemplified by late Senator Robert Byrd, who denounced his membership later in life.  We can only assume, therefore, that black Democrats hold some affinity for their own racist party's "roots," since they continue to support party loyalty? 

President and Dem hero LBJ, as confirmed by those close to him, commonly used racist language, and his "Great Society," while not spooned out in black face, did more to destroy black families and futures than any "social justice" attempts before or since -- and at a cost of trillions of wasted dollars.

Regarding the black-faced person in the photo -- and the governor denies being either person -- so what? It was the eighties, and both people and times change. Should Democrats organize a police-style lineup of people dressed in black face and KKK members, and having Northam in the lineup so they can pronounce perpetrators to their liking?

Actor Eddie Murphy wore white face in one of his movies and nobody flinched.  And, what was the title of another relevant movie? I think it was "Watermelon Man," in which the late black actor Godfrey Cambridge turned into a white man.

This craziness is enough to make me wear black face for a week and pull out my old Al Jolson records so I can play them at full volume.  Ooooooh, offensive. . .

At Northam's Saturday press conference, ABC-TV's seemingly and mostly black issue-oriented black reporter, Zachary something or another, asked the governor, regarding another black face incident, if he did not see how hurtful it would be to black people seeing Northam dressed in black face as Michael Jackson at an earlier school party.  What???? How about Michael Jackson force-feeding himself into a white skin color?  Racist? So, when black people attend parties as Captain Kirk or Mr. Spock or anybody white, that's different?  Do African-Americans have some copyright on the colors black and brown?  Hey, if I'm going to a costume party as Michael Jackson, who, by the way, remains far more, um, controversial than the governor (see the new movie about Jackson), I'm not apologizing to anybody.  Northam should have said as much.  Who HASN'T dressed up as Michael Jackson?

The point is, if we can't get over such stupidities as a 35-year-old joke photo, we're all screwed.  Unfortunately, worse than an old photo is a segment of society which bathes itself luxuriously in racist issues both large and (usually) small.  And of course there's the barking, fire-bombing media, expert at pronouncing both guilty and innocent culpable for everything on their well-worn attack list in perpetuity as it moves on to some other story.

Also obvious here is the Democrats' heated desire to sweep the floor clean before presidential elections, assuring no trace of even intimated racism under the radical marriage bed.  These are the phoniest, most self-serving people just short of banana republic dictators in the world.

All of my vital organs are currently twisting, because I never want to wake up feeling a need to defend a Democrat, but Northam -- physician, veteran and reportedly a man who contributed much of value and care -- is being ripped to shreds even before an investigation.  Why not?  It's the Democrat way, just as Hillary Clinton and Co. are the real Russian collusion gang who diverted all suspicion to Trump after initiating a phony inquiry in the first place, thus gifting us with Mueller and a very expensive and prolonged look-see.

Incidentally, to those presidential contenders and other Democrats currently attacking a tail long of their own making and shouting that there is no place for "this kind of thing," we add that even a photo in black face qualifies as freedom of speech -- protected in full by an Amendment written specifically to protect the unpopular.  We always have short memories when certain segments of society turn up the rage quotient.  "Social justice," apparently, overrides our guaranteed rights these days.  Pure idiocy.

A tiny observation:  Take any photograph of a white person and check the negative. It's instant black face!  Same with black people turning white on film. Shall we engage in outrage over photographic negatives AND digital processes which allow us to create negative images and ban them outright?  Is there a functioning brain left in American society capable of sorting out the idiocy we wallow in every day?

Render your gender:  The far left is like saltwater, seeping into every nook and cranny, rusting and corrupting all things wonderful and logical.  As of February 1rst, their latest target was the Boy Scouts of America, now to be known as just Scouts BSA, because girls can now join the organization as equals.  Yes, this sounds like diversity in the making but, oh, oh, it's so much more.  As an insane society delves ever further into emasculating males purely with demands for irrelevancy, a major bastion of strength and confidence for boys simply had to be taken down -- all with cries for fairness and, uh huh, d-i-v-e-r-s-i-t-y.  "Boys will be boys" cannot endure as long as the left has its nose in the diversity process.

