Thursday, November 1, 2018

Voting Under the Influence

It's almost here, that special place in time when everybody wants to hide under the covers until the final election results are in.  Both sides have succeeded in whipping voters into a grand frenzy intense enough to cause us all to notice an empty place in our hearts when TV campaign commercials go missing from our lives (just kidding about that last part). 

What isn't funny is the left attempting to turn its voters bonkers over contrived issues.  The uproar over immigration reform is ammo enough, of course, but an interesting development of blaming white males for every ill under scrutiny has also entranced some in the media (CNN's Don Lemon, for one, and then an author named S. Clifford who is on record as wishing to deprive single white men of the right to vote!).

And how could any officials of a political party take delight in the hordes trying to invade from Central America, even knowing that terrorists and criminals embed themselves among them?

One might expect the ambiguous, fact-deprived protests to be put aside, as we should instead worry abut China's mounting war stance toward the United States (Russia's in the mix as well), its stunning military technology almost totally the result of stealing from the U.S.  If China is willing to soon implement tools to submit its people to an unprecedented social crackdown and observation status in which every minor infraction will be subject to punishment, there would appear to be no limits if Chinese dictator monsters wish to conjure and battle an enemy.

We suspect Trump's down-to-the-wire pronouncement about essentially ending instant citizenship. the "anchor baby" phenomenon and birth "tourism" will encourage conservatives to vote.

The irrational, hatred-fed voters on the left, however, will by necessity approach the voting booth nourished by all the pap and lies infused by Democrats over the long haul, slowly and determinedly taught to ignore truth and accept what comes down literally to pure Hollywood fantasy.  Should these voters foam at the mouth as they prepare to disgrace the voting apparatus, the reason could be either drugs or rabies.  Or just heads full of bull crap.