Separate chapters for boys and girls may be in the cards, but the question still goes begging:  Why the change?  Was it mostly based upon declining revenues?  Nah.  The ultimate answer, again, turns left.

The "war on women" theme, another anti-male maneuver despite whatever it started out to accomplish, grows increasingly nebulous in its goals.  Who are the majority of medical school graduates now?  Women.  Who are the majority of law school graduates this year?  Women -- and on and on down the line.

Yes, life used to make sense to parents:  Boys became boy scouts, girls became girl scouts and youth unsure about their own gender either avoided the whole scene or joined up as the male or female that established science determined they were.

Don't insult or comfort me with words such as "inclusive," because it's a load of crap.  Do we really think the left has any intention of allowing a club for boys to go on unencumbered and remain purely all-boy?

Chip, chip, chipping away. . .

Black actor beat-up:  Hmm, well, I'm not sure yet about the veracity here. Hate crime?  Fake crime?  Young black and gay actor Jussie Smollett claims to have been assaulted, drenched with an unknown substance and left with a noose around his neck.  Yet, neither he nor his manager will let the police examine their cell phones to establish a mutual conversation claimed during the assault, and cameras in the area found only that two men -- possible suspects -- were walking in the area and that's about it.  He claims his two alleged attackers shouted that he was in "MAGA country," too, and we wonder if that was thrown in just for good measure -- because these words weren't reported until the next day.  Is there more to this story?  Or less?  Time for a TV talk show polygraph session per Maury or Dr. Phil?  We predict that will never happen.

Radio and Internet talk show host "Joe Pags" took Smollett's story apart Saturday afternoon with various suggested discrepancies, including the tidbit that Smollett is a long-time hater of Trump, having expressed even a violent predisposition toward him (what, no fan of MAGA hats?).  Pags also notes that the two unknown figures walking down the other side of the street can be accounted for on camera at all times except for about 60 seconds, and that would not be anywhere near the time needed to perpetrate what Smollett suggests.

That this alleged, alleged, alleged incident occurs just as "Black History Month" befalls us makes us suspicious and, while we hope the police investigation determines that the young man is telling the truth and nothing but, it pains us to remember the Tawana Brawley/Rev. Al Sharpton thing and other wild tales succeeding that event where invisible non-existent dangerous white people are conjured in order to make a totally contrived African-American victim moment. 

And as long as I'm visiting this can 'o worms, let's not get lost in diversity to the point where we forget that, historically, white folk were LYNCHED just like black folk, and the equal opportunity noose knew no prejudice when it came down to a hanging.

By the way, when are we going to get rid of Black History Month, the Black Congressional Caucus and the Hispanic Congressional Caucus?  Isn't this America, one nation for all?  When one searches, we can even find black people who wouldn't mind an end to the now-anemic history celebration holding both February and America hostage.

Corey Booker announces a run for President:  Good, one more leftist radical with crazy eyes.  The more the merrier.  We predict that the former CEO of Starbucks will, should he stay in the game, pour kitty litter all over Democrat hopefuls, will shred the Bernie Sanders bunch, and will consequently help Trump's re-election tremendously by drawing away Dem voters who can't tolerate their party's up-and-coming communists anymore.

Arctic freeze:  Bone-chilling cold, wasn't it?  Too bad everybody's still nitpicking about global warming and/or climate change while TOTALLY ignoring the sun and its very quiet period currently.  Almost non-existent sunspot activity on the sun seems to us like a good explanation for much of Earth's various perturbations, but if one subscribes to the insane United Nations perverse science crowd, you just gotta blame (and tax!) Earth's human entities for all climate deviations.

UFOs and Drones Dept.:  Funny yet tragic how airports and government aviation personnel are now in such a panic about the dangers privately flown drones pose to large aircraft, while for decades they ignored or dismissed with a laugh reports of pilots who encountered UFOs during dangerously close situations -- even when commercial airline passengers were tossed from their seats as pilots performed evasive maneuvers.  How many mystery airline disasters in the past, which could conceivably have been caused by something as simple as a drone today, may have been related to electromagnetic effects perpetrated by bizarre UFO activity?  So NOW we care about things that go  bump in the skies?

Deep fake videos:  The ability to doctor and produce phony visual recordings is so perfected now that we can no longer believe our eyes -- nor, presumably, the best lab analysis.  One can only imagine what this portends for elections and other events where people can be recorded saying things they never said and placed at scenes they never visited.  Both foreign and domestic agendas of nefarious intent are sure to take advantage of technology's reality blur.

David Feldman died recently
.  The playwright and junior college professor from whom I took one English and two journalism courses back in the seventies had moved away a few years ago, and I failed to keep in touch afterwards.  Over the years, we would have lunch every few months and as he welcomed new college classes and said goodbye to the old ones, our conversations regarding academia slowly changed.  As a member of his seventies classes, I and other students were required to read the New York Times and other publications, and while David was fair with his grades, he was no pushover.  Yet, as years passed and new faces dotted his journalism classrooms, he became increasingly bothered because the new, young students tended to get their news from television programs, and instructing them to read newspapers as a reasonable supplement to televised news bites became quite the chore.  By the time he retired, David's frustration with young heads full predominantly of TV mush -- the precursor to Internet "news" foibles -- was blatantly obvious to me.

So, as in the title of today's blog entry, this is a reason for how it is that we are "here" today, and it's not a great place to be when one watches mindless Internet-bred youth in voting booths, aware only of what the left feeds their fortified zombie brains.

Build the Wall:  Does our potential catastrophe lurk just a little to the South?  Radio show host and author Glenn Beck has his supporters and enemies, and his subject matter can range from rock-solid to "out there."  However, last week he briefly laid out a possibility beyond frightening, all the more so because it's eminently plausible.  Delving into Venezuela's meltdown (one more socialist failure in a long list), thanks to its wealth-stealing dictators and their hand-picked generals, Beck noted that petroleum-rich Venezuela's population is quickly exiting the country, driven into poverty and hunger by the actions of their oppressors.

However, after referencing Venezuela's horrific example, Beck turns to Mexico, recent site of some 80 deaths when thieves tapping into the nation's oil pipeline accidentally sparked an explosion.  He emphasizes that Mexico's oil pipeline has been drilled into some 12,000 times by thieves hoping to extract free oil, as if by mechanical straws.  As a result, Mexico's new socialist president closed the pipeline and decreed that oil would instead be delivered across country by truck and rail.  Unfortunately, this raised the cost of petroleum and the gasoline depended upon by workers with cars 14 times over.  Subsequently, over 1,000 gas stations closed, unable to sell expensive gasoline or to acquire enough.

Glenn Beck feels that Mexico could become another Venezuela in two or three years, resulting in hundreds of thousands of Mexicans rushing the border, angrily insistent under socialist leadership that the United States stole Mexican land and they have come to reclaim it.  Imagine.

We think a wall or some such barrier in strategic places is a necessity. Electronic monitoring sounds great, but what does one do if power or components fail due to war, calamity or nefarious insider actions?  Regrettably, Trump-hating Democrats and Trump-hating Republicans don't care.  So, a national emergency declaration by Trump is a real possibility.

Hard lesson learned:  Oh, Howard Schultz, Howard Schultz, long-time Democrat, what did you expect when you proclaimed a possible break-away presidential run as an Independent?  The Dem party jackals (there's that word again) almost went diagnostically insane, attacking from every leftist flank, outraged that you would dare suggest breaking your chains and escaping from the pod people plantation to attempt rational and logical conversation.  Further, to dare even mention that the Democrat agenda for "free" health care for one and all is simply unaffordable -- oh, the heresy!
Now you know -- the pods do not forgive, and the pod people will feast upon your political organs if they can, zombie style.

Chicago's dept. of police tasers:  A 16-year-old girl was tased in school after biting and kicking police sent to remove her after being somewhat difficult, and of course the police received the blame for everything.  Maybe cops should just crank up the taser and use it on every student in school as an equitable replacement for the horrors of gym class rope-climbing.